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Even if you’re into high-risk strategies, why on earth would you entrust such a dangerous gamble to Theresa May?

Theresa May’s tactic for pushing her shambolic and unpopular Brexit deal through parliament is now stark-staringly obvious.

She humiliated Britain on the world stage by delaying the Brexit vote simply because she knew she was going to lose it, and now we’re going to get a steady drip drip drip of “no deal” Brexit fear-mongering for a month in the hope that it frightens MPs into backing her lamentable shambles of a deal.

  • Drip, we’re announcing that we’re going to waste another £4.2 billion on “no deal” planning.
  • Drip, we’re planning to turn Kent into a giant lorry park because of the customs chaos we’re going to deliberately inflict at the border.
  • Drip, were buying £millions worth of fridges to stockpile medical supplies.
  • Drip, we’re spending another wodge of public cash on sending out fear-mongering letters telling British businesses to prepare for the worst.
  • Drip, we’re planning to put soldiers on the streets to quell the inevitable “no deal” looting and riots.

Drip, drip, drip all the way through Christmas, until some as yet unspecified date in the middle of January when she may or may not allow the meaningful Brexit vote to go ahead (depending on whether she thinks she can win it).

Holding the entire nation to ransom like this for a month is despicable, and over Christmas too.

So even if we’re lucky enough to be financially insulated enough to not even worry about the risk to the economy or the risk to our own jobs, or the risk of laying employees off because “no deal” Brexit has trashed our small business, Christmas dinner is going to end up getting ruined anyway by Brexit-bickering between people who actually enjoy this kind of insane Tory brinkmanship in order to fear-monger support for a terrible deal, and the rest of us who despise it.

This game of brinkmanship is a blatant  ‘project fear’  strategy, but it’s not even a competent one.

Who on earth could imagine that a coherent ‘project fear’ propaganda strategy would involve throwing away your parliamentary majority in an unprecedented display of political hubris, having not one but two Brexit secretaries resign in protest at your plans, becoming the first government in UK history to be held in contempt of parliament, humiliating Britain by chickening out of a scheduled parliamentary vote because you knew you were going to lose it, rushing around Europe to be told “no”, “no”, “no” and “no again” by national leaders and EU diplomats who are utterly sick of your time-wasting and contradictory nonsense, and then topping it off by welcoming an alleged rapist back into the Tory fold with open arms so you can survive an internal party vote of no confidence?

She threw her own parliamentary majority away in a totally needless gamble, and now people are actually trusting her with this extraordinarily high-risk gamble with the entire future of our nation?

Even if you do agree with the bloody dangerous game of cliff edge walking brinkmanship Theresa May is playing, surely the last person you’d entrust such a ridiculous gamble to someone as stubborn, egotistical, selfish, cowardly, strategically inept, and downright incompetent as her?

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Good news workers, you’re poorer than you were 8 years ago!

Somehow millions of people still believe the ludicrous fairy story that the Tories are the party of economic competence despite the overwhelming evidence that they’re nothing of the sort.

Take this Tweet from Dominic Raab. It clearly shows that UK workers’ wages have collapsed in real terms, and that they’re only just crawling back towards the level they were at when the Tories came to power in 2010.

The huge dip we can see in the graph that happened between 2010 and 2014 was the longest sustained collapse in workers’ wages since records began, and it all came from the economically illiterate Tory assumption that the poorer the workers, the richer the bosses, and the richer the bosses the richer the nation.

This assumption is obvious bollocks because if workers’ wages collapse they have less disposable income, and if they have less disposable income the economy flat lines because of the lack of demand (this stuff is so obvious it should barely need stating).

 As a result of this sustained ideologically driven Tory assault on our wages and living standards, British workers are getting one of the worst deals in Europe. The only country where workers have had it worse over the last 10 years is crisis-stricken Greece, while workers in other basket-case economies like Italy, Spain, and Serbia are the only other ones to have endure an entire decade of negative wage growth like the Brits have.

Just look at France, where the gilets jaunes protesters are boiling with rage over falling living standards. In reality they’ve had a 6% increase in workers wages over the last decade in comparison to the 5% collapse the Tories have inflicted on British workers!

Not only are Brits not out on the streets protesting against conditions that are far worse than in France, they’ve actually twice re-elected the Tories who did this to them!

