ayeforscotland: “Voters wouldn’t vote for me for being a…


“Voters wouldn’t vote for me for being a homophobic bigot, gosh it’s impossible to be a political leader in the 21st century now.”

Good riddance.

Even if his private Christian beliefs specifically about gay sex or homosexuality aren’t in play here, just the level of self-pity in the tone of his resignation would be enough to make me kind of glad he went before he was pushed.

Say what you will about Clegg (believe me, I certainly have over the years) but the dude stuck it out through thick and thin, through way more difficult situations than ‘people are asking awkward questions of me.’ Dude stood ground and fought his corner as best he could.

One might disagree with what corner he chose to be in, but he stood there for 5 years and weathered more abuse than almost any political leader in modern history.

If anything Tim Farron resigning in this manner shows his worst quality as not his private beliefs, but his lack of conviction in himself and his own leadership.

And it pains me to say any of this because as a guy I still like him. I still like Nick Clegg, come to that.

But if his leadership of a modern liberal party can’t survive questions about the Bible and gay sex, it probably shouldn’t have existed to begin with.