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Look what my husband saved…
Bear is not impressed.

??? “Did you pet it right?!” ??? you have the best laugh.

That porg though man, he has suffered something fierce ?

??? I’m still laughing. Sam has one, too.

He’s hiding it. Cause he doesn’t want to admit they’re cute.

This is bringing me so much joy. I haven’t been able to go much of anywhere since a while. So this is making me so happy right now. Going to carry it around all day.

I love it so much.

(I’m weird.)

It is a sweet toy that is stuffed and walks and chatters and it is from one of your favorite films series ever, ever, ever.

Yes, you are weird. Even better, you are keeping company with some fantastic weirdos who think you are pretty darn cool.

That man sure does love you.

I agree with @poe-also-bucky. You do have the best laugh!

??? Bear looks so confused! Such a cute Porg.