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supporting the iraq war, implementing austerit…

supporting the iraq war, implementing austerity, and attacking the left seems to be another common link between centrists and conservatives


austerity has always been a political choice

austerity has always been a political choice

The Tories have ruined the economy so badly th…

The Tories have ruined the economy so badly they will ‘need to hike taxes by £40Bn EVERY YEAR’ just to fund vital services | Evolve Politics: undefined


Tory propaganda vs actual reality

The Tory party are absolute masters of creating Orwellian reality-reversing propaganda in order to dress up their biggest failings as wonderful successes that we should be thanking them for!

Take this extraordinary Tweet from the CCHQ Press Office Twitter account. 

Every single one of the five areas they’ve listed as successes is actually a massive government failure, but they’re so arrogant that they imagine the general public to be so gullible that they’ll just look at the five green ticks and conclude that the Tories have been doing a great job, without bothering to conduct even the most rudimentary analysis of the actual claims.

This article exists just to provide verification of the information in the red boxes in the critique above.

Box one: The economy

When the Tories sneaked back into power in 2010 they immediately imposed hard-right austerity dogma, with the promise that their agenda of massive cuts to infrastructure investment, welfare spending, workers’ wages. and public services would have eliminated the deficit by 2015.

It’s now 2018 and there is still a huge deficit, which the Tories are now admitting won’t be cleared until 2031

That’s 21 years to achieve what they bragged they would do in less than 5!

Anyone would have thought that the Tories would be so ashamed of this that they’d keep as quiet as possible about their economic track record, but they’ve simply reversed reality in order to blow their trumpets about what a wonderful job they’ve been doing!

Box two: Public investment

Tory austerity dogma has resulted in the UK getting left behind on the world stage. We’ve got one of the lowest levels of investment in infrastructure spending in the developed world, and our public services have been cut back to the bone.

Then there’s the fact that government funding for local government services (care for the elderly, highways maintenance, public libraries and leisure centres, bin collections, children’s services, planning applications …) has been slashed by an astounding 67% since 2010.

The Tory fixation with hard-right austerity dogma is a cancer eating away at public infrastructure and services, yet they’re actually patting themselves on the back and pretending that they’ve been investing in this stuff rather than slashing it all to pieces.

Box three: Productivity

You’d have to have been living in a lead-lined box for the last few years to have not noticed the fact that the UK is suffering a massive productivity crisis.

Not only has the productivity of UK workers been flat-lining for the best part of a decade (the worst period since the 1820s), all the other major economies in the G20 except South Africa have experienced better productivity growth, meaning we’re being badly left behind on the world stage.

The reason for this collapse in UK workers’ productivity are obvious. The Tories imposed the longest sustained collapse in workers’ wages since records began, and they’ve also overseen an absolute boom in unstable low-pay jobs like Zero Hours Contracts and fake self-employment in the gig economy.

The Tory drive to turn the UK into a low-wage low-skill economy has come at the expense of trashing workers’ productivity, yet once again they’re slapping themselves on the back over this catastrophe!

Box four: Housing

Of all the five claims, this is probably the most egregious. Since 2010 the Tories have overseen the lowest levels of house building since the 1920s, which is bad enough in isolation, but in the context of rising demand for housing and house prices soaring out of the reach of millions of ordinary people, it’s an absolute bloody catastrophe …

Yet once again they’re seeking to take credit where they should actually be begging the public for forgiveness!

Box five: Environmental issues

In 2015 the Tories announced a massive cut to solar subsidies which predictably resulted in a collapse in solar power installations.

Meanwhile the Tories handed a vast tax break to fracking companies, and even granted licences to frackers despite overwhelming opposition from local people and environmental groups alike.

More recently the Tories have been trying harder to pretend that they care about the environment, but their efforts have been limited to dressing up new EU laws on plastic pollution as their own work, despite the fact that Tory MEPs voted against these new rules as they made their way through the European Parliament.

Once again, the Tories are passing off their failures as successes in the belief that the general public are a hopelessly gullible bunch of halfwits who mindlessly believe what they’re told, even though it’s entirely at odds with observable reality.

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A Tory MP literally just admitted that 7 years…

A Tory MP literally just admitted that 7 years of Tory cuts have been COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY | Evolve Politics: undefined




Theresa May is living proof that you don’t have to be a man to be a misogynist

On International Women’s Day it’s important to remember that you don’t have to be a man to be a misogynist. In fact, some of the worst misogynists of all are actually women.

Take Theresa May as an example. She loves to roll out the identity politics to score cheap political points about the fact she’s a woman, and the Labour leader is a man. But dig a little below the surface and you find that Theresa May is pushing an outrageously sexist political agenda.

I’m obviously not the first to have pointed out that Theresa May saw fit to roll out the red carpet for possibly the most misogynistic tyrants on Earth during International Women’s Day.

It doesn’t seem to matter a jot to May and her political party that Saudi Arabia is a society where women are treated with contempt, that human rights abuses there are commonplace, or that the Saudi tyrants are using British weapons to commit grotesque war crimes in Yemen.

All Theresa May and the Tories are interested in is getting their hands on even more Saudi oil cash, even if that means turning a blind eye to their misogyny and actually selling them even more of the weapons they’re using to commit their war crimes with.

If we look closer to home then we find that Theresa May and the Tories are responsible for the implementation of profoundly sexist (not to mention socially and economically ruinous) austerity dogma.

House of Commons figures demonstrate that 86% of the economic burden of Tory austerity dogma has been loaded onto the shoulders of poor and ordinary women.

