Impact assessments of Brexit on the UK ‘don’t …

Impact assessments of Brexit on the UK ‘don’t exist’ – BBC News:







Yeah right !

I would actually believe they haven’t done any impact assessments, because they don’t seem to have bothered their arses doing anything in preparation for Brexit. This is obvious from the shambles they made of the discussions about the Irish border. The Irish Government has been warning them about the implications of Brexit for the Irish Border and the Good Friday Agreement since the referendum but they still tried to argue that they were taken unawares. And the total ignorant shite I have heard coming from the mouths of senior British politicians about Irish politics and history in the last few weeks has been both gobsmacking and depressing

@aicertap you and I agree on everything! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it all falls away and wouldn’t this country get a bit more tolerable if it did.

I’m depressed by ignorance of brexiteers who try and say that the best way to ensure a future is to break away from Europe completely. I’m aware there was a referendum but such a close one, every Tory I’ve heard has completely ignored the needs of 48% of the people who voted.

It’s almost like the Brits are following their cousins’ example…

Exactly @gatorfisch. I am completely fed up with Brexit, Trump and the madness that surrounds them. Doesn’t mean I’m not going to bitch about either of them!

Ah but “you knew what you were voting for” @coolfayebunny!! Yea, lots of you didn’t, otherwise I’m convinced the vote would have gone the other way by a much larger majority. I genuinely feel for those of you who voted Remain, and who are now watching this shambles as it implodes. And from the other side of the Irish Sea we are looking on, partly in horrified disbelief, partly laughing at the ridiculousness of it, and partly hugely offended at a lot of what is being said by some English commentators and politicians as they try to blame us for the mess they have brought on top of all of you. I’m 50 years old, I remember the Troubles very well, and it’s a long time since I heard a British politician refer to Cromwell and Ireland positively in the same sentence like I did this week. It’s worrying and frustrating and it makes me nervous for the future on this island – and it was nothing to do with us in the first place!! You have my sympathies, seriously.

Bless you @aicertap I remember the Troubles ( how understated!) I’m only a year younger than you. I love Ireland north and south with all my heart. Been a few times and the people are lovely.

The problem for the Tories is the majority of them were remain and they have to be ‘fair’ to the winning side, how Tory ! Mrs M has a real problem she chanced on an election and got caught short, needed the votes from a Northern Ireland party who probably are more interested in keeping NI in the UK than anything that would be beneficial to both the UK and Ireland. It could derail brexit, that I wouldn’t mind.