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Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale

Houstonian Jim McIngvale, known as “Mattress Mack,” has turned his two furniture stores into temporary shelters for Tropical Storm Harvey evacuees.

As the city started to flood, he posted a video online with a simple message: Come on over. He gave out his personal phone number. And hundreds of people streamed in.


This guy is aways at the front of the line to help when Houston needs him. He doesn’t need to be asked or told, he just does it.

This man is truly amazing and he’s very loved here in Houston. Whenever you go into his stores he’s literally always there to greet you and he makes you feel like family. 12 years ago he opened his doors to victims of hurricane Katrina and this year he opened his doors for victims during Harvey. Please support this man and his family because they’re honestly amazing.

It’s costing him $30,000 a day to do this! This guy is fucking awesome. ??

When it’s over, every person who needs a new bed in Houston should go to this guy for it. Give him a big hug and say thank you. People like this are rare.

He’s an amazing guy….one of those rare ones that you can call simply a good man. I remember when one of his stores was a huge tent. But every year he showed up to bid on the Grand Champion animals at Rodeo. Sadly, you have to be in the Houston area to know who he is, or at least in Texas.

I’m from Pasadena originally and that’s the stuff I miss about Texas. When I moved to Indiana i originally thought people were so rude up here (I know differently now it’s just different) because I was was so used to Texas hospitality.

And now I have Marvin Zindler in my head as well. Wtf brain?? No I don’t have sliiiiiiime in my ice machine.