Passport rules for travel to Europe after Brex…

Passport rules for travel to Europe after Brexit:


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After 29 March 2019, if you’re a British passport holder (including passports issued by the Crown Dependencies and Gibraltar), you’ll be considered a third country national – under the Schengen Border Code and will therefore need to comply with different rules to enter and travel around the Schengen area.

Now what that tries to imply without actually saying it, is that if the UK comes to no agreement with the EU, UK nationals will require a Visa before coming to or travel through the EU.

The regular fee (in Euro)

Airport transit visa                                  –   60.00 EUR
Short stay visa, less than 90 days         –   60.00 EUR
Long stay visa, more than 90 days       –    99.00 EUR


So lets say you travel to Dubai via France, you want to make sure you both visas sorted in time!

Schengen Travel Visa Insurance

Anyone travelling temporarily to a Schengen area from a country that is subject to visa requirements,  be it an individual or group visitors, tourists, or business travelers is required to purchase travel insurance that covers the number of days he/she will be spending in the Schengen Area.

The insurance must be valid throughout the territory of the Member States and cover the entire period of the person’s intended stay or transit. The minimum coverage must be EUR 30,000!

Also, in order to get said visa you will need to purchase an insurance, because we don’t like it when foreigners come over to free ride on our social services!

Not a big deal, you can get them rather cheaply on the open market. As long as you don’t have a preexisting condition that is. 

Oh and if you want to rent a car on your holiday, don’t forget to buy an international drivers permit before. See:

UK driving licence ‘may not be valid in EU’ after no-deal Brexit

That is of course not just a case for the EU, but also any of the 60 or so countries the EU currently has mutual agreements with to accept each others driving license.