Girls aren’t playing hard to get…they don’t want you.

I’m so… happy to see this. A guy propositioned me when I said ‘ I’m married ‘ he said’ no problem, would you prefer to go for a meal or to a film?’

‘I’m Married’

You know @coolfayebunny… I feel like ‘I’m married‘ doesn’t really do, some people seem to think it means “My heart is full of regret for my life choices that made me be chained to another man while I could have had you!”.

Next time try to give them a good look and then just say “Nah..” with the face you would put on if they offered you a bowl of three days old plain porridge while you’re used to 5* restaurant three meals a day.

😂 I remember my next comment ‘I’m not interested’. He got the message!

It’s weird I knew him vaguely and he had never said anything before and I always wear a wedding ring. Perhaps I’m being dumb , perhaps he fancied the challenge !