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Britain hits a new low as the EU has to save u…

Britain hits a new low as the EU has to save us from our own Prime Minister:


No lies told. 


I just have this sinking feeling in my gut that Parliament will, next week, manage a majority vote in favour of some kind of way forward on Brexit but it won’t be Theresa May’s deal and the spiteful cow will refuse to act on implementation of it just out of bitter resentment.


I think in light of recent events my new least favourite Brexit talking point is this one:

Oh I guess Parliament is just gonna ignore the 17 million that voted Leave then!

Bitch I fucking wish Parliament would ignore you! For the past 3 goddamn years all i’ve heard in politics has been Brexit! Soft Brexit! Hard Brexit! Red white and blue Brexit! Brexit, Brexit, fucking Brexit!

The entire nation’s political apparatus have ground to a halt on anything else besides this Brexit you voted for when any sensible government would have been able to see from the get-go, like so many of us have been saying all along, that Brexit in any form is a calamitous nigh-unworkable shitshow that will fuck us all over good and proper no matter how it happens.

We’re on the verge of a national crisis entirely because of our Parliament and our government’s obsession with giving you stupid morons what you want even though between the 17 million of you that voted Brexit there’s roughly an equal number of versions of what it should look like. 

Our government is risking catastrophic economic damage to our entire nation for generations to come just to give you idiots the idiocy you voted for.

Meanwhile the rest of us, the 15 million who voted to not bother with any of this utter insanity? We’re the ones who have been ignored as we stand by, every step of the way, rightly saying exactly what’s going to go wrong with this and being proven right every damn time only to be answered with cries of “shut up you traitors” for our trouble.

So kindly fuck off forever if you’re a Brexiteer who thinks you’re being ignored. We’re all in our current fucking predicament specifically because of politicians bending over backwards to entertain your ludicrous fantasies at the cost of literally everything else.


This is so moving!


Idiots: We can’t revoke Article 50, it’ll do so much damage to our democracy and our politics.

Me, looking at our political system in flaming tatters because of Brexit: Oh yeah, we wouldn’t want to damage this at all would we.

felassan: Please sign and share this petition…


Please sign and share this petition calling for the UK government to revoke Article 50. It’s gaining signatures at a very rapid rate and has gone quite viral across news sources. The official Petitions Committee has said that this is the fastest rate of signing for any petition they’ve had.

If the link doesn’t work for you, keep trying or try again later – the intensity of traffic to the site has been crashing it on and off under the load. After signing please check that the link to confirm your email hasn’t gone into your junk or spam folders. The email might take a while to come. And after signing, don’t camp on the page looking at the number climb – this contributes to the strain the site is under. You can safely view the number climb here or watch a livestream of this climb here without impacting anything. #RevokeArticle50





Lather, rinse, repeat




  • Theresa May’s deal has been rejected twice by Parliament.
  • ‘No Deal’ has been rejected by Parliament.
  • A ‘People’s Vote’ referendum has been rejected by Parliament.
  • A petition to revoke Article 50 has reached over 1 million signatures within a day or so.
  • Jeremy Hunt has said that revoking Article 50 might happen if MPs reject Theresa May’s deal.
  • Speaker of the House John Bercow has stated that Theresa May can’t just have another vote on the same deal for a third time.
  • Theresa May has asked the EU for an extension on withdrawal until June 30th.
  • The EU has said they won’t do that and will only offer a shorter extension if MPs agree to vote for Theresa May’s deal.

And after all of this the only question that truly remains is:

How the holy hell is anyone still truly wanting Brexit to happen and thinking that it’s totally working out for us?

Cabinet ministers believe risk of no-deal Brex…

Cabinet ministers believe risk of no-deal Brexit now ‘very real’:

If this mad bitch is actually willing to take us out of the EU with no deal then it’s very quickly approaching ‘act now or be damned forever’ time on triggering a vote of no confidence to force her out of office before she can actually follow through with such bloody insanity.