I don’t get why people hate immigrants so much… Like they’re literally just… People… From another location….

My partner is an immigrant from the UK and still holds his citizenship. At a recent event, an acquaintance talked about how many “immigrants” get jobs over “Canadians” and they shouldn’t allowed to be management (which my partner is). My partner reaches across the table and goes “Hi, immigrant here!” and she goes “Oh I didn’t mean immigrants like you…” And you can so tell they just mean “brown people” or “Asian people” but they pretend it’s about jobs and shit.

That’s the same with my family. We were war immigrants from the soviet union and now live in Germany. Now the syrians are here because they also have war, and people keep asking me why I’m defending them so mercilessly. And when I tell them that my family (that is still alive) has gone through the same bullshit. But they insist that both scenarios are completely different. They’re not different, you’re just racist.

Most people if not immigrants themselves have family links to immigration in the past. Mine is a French grandfather married my grandmother and came to live in Wales, not a great distance but still immigration. I’m the grand daughter of an immigrant. I’m proud of that.

Every American is either an immigrant or descended from immigrants. The only people native to America were the “indians” who were already here when Vespucci, Columbus, the Pilgrims and everyone else showed up

After what the US government have done to the Native citizens since forever is steal their land and denial of their heritage. The amount of immigration into America from Europe and elsewhere has been going on for centuries. The place would be empty if all descendants of immigrants had to leave.