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2017 Film Challenge: [39/40] An 80′s Movie: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

Still one of my favourite films ever. Genius!

My husband, daughter and I were visiting a new, fairly small church. The man giving the announcements was so slow and measured in his speaking that my daughter, the rotten little kid, leaned into me and whispered “Bueller … Bueller … Bueller” and it caught me off guard and I let out this huge laugh. All of the people there turned to look at me and I pointed at my daughter and said “She made me do it. The child is a heathen” and all of them just cracked up laughing.

After church some women came up to me and said “We really hope you stay with us, it’s been a long time since we all laughed like that.”

So we did.

Great story @losethehours it’s my favourite part when the only people who hate Ferris and know he gets away with it, everyone else adores him, his parents obviously but random strangers. He can do no wrong ! When his headteacher gets on the bus at the end and sees Ferris’s name on the kids school book he looks finally beaten! Genius!

@coolfayebunny I think we got to see Ferris use his formidable powers for good in this one. He wanted to have a day out with his friends. I suspected from the beginning he watched over Cameron …

Oh Cameron! He was so uptight, Ferris helped his friend work out that it wasn’t his fault. It was a day out with his best friend and his girlfriend. No awkwardness either, very mature. It was almost like he and his girlfriend had decided to set Cameron free.
Oh and how much he loved his girlfriend. He knew they were for life. How sweet! @losethehours , I’m going to watch it again very soon.