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Benedict Cumberbatch inspired Josh Brolin’s Thanos with his motion capture performance as Smaug (v)

That’s one gooood gifset.

This is a compliment for Benedict!

Stone keeper? Bit of an understatement!

Stone keeper? Bit of an understatement!

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He is art.

(from Patrick Melrose – AT LAST)

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“She must have known. Surely she must have, even subconsciously. She knew what he was like, and yet she failed to do the one thing she was obliged to do, to protect her son!” – Benedict Cumberbatch as Patrick Melrose (At Last)

This is so harsh on Patrick, I imagine that he knew his mother was distant about her husband and possibly guessed he abused many people. She must have realised what was happening but was scared of her husband. I wish she had just hugged him and said ‘sorry’


Ok, just got my head together, after watching the final episode of Patrick Melrose.

What more to say about Benedict Cumberbatch? This is a tough watch but, he made a floored character understandable and although his spirals into drug use, alcohol and the release he seemed to get after the death of his mother seemed so real. I lost my father last year and he had a similar decline to Patrick’s mother. The weight off my shoulders, I felt guilty but, after watching the final episode my guilt has been put into real perspective.

Benedict Cumberbatch literally was Patrick Melrose. I honestly cannot think of another actor who could have grabbed this part by the balls and run with it in such a brilliant way. The height of euphoria to the depths of despair. An excellent cast were overshadowed a little bit but, special mentions for Hugo Weaving, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jessica Raine ( the cigarette scene was her in plain view, an entitled bitch).

Next year, BAFTA, Emmy and Golden Globes will be hard pressed not to give him them all. He’s that good.


I had serious house envy for the South of France property. No wonder even after a rotten childhood memory there, Patrick still went there for his family holidays !

I was wondering if you had any SpaLock picture…

I was wondering if you had any SpaLock pictures?

Like, of Sherlock at a spa?

Well to put it simply… no.  But there is a good reason. Sherlock thinks spas are germ ridden and full of diseases. He wrote a blog on it just after the tobacco ash one.  

But he is not above some self pampering.


And John does his nails.

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Benedict Cumberbatch as Patrick Melrose
for anon who wanted bigger gifs of these 🙂

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JCO too! ❤️

Yeah, he’s unbelievably brilliant!

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@garuda-dreams-of-rain We certainly have been going through a wonderful time of Benedict performances, haven’t we? I think of you especially each time he does something right now.

God, @losethehours, it’s been a hell of a ride this year! I’m just so in awe of his acting abilities, his goodness, his humor, etc., etc. I didn’t think he could get any better as an actor, but Patrick Melrose is proving me very happily wrong. To quote Dominic Cooke, his director for Richard III, “I think he’s some kind of acting genius. Really.” 😍😍😍

@garuda-dreams-of-rain I have not watched any Patrick Melrose past the second installment yet. That one was so devastating I realized I needed to give myself a break before I continued. I also was knocked over by his RIchard III. He was so raw at times my heart broke for him.

It has been a helluva year! I was thrilled he was cast as Dr. Strange. I wanted him to be able to take or turn down work based on his choices rather than necessity.

@losethehours I gave myself a break after episode 2 too. It was heartbreaking and I until the next episode I didn’t realise just how long the abuse went on. He is truly mesmerising as Patrick Melrose. Best thing he’s probably done ( yes Richard was amazing). I will always love Parades End though.

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AllForBC-Fansub‏ @AllForBC_China

#BenedictCumberbatch more promo pics for Hisense