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@ my international followers: If germany does pass same-gender marriage tomorrow, pls dont make or reblog posts like “thank you Angela” or “thanks to Merkel there’s finally marriage for all in germany”.
No. No. She didn’t do this. She doesn’t deserve praise for this.
She and her party have opposed this for DECADES and just bc she’s not explicitly saying she’ll vote against it rn (bc there’s an election soon and she’s afraid for her approval rating) does NOT make her an lgbt ally.
Do NOT praise her for something she didn’t do.
(goes for my german followers too ofc, but non-germans seem to think Merkel is this liberal/progressive icon and just….no.)

Absolutely agreed. Thank all the politicians and civilians who have been fighting for it these last 25 years. That does NOT include her. SHE VOTED AGAINST IT TODAY.

As delegate Kahrs put it today in his speech: “Mrs Merkel, thanks a lot for nothing!”

I don’t post or reblog stuff about german politics all that often here.

But it doesn’t hurt to point this out. Merkel is left and liberal from an american perspective, sure. It’s fun to hear her be harsh towards trump, yes. But don’t be fooled by that. In Germany, her’s is the conservative, ‘christian’ party. She’s not as bad as some of ‘em in it, but she literally voted against the concept of marriage equality based on the fact that to her it’s men and women.

So, when you hear that marriage equality was passed an hour ago in germany, remember that it was 393 to 226 and that Merkel’s vote was one of those 226 against it.

wow so what you’re saying is it was entirely pointless and self-defeating for Merkel to allow this vote, good to know.