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if you’re poor and support socialism then centrists/conservatives say that you just want free stuff and handouts.

if you have money and support socialism then centrists/conservatives say that you’re a hypocrite.

perhaps their problem isn’t whether you have money or not, but that they want to undermine anyone’s efforts to change an unjust economic system that punishes and exploits poc, women, the working class, and the global south.

centrist/conservative neoliberal logic: if you…

centrist/conservative neoliberal logic: if you support
policies like universal healthcare, raising the minimum wage, and ending
tax loopholes that benefit the 1% then you must take a vow to live in a
cave and stop participating in society, otherwise you’re a hypocrite.
advocating for people less privileged than you and for policies that will potentially raise your own taxes is wrong.

if you’re a neoliberal centrist/conservative and don’t support policies to end
inequality and want to maintain an unjust economic system that punishes
women, poc, and the most vulnerable in society then you somehow have the
moral high ground over people who actually want to change the status

David Cameron with two of his children, Nancy,…

David Cameron with two of his children, Nancy, 13, and Elwen, 11, and two other runners, after running The Great Brook Run together in Chadlington, Oxfordshire, on 28th December 2017. Photograph taken from Twitter.

It is the sort of morning that bears the promi…

It is the sort of morning that bears the promise of a warm blossomy spring and aptly so, for a new dawn is on the mind of everybody here, especially the group of old friends sitting on a grassy bank.
In the muddy patch at the bottom of the bank, three-year-old Nancy Cameron is making mud pies while her baby brother, one-year-old Elwen, attempts to consume a snail and her godfather, George Osborne, looking about 17 with his fresh complexion and neatly ironed blue jumper, laughs that we will be hearing more of the little missy in years to come: “This is what an It girl looks like at three.” Samantha, Modigliani-beautiful, with her long pale face and glossy hair, sits gently cradling five-year-old Ivan.


I wonder how Theresa May squares this ‘Christian heritage’ malarkey and her own upbringing as the daughter of a vicar with the sheer cost to the lives and well-being of the poor, the sick, the hungry, the impoverished, the disabled, the oppressed, and the less-fortunate among our society not only that she herself has been directly responsible for in her capacity as Prime Minister and formerly Home Secretary, but also that the party she has devoted her life of public service to has wrought in its history.

If I ever interviewed her that’d be the first goddamn thing I’d ask.

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David Cameron with his seven-year-old daughter…

David Cameron with his seven-year-old daughter Florence at a Yoshi Sushi restaurant on 26th November 2017. Taken from Instagram.