The extraordinary subservience of the Brits still isn’t even the most incredible thing about this.

Just look at what Dominic Raab has written about the graph he shared.

Not only has he blatantly failed to understand the graph by claiming it shows real wages are “rising at fastest rate in 10 years” when it shows absolutely nothing of the sort*, he also tries to present evidence of 8 ruinous years of Tory wage collapse as “good news for working Britain”.

With the Tories there’s always the suspicion that they actually understand the truth that wage repression and austerity dogma are appalling economic policies for ordinary people and the economy as a whole, but that they continually spew demeaning economic idiot fodder about how great they are because they arrogantly assume the British public to be a bunch of economically illiterate pisswits.

This Tweet from Dominic Raab demonstrates something even more worrying.

Remember that this was the guy who was until recently entrusted by the Tory government to do the extraordinarily complex and important job of leading Britain’s Brexit negotiations. Yet here’s absolute proof that he can’t even understand a very simple average weekly wage chart.

His ridiculously clueless Tweet is clear cut evidence that he can look at damning proof of the truly appalling consequences of his party’s 8 year campaign of austerity and wage repression, and then conclude that his party are doing a fantastic job, and British workers should be thanking them!

The guy just simply doesn’t have a clue what’s been going on for the last 8 years.

He’s so insulated by privilege, so unwilling to think outside the Tory echo chamber, and so economically illiterate that he clearly can’t even read a simple chart.

Yet Theresa May and her Tory inner circle actually decided to give this unbelievably useless charlatan responsibility for heading by far the most complex and risky set of negotiations of the entire post-war era!

And even now millions of mainstream media rote-learning dupes still believe the Tories to be the party of economic competence!

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* = The fastest rise in the last 10 years was when the Tories eased wage repression just before the 2015 General Election in the hope that British workers would relieved to be able to breathe again that they’d totally forget whose boot had been standing on their necks for the previous four years.

Why are the Brits such willing doormats?

Just a year and a half after winning an unprecedented landslide victory the French President and his En Marche! “centrist” party have triggered a huge crisis with their policies of punishing workers and the poor, and pushing hard-right neoliberalism.

One of their first moves on assuming power was to lavish a huge tax cut on the wealthiest 1%, and ever since it’s been one regressive and unpopular policy after another: Attacks on pensioners’ incomes, anti-worker legislation, a move to flog off the French rail network to Macron’s speculator mates, extremely unpopular education reforms, and the final straw was a series of fuel tax hikes designed to load the economic cost of combating climate change onto ordinary people, especially those who live in remote rural areas and rely on their cars for survival.

The result has been the rise of organic and leaderless gilets jaunes (yellow vests) mass demonstration all across France.

The mainstream media have obviously focused on examples of violence and vandalism in Paris in order to discredit the movement as much as possible, but the reality is that the vast majority of gilets jaunes protests are peaceful marches and roadblocks outside of Paris, which the overwhelming majority of French people support.

Within 18 months of Macron coming to power and imposing neoliberal policies and enforcing an unjustifiable upwards redistribution of wealth, the French public have had enough and they’re fighting back.

Now just consider how different things are in Britain. It’s over 8 years since the Lib-Dems enabled the Tories back into power (103 months). We’ve had ruinous austerity dogma, a massive unprecedented upwards redistribution of wealth, massive public service cuts, a ruinous “lost decade” of zero wage growth, draconian social security cuts, countless hard-right privatisation disasters (including the mass giveaway of state schools to unaccountable private profiteers), and shocking rises in child poverty, in-work poverty, and homelessness.

Not only has a gilets jaunes protest failed to materialise, but the British public have actually twice reelected the Tories who have been brutalising us like this!

The only hint of protest was the spectacular act of self-harm in allowing the very same hard-right Tories who trashed our standards of living (Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Iain Duncan Smith, Priti Patel …) to convince us that immigrants and the EU were to blame for the horrific consequences of their own damned austerity policies and then voting for Brexit!

And when an opposition leader comes along to actually oppose the devastating hard-right fanaticism of the Tories (as opposed to pathetically imitating it like his predecessor) the political establishment, mainstream media hacks, and the “I’m alright Jack” chattering classes spew unprecedented amounts of hatred at him!*

Even now, after eight years of austerity dogma, wage repression, public service cuts, ruinous privatisations, and malicious attacks on the social security safety net, and two and a half years of stewing in their own damned Brexit mess, they’re soaring high in the polls (between the high-30s and low-40s).

