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‘Not Oscar Isaac’s perfect face and clear talent could make me warm to him (as Hamlet)’

Review in The Guardian (UK) Weekend magazine.

Well, I love me a mad interpretation – see anything Emma Rice has done at the Globe recently as an example – but I also love it traditional. Can I pick a favourite between the all-male Twelfth Night the Globe did with Stephen Fry as Malvolio and Rice’s take with a small Welsh woman as Malvolio and sailors who break out into ‘we are family’? I cannot. I love them both.
And while I don’t rate Gold’s production of Hamlet, I *loved* Oscar’s performance. As I’ve said before his was the first Hamlet I didn’t want to smack upside the head and his delivery was the most natural I’ve ever heard, *including when people were using Original Pronunciation* – and I would give anything to see him (and most of this cast, especially Key and Woodard) at the Globe, directed by someone else.

This review amounts to ‘I don’t like Shakespeare so I didn’t like this’.

I think the author went purely as an Oscar fan. Which is fine but, although Hamlet is a whiny git he’s got reason. His dad now dead is haunting him and was killed by his father’s own brother who then marries his mother. That’s enough to derail most people.
I saw Benedict Cumberbatch perfect the childish part of Hamlet and appreciated his incredible acting skills, do I like Hamlet, yes I have seen a number of productions, truth be told @icantbearsedtothinkofone I’m not sure I’d want see another one.