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OK so, earlier on, before Mr Creepy turned up, the arseholes in the noisy bus woke me up. So I went outside for a cig and more people were being annoying and shouty so I decided to go for a walk. But because I didn’t want to end up wandering all night, I decided to set myself a destination and went to that revolving cube thing near the Public. That’s where I went last night to talk to Mum as well.

Tonight I ran into this dude called Bryan who was carrying pictures of Oscar and intending to get them signed because he’d not been able to the Thursday before when he saw Hamlet. People were already leaving as we approached the Public and one of the staff called out that we could wait but not on the steps if we didn’t have tickets for tonight. I thought that was fair enough but Bryan was a bit pissed off and I calmed him down by discussing Oscar’s other roles.

We were just discussing Hamlet – Bryan had enjoyed it but thought it too long, and I was about to say ‘ha, try the fucking Brannagh’ when Oscar came out. He was about to walk off the other way, but saw us and came over. I was rather less stunned this time and so I was able to tell him how good I thought he was. He asked if I’d seen it tonight so I said no, Sunday and Tuesday and he remembered the pin. 😀

Bryan took the picture.

@icantbearsedtothinkofone Great photo! And I love that someone gave him flowers. So sweet.

He remembered the pin ! So he didn’t chuck it in the bin! It was so sweet ! It’s a lovely picture @icantbearsedtothinkofone.