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Positano, Italy

@garuda-dreams-of-rain when do we leave? Anyone else want to go with us? We will all change our names and never look back.

My passport is current and I travel light.

@thehoneyedmoon Delighted to have you aboard. I also travel light. Best way to go.

Anyone else? The offer still stands.

I’ve been to Italy a number of times, never to Positano though ?This looks gorgeous.

Were you there as a tourist @coolfayebunny? It looks so beautiful and the idea of visiting sounds heavenly.

Yes @losethehours it’s only a couple of hours flying time to Rome. It’s a beautiful city. The food is fantastic the culture is extraordinary. I really liked Sorrento too, quieter but very romantic in the old harbour. The restaurants have pontoons so you can sit outside in warm evening sun, a bit like the picture! Naples was busy and a bit scary and my friend got mugged 5 minutes after he got out of the train from Rome!
My favourite story happened when I’d been in Italy a couple of weeks ( in Sorrento), I was sat on a bench. A couple walked up to me and said ’ Excuse me, do you speak English?’ ?? I did laugh too!