After a bunch of mainly-male bankers trashed the global economy in 2007-08 with their reckless gambling on complex junk derivatives that they clearly didn’t even understand, it’s telling that the Tory party (with the full backing of Theresa May and other female Tory MPs) decided to load the burden of the resulting economic crisis mainly onto women.

What’s even worse is that while they were loading the pain onto poor and ordinary women, the Tories lavished handouts and massive tax cuts on the mainly-men who created the crisis in the first place.

And what’s even worse still is that Theresa May is well aware that Tory austerity dogma punishes far more women more than it does men, yet since becoming leader of the Tory party she’s continued deliberately inflicting this economically ruinous and profoundly sexist hard-right dogma on the British people.

Even if the Tory apologists somehow tried to argue that Theresa May isn’t responsible for the demonstrably sexist austerity policies her party has been imposing for the last eight years (despite having repeatedly voted in favour of them and having actually led the party for 20 months), there’s also her personal track record at the Home Office to consider.

Back before Theresa May became Prime Minister she imposed one half-baked piece of legislation after another at the Home Office, one of the worst being a massively discriminatory policy of imposing arbitrary income requirements on British citizens wishing to bring their non-EU spouses into the UK.

Not only does this ridiculous Tory policy brazenly discriminate against British citizens on account of the fact that EU citizens can bring their non-EU spouses into the UK under freedom of movement legislation, while British citizens have to jump through all of these Tory hoops, it also discriminates heavily against women.

Research has shown that setting minimum income requirements at an arbitrary level, and refusing to consider the earning potential of the non-EU spouse has resulted in a massively sexist outcome where significantly more than half of women don’t earn enough to bring a non-EU spouse to the UK, while only 27% of men earn below that income threshold.

Thus, thanks to Theresa May British women who fall in love with non-EU citizens are more than twice as likely to face the horrific dilemma between separation from their lover or living in exile from their own country as British men are.

Theresa May repeatedly demonstrates her misogynistic attitudes. From rolling out the red carpet for the misogynistic tyrants who rule Saudi Arabia, to her party’s ideological obsession with profoundly sexist austerity dogma, to her very own policy of ensuring that British women are twice as likely to face the traumatic separation vs exile dilemma as British men.

Yet Theresa May and the Tories assume us (the plebs) to be so thick and easily manipulated that they think they can bypass all of this misogyny by playing crude identity politics over the fact Theresa May is a woman, and her opponent (who happens to strongly oppose all three of these misogynistic Tory strategies) is a man.

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Tory government minister sets up petition against consequences of own party’s austerity fixation

A Tory government minister has set up a petition to protest against cuts to the funding of local Staffordshire bus services that are being made by his local Tory council as a result of the massive unprecedented local government funding cuts being imposed by the Tory government he’s part of.

The Tory MP in question is Theresa May’s darling and spectacularly under-qualified Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson, and he really doesn’t seem to have a clue.

Instead of setting up a petition on a website that absolutely nobody is obliged to take account of, he could actually use his position in government to pressure his colleagues to reverse their ruinous campaign of local government funding cuts.

Not many people understand how severe these ideologically driven Tory cuts to local government budgets are, but Williamson has no excuse for ignorance because he’s a member of the political party that voted to approve them, and a member of the government that is currently implementing them.

The Tory fixation with ruinous austerity dogma means that they’re already cut the local government budget by 67% since they came to power in 2010, and they’re planning on slashing even more in an effort to reduce the Department for Communities and Local Government budget from £12.9 billion in 2015/16 to just £5.3 billion by 2020.

It’s the usual Tory way to ensure that by far the heaviest cuts land on non-Tory councils (Labour, Lib-Dem, SNP, Plaid Cymru) but when they’re slashing local government budgets by an extraordinary 67%, there’s no way that Tory councils won’t end up feeling some of the bite too.

In fact the Tory run Northamptonshire Council was the first to go slump into de facto bankruptcy when they admitted in February 2018 that they’re unable to meet their financial obligations. Yet the austerity dogma driven Tory campaign of cuts to local government funding continue regardless.

This extraordinary campaign of Tory austerity cuts is the most fundamental reason that local councils all over the UK are slashing funding for local bus services; failing to provide social care to the elderly; closing libraries, swimming pools, leisure centres, and countless other local services; flogging off public property and infrastructure to speculators; reducing bin collection services; dramatically scaling back highways maintenance; barely cutting the grass in summer; taking ages over planning decisions because they’ve laid off so many planning staff; closing all their public toilets; and teetering on the edge of total bankruptcy.

The truly sad thing is that many people are so politically disengaged/under-informed that they don’t even realise that the crucial reason their local services have deteriorated so dramatically (while their Council Tax bills are actually rising) is the continuing Tory fixation with ruinous austerity dogma in central government.

Yet this odious Tory squit who has backed this unspeakably destructive campaign of ideologically driven austerity fanaticism to the hilt is setting up a petition to pretend that he’s actually a good guy who cares abut the delivery of local services!

And it’s beyond doubt that a load of gullible Tory voting drones in Staffordshire will fail to spot the trail of causation that flows directly back to the Tory government’s fixation with austerity dogma, and they’ll continue to vote Tory at the local level.

And come the next General Election they’ll continue to vote for economic vandals like Gavin Williamson to continue pushing their devastating hard-right austerity dogma in central government, even as they chunter on about the massive deterioration in their local government services.

All we can do about it is to try to counter their economic ignorance and party political tribalism by campaigning as hard as possible against the Tories in areas where there’s a chance of beating them, so that we can put an end to their ideologically driven and endlessly self-defeating campaign of social and economic destruction and begin investing in our country again before it’s truly too late to reverse the damage.

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