On this International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia can we please remember that:

(1) Cutting off the last three words of this event is unacceptable.

(2) When services for LGBTQ people are commissioned, the statistics taken into account are those for all LGBTQ people. However, that does not mean the resources are shared evenly or proportionately amongst all groups.

(3) Yes, biphobia is a different thing from homophobia. There’s crossover but they’re not the same.

(4) Don’t fucking waste your solidarity on LGB people who have dedicated themselves to transmisogyny. They are fucking traitors and we should be driving them out of the community.

(5) Hate crimes against LGBTQ people have risen astronomically in the UK over the past few years and the brunt of this has been taken by trans people.

(6) Austerity has gutted our services, closed down our specialist domestic violence services, led to an increase in LGBTQ youth homelessness and sent waiting lists sky high on the remaining services we do have. So no, we don’t need to be fucking grateful because the Tories gave us same-gender marriage.