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#What a great father

I adore him

They are wonderful together.

They are, it’s sweet too. When he danced in front of her I was completely done. He’s a perfect flawed dad. So pleased she is now his daughter officially!

I had been so impressed with his stealth. He went into work every day and did all the same things. Or so it seemed to others. No one, not even the always sharp kids, ever suspected he was harboring 11.

I loved his desire and ability to always fly under the radar. I’ve met men like him before. Enormously accomplished and never talk about it so they simply go about what seems to be an average life with no one the wiser until something drastic happens that requires them revealing what they can do.

Then after the event is over they allow themselves to sink right back into being cloaked in average.

Yes, often military personnel don’t talk about their jobs too much. Average is good but sometimes it’s good to be extraordinary too. Hopper was so wonderful. I kinda understood his need to protect El /Jane from finding her traumatised mother. He’s teaching her how to be a teenager. Enough rope given would have been not a major problem but, as he’d already lost a child, I see why he wouldn’t want to lose another.