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Get you a man who checks you out like Philip May checks out his lanyard.

When I saw, “Get you a man who…” under a pic of the Mays, I thought this was going to be a sweet post about something he does with Theresa, but actually this was 10x better. ?

Philip: *pulls the lanyard out of his pocket in the car on the way back to the hotel last night and starts twirling it around*
Theresa: I think you might love that lanyard more than you love me.
Philip: (absentmindedly) That’s not true, dear; I love you both equally.

I legitimately just choked on my Sauvignon Blanc

ok @anglophile1776 i now need a fic about the love triangle that is theresa, philip and his lanyard

I’m terrible at writing silly kinds of fics (for some reason I’m just not good at it; either I’m not funny enough or I just don’t have the right kind of mind for it), so I’m not doing a lanyard fic.  However, I think I’m going to write a fic about the two of them just snuggling up together in their room last night, which I think will still make the fandom happy. ?  And also I’m sure he will at some point mention the lanyard, because no way did he not mention it to her after they got back.

Oh that will do just fine!! ❤️ dear god we really do need one now.. Bless you ❤️
Tbh I think he even went as far as asking if he could take it home with him ?