Just heard a lovely story about Benedict Cumberbatch.Sacha Darwan, the actor who played the…

Just heard a lovely story about Benedict Cumberbatch.

Sacha Darwan, the actor who played the accomplice of Mary who fought with Sherlock in the pool. Sacha was being interviewed on the radio and told this story….

Whilst filming the pool scene between shots they sat in their underwear in a warming tent. Not really knowing Benedict he said “ you’ve been in a Marvel haven’t you? Doctor Strange yeah ? ” he continued, “I’ve got a reading for the Marvel Netflix series Iron Fist”

“Cool” says Benedict and goes back to texting on his phone. A week later Sacha gets a call to not film it but fly to the US and meet the director/ producer. When he got there, after a chat and a few questions they said we’ll contact your agency and we start filming next month, see you there.

Sacha was amazed! He asked how it happened so quick? They said Benedict called and recommended you.

A while ago when both he and Benedict were at London Comic-Con, Sacha caught up with him, said thank you and they had a big hug 🤗


Sacha is starring tonight in a BBC drama – The Boy With The Topknot.