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Why do Tory MPs get a total free pass on their astounding anti-business attitudes?

Today a Tory MP publicly accused the boss of a major UK employer of lying. The accusation was made by Bernard Jenkin who responded to the fears of Jaguar Land Rover that a “no deal” Brexit would be catastrophic for their company and their workforce by saying I think he’s making it up.

Now just imagine for a moment that a Labour Party MP had openly accused the boss of a major British employer of lying to the public.

The mainstream media would obviously be absolutely teaming with “Labour are the anti-business party” takes, at least for the rest of the day, and with the incident referenced over and again for months as evidence of Labour’s anti-business agenda.

But because the badmouthing of British business is coming from a Tory MP, it’s barely elicited a whisper of condemnation from mainstream media hacks, other than a few Tweets from half-decent journalists like Gavin Esler and Norman Smith.

Sustained media partisanship

Alarmingly this isn’t the only example of highly partisan editorial decisions to avoid vehement condemnation of the Tories. Last week the majority of Tory MPs joined all the fascist parties in the European Parliament to vote in support of Viktor Orbán’s anti-Semetic, judiciary-rigging, free speech-attacking, human rights-trashing regime in Hungary.

Again, just imagine the deafening howls of condemnation had it been Labour MEPs defying the European consensus to vote in favour of the most notorious anti-Semite in Europe, but somehow the Tories get a free pass.

Labour are now the party of business!

If you believed all the mainstream media rhetoric about Labour being rabid extreme-left fanatics under Jeremy Corbyn, the idea that they’ve taken over as the obvious pro-business party would seem insane, but the reality is very different from what orthodox neoliberals in the mainstream media are trying to make you think.

Admittedly Jeremy Corbyn has said that corporations would have to pay their fair share in tax (especially if they want to bid for government contracts) and that the Corporation Tax rate is going to have to rise so that it’s back in line with the G7 average, which wouldn’t go down all that well with Britain’s most avid tax-dodgers and corporate profiteers.

However, most business leaders should be able to see the sense in many of Corbyn’s strategies, and that the economic responsibility of paying their fair share in tax comes with significant payoffs too.

Making sure that major corporations pay their fair share in tax would create a much fairer playing field for hundreds of thousands of small and medium sized businesses that can’t afford to pay expensive tax lawyers to hide their profits in tax havens.

Corbyn has clearly listened to British businesses (large and small) and to trade unions and he’s made it clear that Labour would seek to retain access to the Customs Union and Single Market, while the Tories keep on threatening the ruination of a “no deal” Brexit and smearing prominent business leaders who express their concerns about this reckless game of ideological brinkmansip as liars!

Labour’s policies of investing in Britain’s creaking public infrastructure and building hundreds of thousands of affordable homes would clearly create huge opportunities for construction companies, engineering firms, and myriad suppliers.

Labour’s “Build it in Britain” industrial policy certainly must make a lot of sense to British-based manufacturers.

And Labour’s policy of introducing a National Education Service to provide free education and training to all, would clearly help to ensure that the UK has the kind of flexible and highly-skilled workforce that is needed in order to reverse the Tory productivity crisis and make Britain a high-tech economy fit for the 21st Century.

Whether you support Jeremy Corbyn’s investment-based economic strategy or not, you certainly won’t be hearing any Labour MPs saying “fuck business” like Boris Johnson, or smearing prominent British business leaders as liars like Bernard Jenkin just did.

You can read more about Labour’s industrial strategy here.

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The hard-right are now actually arguing there’s “not enough Islamophobia within the Tory ranks”!

This week’s Spectator magazine hosts an article by the right-wing agitator Rod Liddle calling for more Islamophobia within the Tory party.

This extraordinary call for even more anti-Muslim bigotry in the Tory ranks comes against a backdrop of Theresa May deliberately stonewalling Muslim people’s demands for an inquiry into the shocking scale and frequency of Islamophobic abuse within the Tory ranks.

There’s no denying that the Tory party is riddled with anti-Muslim bigots, from the rank and file all the way up to the top of the party. 

One of the most bizarre things about Rod Liddle’s Spectator article is that it starts off with one of his trademark transphobic rants, which is still going on as the article hits the paywall fadeout!

But if you do get beyond the paywall you find that Liddle is re-using the simplistic extreme-right trick of conflating criticism of the Islamic religion with bigotry and hatred towards Muslim people.

He tries to imply that the loony liberal left are somehow censoring people from criticising Islam by accusing those who criticise the religion of being Islamophobes.

It’s an utterly misleading argument, but unfortunately right-wing idiots buy into it.

It only takes the briefest glimpse at reality to see that the majority of people criticising the vile homophobic, misogynistic, democracy-crushing, head-chopping, terrorism-promoting, tyrannical Saudi war criminals are lefties.

Meanwhile Theresa May and the Tories continually suck up to the vile Islamist Saudi tyrants in order to hawk them even more British weapons, and right-wingers like Liddle and his chums at the Spectator turn a blind eye to this absolute depravity.

In fact, the very same Boris Johnson who the extreme-right hate mob are lauding for sticking the boot into Muslim women this week is the very person who outlined the Tory government’s position that Britain will continue selling weapons to the Saudi tyrants to commit their war crimes with because if we don’t cash in on their war crimes, someone else might!

Then if you look at the countries that are banning arms sales to Saudi Arabia and openly criticising them for their grotesque human rights record, it’s the kind of socially liberal governments that Liddle and the Spectaror mob regularly spit their hate at (Canada, Norway &Germany).

If you look at the UK politicians who do the most to oppose arms sales to Saudi Arabia while they’re committing war crimes in Yemen, it’s lefties like Emily Thornbury, Caroline Lucas, and Jeremy Corbyn (all hate figures for Rod and his mates in the Spectator mob).

If you look at people who are actually leading the fight against grotesque practises like female genital mutilation, forced under-age marriage, and rampant misogyny, again it’s usually leftie liberals and western Muslim women doing the heavy lifting, while hard-right idiots like Liddle carp from the sidelines and use these issues as ammunition to call for even more bigotry and hatred towards Muslim people in general.

Let’s get it absolutely straight. It’s absolutely possible to utterly condemn vile Islamist regimes like Saudi Arabia, and to oppose barbaric practises that are still commonplace in the Muslim world (like FGM and forced marriage) without spitting bigoted Islamophobic vitriol at all Muslims in general.

In fact there’s nothing Islamophobic about criticising the Islamic religion at all (especially if you’re doing it from an atheist/agnostic stance that includes criticism of other religions too).

But if you’re using cheap and nasty appeals to “our Judeo-Christian history” to deliberately conflate criticism of Islam with spewing bigotry and hatred at Muslim people (as Liddle does in his article), you’re blatantly being an utterly disingenuous shit.

We all know that had a left-leaning magazine or blog posted an article that openly called for “more anti-Jewish bigotry in the Labour ranks” and created a ridiculously deceptive argument that the freedom to criticise Israel somehow justifies this call for more anti-Semitic abuse, there would have been an absolute tidal wave of condemnation, but somehow Liddle continually gets away with this kind of extreme-right trolling.

What’s even more telling is that the BBC’s heavyweight political presenter Andrew Neil is the chair of Spectator magazine which published this disgracefully deceptive article calling for more anti-Muslim bigotry in politics.

So next time you see Andrew Neil, or any other BBC journalist, spewing faux outrage about the Labour anti-Semitism row, just remember that Neil is perfectly happy to turn a blind eye to outright calls for more anti-Muslim bigotry in the Tory ranks, and that the BBC are quite happy to have Neil continue to be the heavyweight front man for their supposedly impartial political coverage.

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