so now we’re seeing again just how attached the corporate media…

so now we’re seeing again just how attached the corporate media and centrists are to the policies of neoliberalism. for these people, even an incredible showing of support for anti-austerity measures (that proves a leftist labour is electable) isn’t enough. so what do they do? go on the attack. now it’s aimed at social media and trying to blame corbyn supporters for their current tone. it’s similar to when a bully has their own words thrown back at them, and the bully then claims they’re the real victim. media pundits and blairites who were completely wrong are still clinging to their terrible opinions, unable to accept that they are out of touch with the reality of the country. socialist policies such as protecting the nhs are popular and jeremy corbyn can lead the party to victory. everything they’ve been spinning has been to hide this fact.

they repeatedly told us jeremy corbyn couldn’t win not because he couldn’t, but because they wanted us to believe he couldn’t. they are angry that we had the audacity to see through the lies. it is the same issue in the us where bernie sanders is the most popular politician in the country, and probably the best chance to defeat trump in 2020. however, because of his policies of economic justice the neoliberal centrists of the democratic party don’t want him to run. these people are more worried about their bank balances than they are about defeating fascism. in the same way these blairites are more worried about protecting their careers and money than they’ve ever been about protecting the most vulnerable in society and defeating the tories.

take notice of the people who will now spend more time speaking about the perceived “tone” of labour members and how corbyn supporters are somehow the real problem. these people are more likely to defend theresa may than they are labour party members who want just want a fairer society for all. like their attacks on corbyn reveal, they also want us to fail because they know how strong we are. but this time we already know their game.