Poll: Trump’s approval down to 33%

Poll: Trump’s approval down to 33%:





Liar-in-chief. A very sick man.

About to match Nixon, lol!

What the fuck is wrong with that 33%?

He’s not sick. He doesn’t have a mental illness. He’s evil. He’s just a bad, evil man.

“Superficial charm*and good intelligence absence of delusions and other signs of irrational thinking *absence of ìrvousnessîr psychoneurotic manifestations; unreliability; untruthfulness* and insincerity*, lack of remorse or shame* inadequately motivated antisocial; poor judgement* and failure to learn from experience*pathological egocentricity*and incapacity for love; general poverty in major affective reactions; specific loss of insight*unresponsiveness in interpersonal relations; fantastic and uninviting behaviour *with alcohol (and sometimes without); suicide rarely carried out; life impersonal, trivial, and poorly integrated; and failure to follow any life plan” (Cleckley, 1941:1988, p.337-338).

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This is from a psychopathic paper ( refs above)

These * descriptions ( I’ve added) are Drumpf ! I really think he’s got psychopathic tendencies alright it’s not that I’m a psych genius just observing him.