Oscar Isaac’s next two films after “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” – “Annihilation” and “Life Itself” – will forego traditional theatrical release in most markets and be distributed straight to streaming platforms (Netflix and Amazon) instead.

I’m very interested as to what your thoughts are on this subject since it appears that this type of film distribution arrangement looks to become more prevalent in the future.

What’s more important to you? To be able to watch a film on the big screen, or to have access to a film sooner? Would you have any issues with using a “crowdsourcing” platform like Tugg or Gathr to book movie theatre showings of films? What would you consider to be reasonable offerings from a studio that would help lessen illegal downloading of films?

There’s no obligation to respond – I’m truly curious in what others think since this is the only social media platform I use that isn’t connected to a ton of industry people. Thanks!

I still love going to see a film in the cinema. My local has been updated beautifully.

Annihilation looks kinda beautiful on its trailer, I think that might look a little subdued on an iPad or TV.

I’m happy for Life Itself, a generational drama, that would work perfectly on the small screen.

This shows the way movies are going. The money is in streaming.

I’m happy enough as I have access to both Netflix and Amazon Prime ( use it for free deliveries more than entertainment at the moment.