In this clip from “The Murder of Fred Hampton,” Fred…

In this clip from “The Murder of Fred Hampton,” Fred Hampton
participates in a mock people’s trial.  In it, he articulates why the
Black Panther Party, and he as a leader within the party, are being
viciously targeted, even over and against other political movements of
his day.

The central issue is that the Black Panther Party was not focused
specifically on the issue of racism against black people but against
oppression.  Hampton and others were for people of any color who were
oppressed and against any oppressor regardless of their color as well.

Hampton succinctly explains how
the oppressor has divided the oppressed along racial lines (among
others) to keep people fighting against each other instead of
recognizing their common interest and rising up together against the
true threat and injustices they are all victims of.

Hampton was assassinated by the U.S. Government at the age of 21 for his political beliefs.