To really put this contrast between the Brits and the French into context consider the changes in our standards of living over the last decade.

While Brits have experienced an outrageous 0.5% per year collapse in real wage growth, the French have experienced annual real wage growth of 0.7%.

For the last decade French workers have experienced growing real terms wages (at just about the average rate for Europe), while the British have been slumped at the bottom of the table with other European stragglers like Greece, Italy, and Spain.

But who are the ones engaging in a mass popular revolt against neoliberalism and the greed of the mega-rich?

The French!

So what is it about the Brits that makes them such willing doormats?

What makes them so comfortable with the erosion of their wages and living standards that they actually vote in favour of the culprits rather than fighting back?

I’m not actually sure I can answer the question.

Yes, it surely has something to do with Britain having the most right-wing media environment in Europe which repeatedly gives free passes to outrageous examples of Tory malice and incompetence, whilst holding opposition figures to way higher standards.

Yes, it probably has something to do with traditional British attitudes like “stiff upper lip” and “make do and mend”.

And yes, the sickening deference to establishment figures with plummy accents that’s still rife in Britain is surely a factor in the almost total impunity for the Tory toffs who have spent most of the last decade ideologically vandalising our country and vindictively abusing our most vulnerable citizens.

But are these factors enough to explain why the French stand up for themselves and the Brits just sit there and take dogs’ abuse from millionaire Tory elitists for years, and then actually vote the callous abusive bastards back into power?

What do you think?

How do you explain it?

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Incidentally the Venn diagram of self-declared “centrists” who have been bitterly spewing hate at Jeremy Corbyn for the last three years, and those who greeted Macron’s election in France as if it was the second coming of Christ would be more-or-less a perfect circle.

The Tory ‘war on women’

In 2017 House of Commons researchers demonstrated that an appalling 86% of the economic burden of Tory austerity has been loaded onto the shoulders of women.

The people who have suffered the worst consequences of Tory austerity dogma have been low-paid and part-time workers (mainly female) and single parents (overwhelmingly female), while the people who have done by far the best out of the austerity years are the (mainly male) mega-rich who have have literally doubled their wealth.

Once it became absolutely clear that Tory economic policy was highly discriminatory against women, the Tories were left with a very simple choice; do something to reverse the discrimination inherent in their economic agenda, or carry on with the exact same sexist policies and prove beyond doubt that they are a bunch of misogynists who wholeheartedly believe in trampling down low-income women while they shovel tax breaks and handouts at the mega-rich.

It was always obvious which direction the Tories would choose given that they’re completely bankrolled by the mega-rich.

Despite their constant identity politics game-playing over the fact that Theresa May is a woman, the Tory party were never actually going to lift a finger to help the poor and ordinary women they’ve been misogynistically grinding into destitution.

So the fact that the Tories’ latest budget is yet another ideologically driven assault on the economic well-being of low income women and single parents is completely unsurprising.

Neither is their complacency. The Tories know that their chums in the mainstream media won’t bother to highlight the evidence that their economic policies continue to be profoundly misogynistic, just as most of the mainstream media have given them countless easy rides in the past over the constant stream of court defeats for their malicious welfare and employment legislation, the two damning UN reports into their systematic abuse of disabled people and their ruinous austerity agenda, and the fact that despite all of the economic misery they’ve inflicted on our people, and on our communities, they’ve continually missed their deficit reduction targets by miles.

Literally the only newspaper to have picked up on the IPPR evidence of the Tories’ ongoing assault on low-income women and single parents is the Guardian. The rest of the media have simply ignored it as if the UK government continuing to wage a profoundly sexist economic war on women is an entirely unremarkable facet of British life!

The Tories know perfectly well that their austerity agenda is profoundly misogynistic, they know that targeting the bulk of their cuts at low-income workers and single parents is inherently sexist, yet they continue to do it because of their unwavering confidence that their mates in the mainstream media will draw as little attention to it as possible when this kind of institutional sexism should actually be a massive national scandal.

