Theresa May: Human rights laws could change for terror fight – BBC News

Theresa May: Human rights laws could change for terror fight – BBC News:



I am actually more scared of this than I am of terrorism. This is fucking terrifying. 

Please get this woman out of power. 

The scariest thing about this is that it breaks the Good Friday Agreement, y’a’know just the lynchpin of the Northern Ireland peace process. 

The tories have not learned a single lesson from the Troubles, human rights abuses used in Northern Ireland in the Troubles could resurface (eg

preventative detention, probably a major reason why it went on so wrong). And guess what if you have an entire community penalised (becuse you know the main targets are going to any one brown and muslim) for the smallest of extremest minorities, you raise the rate of radicalisation, you extend the conflicts from years to decades.  It is terrifying, the level of sheer ignornance.

If you don’t want to have you’re own troubles for 30 odd years, don’t vote for the tories. 

*BTW as someone who remembers the end of the Troubles; having armed soldiers just standing around everywhere never makes you feel safe

**Also the high rate of mental health issues in NI is though to arise from the Troubles and its legacy

***NI has the worst mental health help facilities in the UK

****Also that whole Jeremy Cobryn works with terrorist thing was actually him, you know helping negotiate the Good Friday Agreement, so he probably has a better grasp on these sorts of things, cause he has kinda done it before