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Oh!  I’m probably PMSing.  That would explain the terrible headaches, sense of despondent fatality and constant need to suppress unbidden tears.

Yes @mojoflower, it sure sounds like it. Let me give you a glimpse into your future… A day is coming when you will be able to cry, bitch, hit, scream and pound down sweets without ever needing a reason.

Growing older is a bitch. So I get right in there and go with it. You can too.

Ha, I was thinking wistfully of menopause today.  Hormones are such STRANGE things.  It is surreal to wake up one morning and suddenly everything is dark and wavery, and your nerves are all on the outside of your skin, there’s no external explanation whatsoever.  It’s discombobulating.

Yes, it is. We are Scarface in reverse. SAY GOODBYE TO MY LITTLE FRIEND! Then laugh maniacally because you earned it.

I’m into menopause now ! Nada for over a year ! Hallelujah! Hello hot flushes and night sweats and mood swings! I recognise the maniacal laughter @losethehours !

There are things I love about menopause but…..those hot flashes are an annoying pain!!!! Just get out of the shower in a morning, get dressed and then 20 minutes later I want another shower. Mood swings haven’t been a big thing for me, though I will admit that I was so frustrated with humanity, after a short trip to the mall the other day, that I wanted to smash something to pieces when I got home. But then…I’ve always hated malls and traffic.

😂 shopping does it to me too. The hot flushes are less these days because of medical intervention, down from 2-3 a day to 2-3 all week. I’d say that’s a win.