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Theresa May’s pyramid scheme of deception

Theresa May’s announcement that she’s going to scrap Tory austerity dogma is so utterly deceitful that it’s a Tory con on top of a Tory con.

Austerity is a con

To anyone with a basic understanding of macroeconomics it was obvious that Tory austerity dogma was a con from the beginning, because when the private sector rapidly reduces lending because of an economic crisis, it’s massively counter-productive for the government to deliberately exacerbate the problem by reducing economic demand through massive ideologically driven cutbacks to expenditure on infrastructure and services, and a deliberate campaign of wage repression against the general public.

After eight years of this ideologically driven hard-right madness the dire consequences are obvious: The target to eliminate the budget deficit by early 2015 has been spectacularly missed and rolled back to 2031 (21 years to do what they said they’d achieve in 5); British workers have suffered the longest sustained collapse in the value of their wages on record; public services are in chaos; the UK is being left behind in productivity growth; local councils are going bankrupt under the strain of the cuts; and the post-crisis recovery is by far the weakest in over a Century.

On the other hand the mega-rich minority have more than doubled their wealth; the biggest corporations have been lavished with extraordinary tax cuts; the bankers who trashed the economy in the first place are taking home bigger salaries and bonuses than ever; MPs wages have risen way above inflation; and the wealthy speculator class have benefited from one rip-off Tory privatisation give-away and outsourcing scam after another.

Tory austerity is not ending

Despite the fact that Tory austerity dogma has demonstrably failed to do what the Tories promised it would when they introduced it, they have no real intention of scrapping it, because it’s been so damned good for their wealthy backers.

Just two days before Theresa May announced austerity was over, her Chancellor Philip Hammond gave a speech at the same Tory conference venue promising to continue the austerity cuts.

When Jeremy Corbyn called Theresa May out on her dishonest claim that austerity was ending, she spat fury and bile at him in order to avoid admitting that Tory austerity dogma is continuing when it comes to the NHS, policing, local government funding, public sector wages, and the continuation of catastrophically low levels of infrastructure investment under Tory misrule.

All the bile and bluster was intended to obscure the fact that Tory austerity dogma isn’t ending at all, they’re just seeking to rebrand this toxic economic fanaticism with new words.

All that will change is that Tories will use the friendlier-sounding term “fiscal responsibility” to hide the fact that they’re continuing with their ruinous austerity cuts.

Dishonest to the core

You could kind of respect them a bit if the Tories somehow had the decency and integrity to admit that thay made a terrible and damaging economic mistake when they imposed ideologically-driven austerity fanaticism after the bankers’ crisis, and if they promised to follow Jeremy Corbyn’s lead with a genuine investment-based economic policy designed to to undo some of the worst of the damage they did, but that isn’t what Theresa May has done at all.

What she’s done is realised that the term “austerity” is a tainted brand, but she’s got no intention of stopping it because the mega-rich beneficiaries of it who bankroll her party wouldn’t let her stop enriching them at the expense of everyone else, even if she wanted to.

So her reaction to the fact that ever more people are waking up to the fact that Tory austerity dogma is a con is to attempt to con them all over again by simply pretending she’s stopping it with a crude and shockingly dishonest rebranding exercise to continue imposing the exact same policies under a shiny new name.

It’s simply a con on top of a con, and it just goes to show how gullible most Tory supporters must be that they gladly go along with this economically ruinous Tory pyramid scheme of deception.

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How gullible would you have to be to believe Theresa May’s latest Orwellian propaganda trope?

How cripplingly gullible would you have to be to believe Theresa May’s latest Orwellian reality reversal that her government are the only option for “moderate” voters?

Just look at how unpopular the Tory hard-right privatisation agenda is, and consider the fact that there’s virtually no public support for the 8 year Tory ideological agenda of privatising police services, prisons, state schools, the Royal Mail (at massively below its true market value) and swathes of the NHS.

Then consider the fact Labour’s policy of running vital national infrastructure and services as not-for-profit public services is actually incredibly popular with the public (see picture).

Look at how 8 years of ideologically driven Tory austerity dogma has led to the slowest post-crisis recovery in a Century, the longest sustained collapse in UK workers’ wages on record, failing public services, and the huge wave of public anger that drove the Brexit vote.

Labour are unquestionably the moderates when it comes to economic policy, but there’s more.

