Bit of a heads up to all followers here, with UK politics going the way it is going and the DUP in a terrifying position of power, I’m probably not going to be stopping digging up and reblogging every single bit of dirt I can get on the DUP for the foreseeable future

I grew up and lived in NI for twenty-two years out of twenty-three and I’m still tuned in to politics back home. I’ve lived through over two decades of fuck-ups  from failing to condemn the group that attacked catholic school girls for several months in 2001 (aged 4-11), to the Iris Robinson Scandal, to the current fun and games of UDA and Dee Stitt and the chicken farmers of the RHI , so I know them too well to let this go while they are in bed with the tories

I of course understand if you don’t want to see Arlene Foster’s or Nigel Dodd’s face all the time (there were some aspects of living in England that we really quite nice til yesterday)

So if you don’t want to see this please blacklist “FUCK THE DUP” for the next while