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This is a day….the UK is going to the dogs !

This government will fall tonight.

I’m not unhappy to be honest!

They couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery.



It’s great I’d love to know where Alun the dinosaur is because he’s somewhere in Cwmbran, South Wales. It’s my hometown! Sadly I don’t recognise the house 😐


US President Donald Trump has launched a furious attack on Special Counsel Robert Mueller and on his critics at a conservative summit.

“In the longest speech of his presidency, Mr Trump railed against the inquiry into alleged collusion between his campaign and Russia.

“We’re waiting for a report by people who weren’t elected,” he told a crowd of cheering conservatives.

Mr Mueller is expected to hand in his report to the attorney general shortly”.

He makes me want to vomit 🤮 lawyers and special counsels aren’t elected you numbskull. You weren’t elected either. You lost by 1 million votes but..the electoral system.

He’s lying to a crowd who shouted ‘we love you’ they are deranged and Drumpf even started swearing.

🤬 what an ignorant idiot


Seriously this made my morning! The moment it started I couldn’t stop listening it actually lasted over an hour this is a 3 minute approx highlight.

I 🙌when she said she got out.

Twitter was going nuts #FreeChrissie


Compare and contrast

February 2018 the beast from the east hit the UK

February 2019 um


@staff you still give sick bastards like this, space on your site 🤦‍♀️ Woke, you are not!


What the actual fuck ?


Sad but, positive. Worth your time to read.


Some creepy fun on all hallows eve