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Pass Brexit deal and fall behind Lib Dems, vot…

Pass Brexit deal and fall behind Lib Dems, voters tell Corbyn in poll:

Labour would fall behind the Liberal Democrats in the polls if Jeremy Corbyn helps the Tories to secure Brexit, according to a huge new poll.

The YouGov survey of 5,000 voters, commissioned by the People’s Vote campaign, shows that support for Labour could fall from 36% to 22% if they helped the Tories to pass a compromise deal with Brussels like the one advocated by Theresa May.

Under those circumstances, the Lib Dems would soar from 10% to 26% — their highest rating in any poll since they entered coalition government with the Tories in 2010.

I know this is the textbook example of ‘shit to take with mountains of salt’ but I just found it kind of interesting as a possibility in the ever-ongoing saga of “weird Brexit-related shit we’re stuck having to deal with right now.”

Is ambulance-blocking the most depraved Brextremist tactic yet?

Surely we all already know that the Leave.EU campaign are a truly despicable mob?

They used a flood of xenophobia, anti-immigrant fearmongering, and outright lies to push the Brexit vote just over the line in 2016, and then ever since then they’ve been used as Arron Banks’ personal propaganda campaign to promote his businesses, abuse journalists who investigate his finances, and promote plots to usurp the Tory party and drive it even further towards the extreme-right political fringe by flooding it with Brextremist ultranationalist entryists.

But their latest stunt has to be their most despicable yet.

On Friday 14th December 2018 a small group of Brextremists blocked Westminster Bridge to protest in favour of a ruinous “no deal” meltdown.

They could have chosen to upload a video clip of any moment of their protest to their Leave.EU propaganda account, so it’s absolutely telling that they chose to upload a 50 second clip of the protest blocking a paramedic emergency response vehicle from attending an emergency . Even more disturbing is the caption on the Tweet which reads “this is what happens when the establishment ignores the will of the people”.

There’s absolutely no mistaking what they’re threatening. If they don’t get the ruinous hard-right “no deal” chaos they’re craving there’s no depth to the depravity of the actions they’re going to take in retribution.

If they’re willing to block a rapid response paramedic from attending an emergency and then actually gloat about it on Twitter, they’re sending a message that that people will die if they don’t get the extreme Brexit they want.

Aside from the fact they blocked a paramedic and then gloated about it on Twitter, there’s also the fact that they’ve hijacked the yellow vest idea of the French gilets jaunes protest.

What makes this theft so despicable is that the gilets jaunes in France is a popular uprising against collapsing living standards that commands the support of the overwhelming majority of French people.

This bunch of Brextremists who have hijacked the yellow vest look are the polar opposite.

They’re protesting in favour of a “no deal” socio-economic catastrophe that would cause an appalling collapse in UK living standards, and their extremist interpretation of the 2016 Brexit vote is only supported by a minority of the British public.

And of the minority of Brits who actively want Theresa May to follow through on her threat to trash the UK economy with a “no deal” Tory economic meltdown, I suspect only an even smaller minority of them would be extreme enough to support this strategy of blocking ambulances and gloating about it on Twitter to achieve it.

Of course not all of the 17.4 million of Brits who voted Leave in 2016 are vile extreme-right nasties like the Brextremist ambulance-blockers yesterday, but it’s impossible to deny that whatever anyone’s reasons for voting for Brexit, they were unconcerned about aligning themselves with fascists, racists, xenophobes and liars when they did it.

And even if people actually crave the chaos and suffering of a “no deal” economic crisis, any Leave voter with any sense of human decency whatever should be just as outraged about this Brextremist ambulance-blocking tactic as the rest of us.

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Another referendum with the Tories still in charge would be a disastrous gamble with the nation’s future

Theresa May’s Brexit shambles is so hopelessly dead in the water that she’s demonstrably terrified of putting it before a parliamentary vote.

In my view the only sensible course of action once it collapses for good is to stop the clock ticking by scrapping the Article 50 deadline by revoking Article 50 in accordance with the ECJ ruling that the UK parliament can do this without fear of retribution, or by asking the EU for an Article 50 extension to sort out Theresa May’s mess (as suggested by the Irish taoiseach).

The British public should then be presented with a repeat referendum with two choices: “cancel Brexit” vs “back to square one and try again” but a sensible choice like this is impossible with the Tories.

A second referendum with Theresa May and her incompetent bunch of Tory charlatans still running the show would be an inevitable disaster.

The big (and very obvious) risk with a second referendum (no matter who is in government) is that it could end up creating a completely inescapable double-mandate for Brexit.

