Grenfell Tower was covered in material to keep luxury flat owners happy. That’s being blamed for multiple deaths

Grenfell Tower was covered in material to keep luxury flat owners happy. That’s being blamed for multiple deaths:





Many dozens have died to disguise poverty, so that the rich could have a better view.

“During a refurbishment aimed at regeneration last year, cladding was added to the sides of the building to update its look. That cladding then seems to have helped the fire spread around the building, leading it to destroy almost the entirety of the structure and kill people inside.

And that cladding – a cheap way of improving the front of the building – was added in part so that the tower would look better when seen from the conservation areas and luxury flats that surround north Kensington, according to planning documents.”

I knew something was off with the fire. The fire was wrapping around the building way too fast.

There are towers like this in my home town and they have all had a refurbishment in the last year. I’m sure the residents are terrified. I’ve got a couple of friends living there.
The BBC have made a discovery :

‘The cladding installed on Grenfell Tower was also used on other buildings that have been hit by fires around the world, the BBC has learned.
The exterior cladding, added in 2015, had a polyethylene – or plastic – core instead of an even more fireproof alternative, BBC Newsnight understands.
High-rise buildings in France, the UAE and Australia that had similar cladding have all been hit by fires that spread’


And how much do you want to bet that cladding was sold as fire-resistant to the councils that bought it? Even though the manufacturers knew it was dangerous?

The BBC have taken just over 24 hours to identify the fact it has caused fires in other countries. The council may well have known but, chose to ignore it. I think their first consideration was the luxury flat owners who vote for them and the cost.
There is going to be a judge led enquiry into this. It could take years to sort out. I hope something happens a lot quicker. The people deserve answers.