Think about Theresa May’s grotesque “hostile environment” strategy that led to British citizens being denied employment, housing, social security, bank accounts, and vital medical treatment, with unknown numbers of deportations, and even several victims of May’s extremist “deport now, hear appeals later” stance dying in exile from their homeland.

Consider the ongoing systematic Tory abuse of disabled people, and the fact that it actually costs far more to force sick and disabled people through the dehumanisation and humiliation of “fit for work” assessments than this systematic persecution will ever save in reduced disability benefit payments!

And look at the way Theresa May has continually attempted to run Brexit as a tyrant intent on sidelining and marginalising everyone else (opposition parties, the UK business sector, devolved parliaments, trade unions, judges who defend parliamentary sovereignty …) and recall how the Tories cynically voted down Labour’s move to prevent the Tories from using Brexit as a Trojan Horse in order to trash our workers’ rights, our food standards, our equal rights legislation, our environmental laws, and our consumer protections.

Labour have pledged to put an end to ruinous Tory austerity dogma, public opinion-defying privatisation mania, to reverse Theresa May’s “hostile environment” persecution of British citizens, and to completely scrap the grotesque (and economically unjustifiable) systematic abuse of sick and disabled people.

When it comes to Brexit it’s even more obvious that the Tories are radical extremists who have insisted on running the whole thing for their narrow party political benefit since the beginning, and deliberately unpicked every move to stop them from using it as an excuse to ideologically vandalise our rights, standards, and protections.

Yet somehow Theresa May believes that people are so cripplingly gullible that they’ll ignore all of this evidence and believe her shockingly dishonest Orwellian posturing that she’s some kind of “moderate” in the face of Labour extremism!

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Why do Tory MPs get a total free pass on their astounding anti-business attitudes?

Today a Tory MP publicly accused the boss of a major UK employer of lying. The accusation was made by Bernard Jenkin who responded to the fears of Jaguar Land Rover that a “no deal” Brexit would be catastrophic for their company and their workforce by saying I think he’s making it up.

Now just imagine for a moment that a Labour Party MP had openly accused the boss of a major British employer of lying to the public.

The mainstream media would obviously be absolutely teaming with “Labour are the anti-business party” takes, at least for the rest of the day, and with the incident referenced over and again for months as evidence of Labour’s anti-business agenda.

But because the badmouthing of British business is coming from a Tory MP, it’s barely elicited a whisper of condemnation from mainstream media hacks, other than a few Tweets from half-decent journalists like Gavin Esler and Norman Smith.

Sustained media partisanship

Alarmingly this isn’t the only example of highly partisan editorial decisions to avoid vehement condemnation of the Tories. Last week the majority of Tory MPs joined all the fascist parties in the European Parliament to vote in support of Viktor Orbán’s anti-Semetic, judiciary-rigging, free speech-attacking, human rights-trashing regime in Hungary.

Again, just imagine the deafening howls of condemnation had it been Labour MEPs defying the European consensus to vote in favour of the most notorious anti-Semite in Europe, but somehow the Tories get a free pass.

Labour are now the party of business!

If you believed all the mainstream media rhetoric about Labour being rabid extreme-left fanatics under Jeremy Corbyn, the idea that they’ve taken over as the obvious pro-business party would seem insane, but the reality is very different from what orthodox neoliberals in the mainstream media are trying to make you think.

Admittedly Jeremy Corbyn has said that corporations would have to pay their fair share in tax (especially if they want to bid for government contracts) and that the Corporation Tax rate is going to have to rise so that it’s back in line with the G7 average, which wouldn’t go down all that well with Britain’s most avid tax-dodgers and corporate profiteers.

However, most business leaders should be able to see the sense in many of Corbyn’s strategies, and that the economic responsibility of paying their fair share in tax comes with significant payoffs too.

Making sure that major corporations pay their fair share in tax would create a much fairer playing field for hundreds of thousands of small and medium sized businesses that can’t afford to pay expensive tax lawyers to hide their profits in tax havens.

Corbyn has clearly listened to British businesses (large and small) and to trade unions and he’s made it clear that Labour would seek to retain access to the Customs Union and Single Market, while the Tories keep on threatening the ruination of a “no deal” Brexit and smearing prominent business leaders who express their concerns about this reckless game of ideological brinkmansip as liars!