If the Tories were to remain in power during a re-run of the 2016 EU referendum, it’s beyond obvious that a parade of Tory Brextremist government ministers actively promoting a “no deal” meltdown would add to the ultra-nationalist frenzy and make a repeat Brexit vote significantly more likely.

And what’s more if the Tories were still in charge, the Brexit that this double-mandate would set in stone would either be Theresa May’s shambolic and almost universally unpopular deal, or an even more ruinous “no deal” meltdown, with absolutely no chance of escape from one or other of these dreadful options.

At least a Labour/progressive coalition government faced with an inescapable double-mandate for Brexit would be able to scrap Theresa May’s bad faith threat-based negotiation position into the dustbin of history, go “back to square one”, and try for something less harmful to the national interest than either of the absolutely woeful options she’s left us with.

The other glaring problem with leaving the Tories in charge during a repeat of the EU referendum is that it would result in a continuation of ruinous Tory austerity dogma whatever the outcome.

It’s beyond obvious that we’re only in this appalling position in the first place because hard-right Brextremists weaponised the devastating austerity-related collapse in living standards since 2010 by pinning the blame on immigrants and the EU, rather than on the Westminster politicians who were actually to blame for imposing years of wage repression, devastating public service cuts, under-investment in infrastructure and housing, and ideologically driven attacks on the social safety net.

Even if Remain campaigners somehow managed to overcome the disadvantage of Brextremist Tory government ministers openly extolling the virtues of a “no deal” meltdown to overturn the 2016 Brexit vote, what’s the point if the Tories who are entirely responsible for the Brexit farce are left free to continue enforcing the very same malicious, poverty-spreading, wage-repressing, public service-trashing ideological nonsense that caused the Brexit vote in the first place?

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People who say there’s no difference between Labour and the Tories on Brexit are lying through their teeth

People keep misleadingly claiming that there’s absolutely no difference between Labour and the Tories on Brexit, and even that there’s nothing to indicate that a Labour Brexit would be any less harmful than a Tory one!

In reality there’s an absolute mountain of evidence from the last 30 months of chaos that it couldn’t possibly be anything like as bad as the Tories running Brexit exclusively for their own selfish party political interests.

I’m certainly not advocating a Labour Brexit in this article, in fact I feel they should move position at some point in the near future towards offering a “cancel Brexit” vs “back to square one and try again” referendum. However I’m so utterly sick of the despicable campaign of lies from disingenuous Remainer fanatics that I need to point out just how dishonest they’re being when they pretend there’s no difference between Labour and the Tories on Brexit. 

  • Labour have repeatedly assured the public that they would never deliberately trigger a disastrous “no deal” meltdown like Theresa May keeps threatening, because they say it’s “the worst possible deal for Britain”. So at least this devastating nightmare scenario would be completely off the table under a Labour/progressive coalition government.
  • The fact that under a Labour/progressive coalition government the highly competent Keir Starmer would be in charge of the Brexit negotiations instead of a succession of absolute Tory numbskulls like David Davis and Dominic Raab. Even if you don’t like Brexit surely it makes sense to have someone competent and intelligent in charge of Britain’s side of the negotiations instead of a parade of utterly dense Tories?
  • The fact that if Labour or a progressive coalition were put in the position of trying to negotiate Brexit (if a repeat EU referendum was lost by the Remainers for example), at least they’d do it with a good faith cooperative approach rather than repeating Theresa May’s bad faith threats and tantrums, or idiotic Tory ministers mouthing off to the British press about how they plan to renege on the agreements they’ve just signed up to (as if they imagine that Europeans can’t read English or browse the Internet)!
  • Far from “enabling Tory Brexit” as many Remain extremists allege, Labour has repeatedly voted against the Tory government in practically every single Brexit related vote in parliament. Consider Labour’s Amendment 58 to the EU Withdrawal Bill as just one of many examples of firm Labour opposition to shifty hard-right Tory Brexit scheming.
  • The fact that Labour (and other opposition parties) voted against Theresa May’s EU Withdrawal legislation because it did not protect workers’ rights, environmental laws, food standards, consumer protections, and freedom from discrimination. A Labour/progressive coalition government would work to enshrine these rights and protections into UK law.
  • The fact that under Corbyn Labour policy is being handed back to the membership. If the Labour membership vote for a second referendum, or vote for assurances that Labour would remain in the Single Market, that’s what Labour would do.
  • The fact that the majority of Labour members are strongly opposed to a “no deal” Brexit, while a hefty (and rapidly increasing) proportion of Tory members are of the Brextremist blue-kip headbanger persuasion.
  • The fact that Labour have been very careful not to rule out the option of another Brexit referendum. They’re not promising one yet, but they’re also not ruling one out either if the Tory Brexit shambles continues to get worse (which seems inevitable). Given that Theresa May’s deal is dead in the water and a “no deal” meltdown is unthinkable, a referendum with the options of “cancel Brexit” or “back to square one” would seem like the most sensible approach from a strategic perspective.
  • Labour’s repeatedly stated but widely ignored six tests.

