House Of Lords Votes To Defeat Government And …

House Of Lords Votes To Defeat Government And Revive Leveson Inquiry:



It shouldn’t be possible to make me genuinely like the House of Lords because I hate the idea of them even as a concept and want it abolished, but apparently the Tories are just so shitty that unelected pricks in a Parliamentary Chamber that shouldn’t exist are a preferable alternative to our elected government.

That’s almost impressive in a really fucked up way.

OP, why don’t you like the house of Lords?

They are a necessary part of the checks and balances in our country, dating back to 1215.

They are a far wiser and more venerable organisation than the House Of Commons.

I guess my main issue with the House of Lords is that it’s such a crucial part of how our government works but the people in it are totally unelected, either being appointed to it for whatever reason the Prime Minister decides to recommend them for, or just by virtue of who’s vagina they fell out of.

Call me crazy but I’d prefer if the people deciding the laws that govern our nation were all actually elected by us to do so.

I don’t give America much credit for anything but at least they managed to have two chambers to hold each other in check while still both being democratically elected.

Checks and balances are important to hold the Commons to account, I just don’t see why we couldn’t have a second elected chamber to do that rather than what we actually have.