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everyone needs a Doctor Strange wink on his timeline.

Everyone needs a Doctor Strange wink on their timeline. (all genders version )

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some random screenshot edits of Doctor Strange

OH…MY…GOD! These are so gorgeous!

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…everyone else might as well enjoy it, too.

Benedict Cumberbatch in a Korean interview during the promo for Avengers Infinity War. (v)



Guys I just found something out

If you ask Alexa who her favorite actor is, she says banadick cucumberpatch

Alexa who is your favourite actor and why? ‘ Benedict Cumberbatch, I loved him as Sherlock Holmes and he’s a great humanitarian ‘

I’m quietly freaked out by this!



*New* – Two additional photos from The Rake magazine photoshoot, slightly different angles. Shot by Steve Schofield



“Jeremy Brett was a very big, famous actor in England who played Sherlock Holmes in many shows in the 1980s and 1990s, and he was an eccentric, grand old-school actor and a very charming man. I was going to do this show ‘Coasting’ as a co-lead and knew nothing about cameras or films. In those days, it took 30 days to shoot an hour of television, which beggars belief today. So I was only on his show for six days as a guest and asked him for tips. And he said, ‘My dear boy, I will have you called for every day of the shoot,’ and he did, and I sat on set and he took me through all of it, how to hit your mark, how to walk down a dolly track without looking at it. It was a very concentrated course in film acting.”

Mads Mikkelsen (“Mads Mikkelsen, other TV talent talk about Day One of their first jobs”), when describing being a guest star on “The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes” in 1991. (via bendingthewillow)

Jeremy Brett was a fantastic Sherlock Holmes. I’ll have seen this episode but obviously can’t remember much of it, I’ll try to see it again.

The Master of the Mystic Arts who melts my hea…


The Master of the Mystic Arts who melts my heart…

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Benedict Cumberbatch – MG Commercial (part 1 on 2 / ► part 2).

wurwurz: Benedict Cumberbatch – MG Commerci…


Benedict Cumberbatch – MG Commercial (part 2 on 2 / ► part 1).

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How the BBC uses Big Data in practice

Because a significant chunk of the BBC’s output is now digital –
through its BBC Online and iPlayer services – the broadcaster is able to
gather ever-increasing amounts of data. The insight gained from this
data can help the BBC tailor output to its audience.

The rise of digital content – where the viewer has the ability to
produce their own schedules by choosing what they want to watch when it
suits them – means the fight for the audience’s attention has never been
tougher. The BBC has long seen data as a means of overcoming this

In one example of how “The Beeb” is working with Big Data, the
corporation experimented with facial-recognition technology to measure
viewers’ responses to TV programmes during trials. The BBC’s Preview
Screen Lab used cameras to monitor the reaction of viewers of 50
different shows in four countries, capturing their facial reactions and

In one such experiment, a number of viewers in Australia were
monitored as they watched a trailer for a season premiere of Sherlock.
The trial showed researchers that viewers who went on to rate the show
favorably showed a greater reaction to on-screen events that were tagged
as “surprising” or “sad”, as opposed to “funny”. This led Sherlock’s
producers to include more dark, thriller-type elements in the show, in
favor of less comedy.

BBC Uses Artificial Intelligence to Track Down New Audiences for ‘Sherlock’

this explains a lot and part of why the storyline narrative changed
so much. -.-

They sold out storyline continuity and characterization so as to
market and try to gain as much money as possible.  This is not
how one should write a show, especially a show that was loaded with
nuances like Sherlock was.  Shows and stories that are tooled to
try to pander for money usually are bad, ham handed and strike
viewers as off.  It is not at all how one achieves a nuanced and
meaningful stories. 

Sounds like they shot themselves in the feet. Greed will do that.

It’s not nice that it probably ruined any chance of it coming back anytime soon.