Of course it’s entirely fair to argue that “no Brexit” is still a better option than a Labour Brexit (an argument I’d actually agree with at this point), but anyone trying to argue that there’s no evidence that a Tory Brexit would be worse than a Labour one is brazenly lying through their teeth for ideological purposes (making them no better than the Tory Brextremists who created this atrocious mess in the first place with their deliberate campaign of politically motivated lies).

It doesn’t matter whether these people are lying through pure ignorance, through tribalist loyalty to the Lib-Dems, or just because they saw the Brextremists win the 2016 referendum with their outrageous campaign of lies so they’re adopting the same tactics for themselves.

Outright lying degrades the political discourse and drives political apathy. And it’s utterly unacceptable no matter who is doing it, or for what purpose.

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It’s amateur hour…

The absolute brass neck on her

There’s not much to admire about Theresa May, but aside from the cowardice, the dishonesty, the autocratic tendencies, the incompetence, the callous disregard for the suffering of people she considers to be below her in the social pecking order, and the selfish instinct to keep defying the national interest by shamelessly clinging onto power for as long as she possibly can, she does have an absolutely extraordinary brass neck.

When Jeremy Corbyn confronted her at Prime Ministers’ Questions about her unbelievably cowardly decision to postpone the parliamentary Brexit vote purely because she knew she was going to lose it, her retort was to spew rhetoric about how Labour in government would “cause chaos”.

This feeble reversion to her “strong and stable” Tories against “weak and chaotic” Labour trope would have been ridiculous enough any time since she wilfully threw away her parliamentary majority in her vanity election last year (rendering herself an ideological hostage of the DUP sectarians in the process), but an accusation like this in this unbelievably chaotic week of all weeks is just dripping with absurdity.

It’s just 9 days since Theresa May’s government became the first in all of history to be held in contempt of parliament for their defiance of a democratic vote to stop hiding the legal advice they received on her lamentable Brexit deal.

On the same day as making parliamentary history as the most contemptuous UK government of all time, she lost a further two votes in parliament, bringing her total to 16 defeats since she took over in 2016. To put that in perspective the grand total of parliamentary defeats racked up by her three predecessors combined over the space of 19 years is 16 (Blair 3, Brown 4, Cameron 9).

And then just two days ago she totally humiliated Britain on the world stage and showed utter contempt for parliamentary democracy by pulling the meaningful vote on Brexit just so she could keep shamelessly clinging onto power.

And then on the very morning of her accusation that Labour would “create chaos” if they were in power, her own damned MPs turned on her by registering enough letters of dissent to provoke an internal vote of confidence to decide whether to keep her or replace her with a Brextremist fanatic to make things even worse than they’ve already made them!

Then there’s the background details. The fact that it was the Tory party who created this entire mess in the beginning by calling a Brexit referendum just to nick a few thousand ukipper votes.

It was the Tories who annihilated the public services and the living standards of millions through their ideological fixation with ruinous austerity dogma, and their deliberate policy of repressing British workers’ wages under the crackpot economically illiterate delusion that the poorer the workers, the richer the bosses.It’s the Tories who have twice been condemned by the United Nations for their despicable treatment of disabled people and the poor.

Then it was Tories like Boris Johnson, Iain Duncan Smith, Michael Give, and Priti Patel who aligned with the extreme-right Faragists to blame the devastating consequences of their own malicious economic policies on immigrants and the EU in order to divide Britain and push the Brexit vote marginally over the line.

The maliciousness and incompetence of the UK government is unprecedented. The rot began under David Cameron’s dreadful tenure, but it’s degenerated dramatically since Theresa May took over, to the point that her Brexit deal only survived it’s inevitable death through an unprecedented act of government cowardice, a government which itself is on the brink of collapse (whether they decide to keep her or not).

And then she has the absolute brass neck to stand there in front of the nation and fear-monger that the opposition would “cause chaos”!

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What a farce, I’m almost feeling sorry for her. If she wins she should follow her heart as a remainer and call for the people to decide what happens next.

The 48 Tory backbenchers from the right wing eurosceptic wing playing with the future of this country. They want a no deal Brexit which will lead to a depression. All 48 are independently wealthy and I doubt that they will be the ones to suffer.

They are traitors




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