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things linguistics has taught me: do not fuck with the welsh

Seriously though do not. This is welsh nationalism in a nutshell.

So like, 150 or so years ago, nobody cared about Welsh. Not even the welsh. But then, one day, some folks got sick of paying the tolls at toll gates. Citing bizarre biblical precedent, they dressed up as women and started seizing toll gates, at which point the (also welsh) gate owners went “WTF?” and called in (english) magistrates to resolve the dispute.

The English Magistrates looked at the situation and went “WTF?” and commissioned an inquiry loosely titled “WTF is wrong with Wales??”

Well this commission did a ton of work and looked at schools and politics and people on hillsides raising sheep and all that jazz and came to the thrilling conclusion: What’s Wrong with Wales is that Ridiculous Backwards Language they all speak there.

There was a moment of dead silence, broken only by the loud scrape as Wales, collectively, as a nation, in a fit of unity not seen since the castles came to subjugate the native tribes, pushed back its chair, stood up slowly, and said “what you just say bout me?”

And folks who’d never heard it spoken started teaching their children Welsh, and the old sheep herder on the hill became a cultural icon, and the rioters and the gate owners high fived each other and said “suck it, England!” (only in Welsh this time).

And now Welsh is a protected language, there’s a strong Welsh nationalist movement, with its own flag and spelling conventions, and there’s a Welsh channel on television (which is doubly impressive when you remember that Britain only has like three channels).

And that is how the Welsh saved their language from extinction by sheer force of spite

What an absolutely wonderful reason!

I’m proud of being Welsh. Sadly as a child I wasn’t taught any Welsh except the national anthem. Kids in Wales today learn Welsh from a very early age all over Wales not just in the traditional Welsh speaking areas.
I can remember before the revolution of the tv channel and education reboot there was violence. A radical Welsh group burnt down English holiday homes in Wales for most of the 1980’s To my knowledge they only torched empty homes. Things have improved and the Welsh parliament today has said within a few years there will be over a million Welsh speakers!

From Wikipedia
Meibion Glyndŵr
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Meibion Glyndŵr (Welsh pronunciation: [ˈməibjɔn ɡlɨnˈduːr], Sons of Glyndŵr) was a Welsh nationalist movement violently opposed to the loss of Welsh culture and language. They were formed in response to the housing crisis precipitated by large numbers of houses being bought by wealthy English people for use as holiday homes, pushing up house prices beyond the means of many locals. They were responsible for setting fire to English-owned holiday homes in Wales from 1979 to the mid-1990s.