Labour’s policies of investing in Britain’s creaking public infrastructure and building hundreds of thousands of affordable homes would clearly create huge opportunities for construction companies, engineering firms, and myriad suppliers.

Labour’s “Build it in Britain” industrial policy certainly must make a lot of sense to British-based manufacturers.

And Labour’s policy of introducing a National Education Service to provide free education and training to all, would clearly help to ensure that the UK has the kind of flexible and highly-skilled workforce that is needed in order to reverse the Tory productivity crisis and make Britain a high-tech economy fit for the 21st Century.

Whether you support Jeremy Corbyn’s investment-based economic strategy or not, you certainly won’t be hearing any Labour MPs saying “fuck business” like Boris Johnson, or smearing prominent British business leaders as liars like Bernard Jenkin just did.

You can read more about Labour’s industrial strategy here.

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The shockingly inadequate reaction to the bankers’ crisis is the reason Britain is in such a state today

It’s 10 years to the day since Lehman Brothers collapsed into bankruptcy and practically nothing has been done to rein in the excesses of the mega-rich speculator class who created the Bankers’ insolvency crisis.

First the entire establishment class rallied around to ensure that their mega-rich speculator mates wouldn’t lose out as a result of the crisis they caused with their reckless gambling, with bailouts, and quantitative easing cash galore to prop up the value of the assets of the rich.

Then Tories cynically used the bankers’ economic crisis as an excuse to impose ruinous austerity dogma as a means of pushing the cost of the crisis onto ordinary people through wage repression, in-work benefits cuts, welfare cuts for sick and disabled people, local service cuts, etc.

Meanwhile the Tories actually rigged the economy even further in favour of the mega-rich by slashing corporation tax, slashing taxes on the mega-rich, and lavishing the speculator class with ridiculously one-sided outsourcing contracts, and handing them massive chunks of public infrastructure and services at bargain basement prices (like the Royal Mail) or even for free (like the state schools given away to private academy profiteers).

The bankers’ insolvency crisis called for decisive action to ensure such a meltdown could never happen again. Action like breaking up the “too big to fail” banks, restraining the ridiculous short-term bonus culture to make financial rewards dependent on the long-term sustainability of the institutions paying them, jailing the most reckless and fraudulent of the financial sector gamblers, increasing competition and diversity in the financial sector, reducing the amount of wealth that gets funnelled into non-productive areas of the economy like property price speculation and the vast global derivatives casino …

But instead of decisive action nothing was done, so that the property bubble and the the global derivatives casino have continued sucking vast amounts of wealth away from the real productive economy.

But what’s even worse is what the Tory response to the bankers’ crisis taught the mega-rich speculator class.

It taught them that financial crises are absolutely fantastic news for them. Their losses will be protected through bankers’ bailouts and obscene policies like quantitative easing, while the cost of the meltdown is borne by the poor and ordinary.

And now, instead of waiting for the next crisis to come along (when the housing bubble bursts, or major banks gamble themselves into insolvency on the global derivatives casino again) the mega-rich speculator class are seeking to deliberately cause the next crisis.

They know that they can plunge the entire UK economy into a much bigger crisis than the bankers’ meltdown if they can ensure that the UK conducts a “no deal” flounce out of the EU.

If they know exactly how and when the crisis is going to occur, the opportunities for making £billions by betting against Britain are obviously absolutely huge.

Then once they’ve made a killing by betting against Britain, and against the elements of the real economy they know will suffer huge losses in a “no deal” meltdown (manufacturing, haulage companies, leisure and tourism, aviation, shipping, agriculture, the automotive industry …) they can pile back in with the £billions they made by betting against Britain in order to buy up masses of distressed British assets on the cheap.

The UK establishment response to the bankers’ crisis created moral hazard by proving that the state would not let the mega-rich speculator class fail under any circumstances (even when they gambled themselves into insolvency).

Tory austerity dogma made the moral hazard even worse by demonstrating that the Tory party would deliberately load the cost of the crisis onto ordinary people, whilst actually rigging society even further in favour of the mega-rich speculators who trashed the economy in the first place.

And Brexit is the culmination of this truly outrageous response to the bankers’ crisis.

