People always think if you want to hang out you have to DO something. Like… No.. Invite me over to your house, introduce me to your pets, give me a plate of Oreos and your wi-fi password. We can sit together in silence for HOURS.

friendship goals

A person who I know from when I worked in Starbucks was in there I was sat down she asked if she could join me. I concured she then said would I mind if she just got her iPad out and ignore me. I said thank you, took out my iPad, smiled and settled down. An hour later, I got up to leave, we both said goodbye and that was that.

Ah, The Art of Companionable Silence. An underrated art to be sure and one that my husband and I practice. There will be times when he’s playing video games while I write or read and we will just sit there together, doing things we love. Once in awhile I’ll get up to make a snack for us to enjoy together as well.

People assume that if you are with someone, you have to sit and talk. Visiting is fine but sometimes there is nothing better that just being in the presence of someone I love.

My husband and I have a similar life, he’s doing his thing online and I’m sat in the corner watching tv or online myself. It’s a thing of beauty. Talking for the sake of it isn’t talking, it’s blathering. I’d rather not.