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One of my Tumblr friends took her own life recently and it’s so sad that I don’t think anyone saw it coming.

I hear you @coolfayebunny. But here is where I’m at with her action…

Rather than letting a ravenous beast slowly and painfully rob her of what time she had left, she made a hard and determinedly brave decision.

That lovely woman, our friend and on-line sister, looked death square in the eye and said, “Let’s dance, and I’m going to lead, motherfucker”.

Suicide just moves pain from one person onto everyone else who is left here. While I am upset that @losethehours is gone, I respect her choice. I don’t know if I could do the same, were I in her shoes.

Love your people while they are here. Make sure they know they are loved and supported and that their existence is vital.

@thehoneyedmoon yes. I agree that she took control over her pain and then decided not to go on. I respect her decision too and again I agree, the pain on those left is more. I’m in a lot of pain and sometimes I’m very down about it. I never have thought of doing it. I don’t want to hurt my near and dear. It was a shock to hear of @losethehours’s death but, I will miss her.