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Never been and yet it’s my favourite city in the world! How did this happen??

@coolfayebunny That’s an easy one. You’ve never been there 🙂

Maybe it has become the stuff that dreams are made of for you. I love Wales and I will never see it for myself.

I wonder what places other people have no real experience of visiting and yet they passionately love them? Wouldn’t that be interesting?

@coolfayebunny @losethehours I’ve been to Wales and I love it! Betws-y-Coed, Llangollen and Caernarfon are my fave spots. My Dad’s Mother’s family was from South Wales and the maternal side of his Dad’s family was from Llangollen.

The place I love, that I haven’t been to…..yet, is New Zealand. Would love to get down there one day.

@losethehours yes grass always greener….

@jewelsrulz yes! I love all of these places, all of them hours away from me in the south east of Wales! I love the drive up to mid Wales, the Elan Valley an Devils Bridge ( pics below). It’s so beautiful and gets forgotten as people go to south and north Wales on holiday.