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The best way to understand May’s Brexit predicament is to imagine, instead, that 52% of the country voted for the government to build a battleship out of chocolate.

Everybody deep down knows it’s not remotely going to work but enough idiots were stupid enough to want it so she has to at least try and keep those morons happy to save her own skin because if she doesn’t the ‘United Kingdom Chocolate Battleship’ party will bounce back in the polling or something.

It’s an unfeasible waste of everybody’s time and money that serves no purpose but because enough idiots decided it was vitally necessary we’re all stuck with the stupid fucking thing.

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In light of recent revelations from the EU about how easy it would be revoke Article 50 and cancel Brexit outright literally at any damn time, it just makes the Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn “Brexit Debate” idea even more incomprehensibly stupid.

By all means have the debate but at least include other political leaders who have views that aren’t stuck in “rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic” mode about it.

If this whole debate nonsense is truly about informing the public of our options and arguing the case for them there is literally no good reason to block out other politicians making the case either for a final referendum or just for cancelling Article 50 and not bothering with any of this any more.

Do we really need a ’Brexit debate’ as it’s be…

We all know Theresa May is all gung-ho for precisely this exact Brexit and will refuse to entertain literally anything else as a possibility.

We all know Jeremy Corbyn is largely pro-Brexit but refuses to actually state what he wants it to look like outside of ‘not what the Tories think.’

It’s pointless.

Besides the issue is going to be decided in Parliament, not by the electorate, so why the fuck are they bothering with a televised debate put on in front of the nation when neither of them objectively gives a shit what the nation might want at this point?

The definition of insanity is your government …

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“His memories stretch back almost 100 years. His life is our history.
We must be Vocal, Vigilant and ensure the NHS remains an institution by
the people for the people.“

Let us continue to stand up and continue his legacy.

886 days since the EU Referendum

And I’m still sat here trying to fathom how my staunchly anti-Brexit and pro-people’s vote friends are still somehow justifying themselves being staunchly pro-Corbyn when Corbyn is still proving himself to be staunchly pro-Brexit and anti-people’s vote.

I’m not saying I don’t want Corbyn to replace Theresa May as PM but for fuck’s sake how are some people still not acknowledging that he will never be on their side regarding Brexit because he’s an old-school Eurosceptic.

The longer this drags on the longer the love for Corbyn from some people looks less like a truly informed political approval and more like some kind of personality cult that can only end in either abject failure if he never becomes PM, or mass disillusionment if he does and proceeds to be nothing like what some people have convinced themselves he is.

… yeah my brief semi-hiatus from active political blogging has done nothing to make me less of a rambling loudmouth seemingly determined to annoy people with contrarianism.

Another reminder that Jeremy Corbyn was the on…


Another reminder that Jeremy Corbyn was the only Labour leadership candidate to vote against austerity and the Welfare Bill. 184 Blairite/Centrist/right-wing Labour MPs chose not to vote against the Tories’ cuts. These are the same people who have spent the majority of their time bemoaning the left-wing gaining power back within the Labour Party and continually undermining the twice democratically elected leader of opposition. They would rather continue Tory austerity than have a left-wing Labour government.


Austerity has always been a political choice that dehumanizes the poor and punishes them for their poverty. Until the Tory government is voted out and a transformative left-wing Labour government is elected, these policies will continue (and that is regardless of what happens with Brexit).