Special counsel Robert Mueller just filed a ne…

Special counsel Robert Mueller just filed a new 3,000-word sealed motion in secret subpoena case: undefined

Chief Justice Roberts defends judiciary in rar…

Chief Justice Roberts defends judiciary in rare statement:


“We do not have Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges,” Roberts said. “What we have is an extraordinary group of dedicated judges doing their level best to do equal right to those appearing before them. That independent judiciary is something we should all be thankful for.”

This is so rare. Independent Judiciary is something Trump wants to destroy.

Trump on Time’s 2018 ‘Person of the Year’: ‘I …

Trump on Time’s 2018 ‘Person of the Year’: ‘I can’t imagine anybody else other than Trump’:

He’s such a fuckng narcissist

Michelle Obama’s Memoir Sells 1.4 Million Copi…

Michelle Obama’s Memoir Sells 1.4 Million Copies in First Week:

I bought it !




As an adult, I can quite literally do whatever I want to, but I always end up wanting to just go home.

I’ve never seen anything more accurate

I literally got home earlier today and dropped my bag and said ‘thank fuck’



Art by Dawn Cooper

a-happy-lfc-fan: melodyspond: doctor who mem…



doctor who meme » six scenes:
[5/6] vincent and the doctor



A Briton jailed for life for spying in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) pleaded guilty when he was confronted with “compelling” evidence, prosecutors say.

Matthew Hedges, 31, always said he was innocent and had been researching the country’s security strategy for a PhD.

The verdict angered the UK government, triggering a diplomatic row with the UAE, a long standing ally.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt urgently wants a “call with Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed”.

He feels personally “betrayed” by the verdict as he was given assurances only nine days ago in a meeting with the Emirates’ Crown Prince that this would not be the outcome of the case, the BBC’s James Robbins said.

Mr Hunt has pledged to meet Hedges’ wife Daniela Tejada on Thursday.

This stinks, he’s an academic doing research for his PhD. He was doing research in the UAE.

They are desperate for good PR. This is the antithesis.







TIL a local fisherman in Costa Rica nursed a crocodile back to health after it had being shot in the head, and released the reptile back to its home. The next day, the man discovered “Pocho” had followed him home and was sleeping on the mans porch. For 20 years Pocho became part of the mans family

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Lizard brain was shot. Dog brain activated.

if you guys look it up there’s pictures of them like wrestling and hanging out and just generally being good ol boys who love each other and it’s really cute

This is so odd but kinda beautiful.





Do you have ‘I made tea an hour ago and forgot about it and now it’s cold’ adhd or ‘I got a soda out of the fridge an hour ago and forgot about it and now it’s warm’ adhd?

‘all the ice melted in my iced mocha’ adhd

‘I made coffee two hours ago and now my coffee maker is on fire’ ADHD