“Jeremy Brett was a very big, famous actor in England who played Sherlock Holmes in many shows in the 1980s and 1990s, and he was an eccentric, grand old-school actor and a very charming man. I was going to do this show ‘Coasting’ as a co-lead and knew nothing about cameras or films. In those days, it took 30 days to shoot an hour of television, which beggars belief today. So I was only on his show for six days as a guest and asked him for tips. And he said, ‘My dear boy, I will have you called for every day of the shoot,’ and he did, and I sat on set and he took me through all of it, how to hit your mark, how to walk down a dolly track without looking at it. It was a very concentrated course in film acting.”

Mads Mikkelsen (“Mads Mikkelsen, other TV talent talk about Day One of their first jobs”), when describing being a guest star on “The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes” in 1991. (via bendingthewillow)

Jeremy Brett was a fantastic Sherlock Holmes. I’ll have seen this episode but obviously can’t remember much of it, I’ll try to see it again.