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When you’re a duck and have places to be, but safety is key


This is so cute @teacupdragon . This little video is from my hometown Saarbrücken near the French border. 😀

@jazziesb this is so cute. There are pedestrians who aren’t so sensible.





Opinion | Why Manafort Must Have Something ‘Re…

Opinion | Why Manafort Must Have Something ‘Really Good’:


Considering it was Mueller who gave him the deal, it’s gotta be good stuff. I hope it brings down the entire Trump administration and then we can see how funny Paul Ryan will be as president.

He’s never gonna think of nobody but himself, if this saves his entitled ass he will spill the tea.






I’m thoroughly offended that Poe Dameron only came in at #3.

I forgot about this. Three years later, I’m still salty that they ranked Boba Fett’s ass higher than Poe Dameron’s 🍑😡

How the actual? Nobody has a better 🍑 than Poe Dameron!


Saw an old friend today and we caught up over a coffee. He’s known my husband for many years, he’s in his late 60’s and the talk came to politics. My husband mentioned Brexit, imaging that he, a seasoned traveller would share my remainer stance. Oh no, he voted leave. When I started to talk he loudly said

“I Don’t want to talk about this’

I couldn’t believe it. I took a deep breath and said ‘Don’t worry, you don’t need to say anything. I’m presuming you remember Britain before the EU?’

He confirmed that he did. ‘Cheers John, you remember a time when you were young and the world was your oyster, I hope you’re comfortable taking that away from younger people like your grandchildren’

I couldn’t help myself. Luckily the conversation changed to something else!

Brexit is tearing this country apart



As told by Richard Littler of Scarfolk Council fame

Brexiteer: Should we leave the plane?

British Public: Yes

Brexiteer: Ok, we’ll leave the plane now.

British Public: Wait. We’re at 30k feet. What’s the plan to get us off safely?

Brexiteer: Getting off means getting off.

British Public: What does that mean?

Brexiteer: We’re negotiating parachutes, but it may be a no-parachute deal.

British Public: Can we have some input in this?

Brexiteer: No. You said we should leave the plane. You spoke. It was your final word on the matter.

British Public: I didn’t vote to leave the plane at 30k feet without a parachute. We’ll be killed!

Brexiteer: Project fear. Nobody can predict what will happen.

British Public: I don’t see any upside to this plan.

Brexiteer: You lack vision. There are many opportunities. For example, if we leave this plane now, we’re free to do deals with other airlines as we plummet.

Theresa May in denial after her Salzburg ordea…

Theresa May in denial after her Salzburg ordeal | John Crace: undefined






Jewish people who type the word “god” as “g-d”: Do you think you can fool the big man upstairs with a technical work around? When he goes through your emails/texts/facebook posts after you die, you don’t think he’s gonna see that dash and think “this sneaky fuck here, enjoy h-ll.”

this thought comes from someone who has no idea how Judaism works, but okay.

People avoid writing out God’s name, because you aren’t ever allowed to destroy or desecrate something with God’s name on it – you have to bury it instead. That’s what a genizah is. The most well known is probably the Cairo Genizah. It’s a box where Jews can put anything with God’s name on it to ensure that it gets buried.

So obviously Jews do write out God’s name. In fact, it used to be traditional to mark the top of pages with God’s name as a kind of blessing or mark of honesty. That’s why there are so many miscellaneous texts in genizahs.

Judaism reads “do not use my name in vain” pretty literally as a command to revere and respect the Y-H-V-H name of God.

Most rabbis agree that this commandment only holds for the hebrew, so not typing out God is more something people do out of respect or as a nod to this tradition. Some people use G-d because they want to parallel the fact that the tradition was put in place for people who would be speaking and writing in hebrew or a very near identical language like Aramaic.

It’s a matter of respect, not a matter of “don’t do this or you will be punished.”

Besides, Judaism deals almost exclusively with punishment in life and Judaism very explicitly doesn’t have a clear and codified notion of עולם הבא (the world to come). And there is certainly no notion of hell.

Also, Judaism is not nearly that harsh in response to small mistakes. We have a holiday every year explicitly devoted to the idea that we all fuck up and that we need to ask forgiveness from each other and God (and during which God does all the judging – God doesn’t wait until after we die. It’s an active thing that can be constantly adjusted).

Maybe world religions is not the best topic of contemplation during your shower.

As a tangentially related note, the Cairo Genizah basically didn’t get emptied for like, a thousand years, and in the late 19th century historians started going through it and found all kinds of writing in Hebrew and Arabic about day-to-day Jewish life, trading activity, etc. throughout the Islamic world and Indian Ocean region, there’s even writings from famous people like Maimonides.There’s hundreds of thousands of manuscripts. Some of them have been translated and published and it’s really neat to look at if you’re into that kind of thing.

So this tradition gave us a historical treasure whose value cannot even be described.

The OP is obviously a waste of consciousness but everything else about this post is amazing