First the Brexiteers used the wave of public anger at the consequences of austerity madness to deliver the Brexit vote, by attacking immigrants and the EU as the reason wages were collapsing, public services were failing, and poverty was rising …

And now they’re seeking to use this Brexit vote as an excuse to deliberately trigger another economic meltdown so that their greedy billionaire speculator mates can make even bigger fortunes on the social and economic suffering of the rest of us.

You’d have to be a fool to not see how the shockingly inadequate response of the establishment class to the bankers’ crisis, and the imposition of ruinous hard-right Tory austerity dogma are responsible for the absolute state of Britain ten years later.

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The BBC’s idea of political impartiality is an absolute farce

The Question Time panel for Thursday September 13th 2018 is a clear demonstration that the BBC claims of political impartiality are absolutely ludicrous.

They’ve managed to stuff their panel with four right-wing pro-austerity figures, countered only by a single left-wing pro-investment figure (and by far the lest famous of the five to boot).

The four right-wing panellists are the Tory government minister Rory Stewart, the Tory party donor Theo Paphitis, the hard-right Daily Mail polemicist and Brexiteer Julia Hartley-Brewer, and former Labour Shadow Chancellor and one of the chief architects of Labour’s disastrously unappealing austerity-lite strategy that lost them the 2015 General Election.

Chris Leslie is such an anti-Corbyn right-winger that he’s actually starred in a Tory attack ad, which features one of his trademark economically illiterate rants against Labour’s agreed manifesto policy of investment-based growth strategies and in favour of even imposing even more ruinous hard-right Tory austerity dogma!

Putting Chris Leslie on the panel means that any discussion of Labour’s fantastic manifesto commitment to actually invest in the economy will be marred by the sight of a rebel right-wing pro-austerity Labour MP dynamiting his own party’s economic policies!

The one left-wing panellist is the virtually unknown Faiza Shaheen from the centre-left think tank CLASS.

At the 2017 General Election the UK public was absolutely split down the middle when it came to right-wing austerity dogma with the number of people voting for right-wing pro-austerity parties almost exactly matched by those voting for pro-investment parties.

Ever since then the popularity of right-wing austerity dogma has been waning further, with ever more people cottoning on to the fact that austerity was always just a massive Tory wealth transfer con to enrich the mega-rich at the expense of the rest of us.

But the BBC remains absolutely determined to keep the Tory austerity con going by stacking the Question Time panel with as many right-wing pro-austerity figures as they can get away with.

There’s little doubt that they’ll resort to their usual trick of planting Tory party Councillors/activists in the audience to be given the opportunity to ask ridiculously loaded questions too.

It’s absolutely impossible to imagine the BBC ever stacking the Question Time panel 4-1 in favour of left-wing pro-investment figures, but a panel loaded 4-1 in favour of right-wingers is depressingly unexceptional by the BBC’s ridiculously biased standards.

The decision to cobble together such a transparently biased Question Time panel makes an absolute mockery of the BBC’s claims to political impartiality.

Such transparent political bias at the BBC is unacceptable because they’re a public service broadcaster with a duty to impartiality. They’re not like the right-wing billionaire-owned propaganda rags like the S*n and the Daily Mail, and they’re not like small independent blogs like this one either. They’re funded by licence fee payers and they have a public service duty to avoid displays of overt right-wing pro-austerity bias like this.

But the BBC know that the Tory party control their purse strings, and appoint their Board of Directors, so they’re going to ignore their obligation to political impartiality, and continue actively promoting hard-right Tory austerity dogma just as hard as the right-wing propaganda rags do.

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British workers are getting totally shafted

It’s a decade since the bankers’ insolvency crisis and the median earnings of every single age demographic have fallen significantly since 2008, with the under-50s bearing the brunt of it.

In the wake of the bankers’ insolvency crisis Labour attempted to mitigate the worst of the damage by propping up the economy through investment, but their efforts were undermined and reversed when the Liberal Democrats enabled the Tory party back into power and helped them implement their extraordinarily damaging austerity agenda.

All the talk in 2010 was about the importance of reducing the budget deficit, and George Osborne’s promise to eliminate it completely by 2015. However in hindsight it’s glaringly obvious that reducing the deficit wasn’t the real objective at all, especially since the Tories are now projecting 2031 as their deficit elimination date (21 years to do what they said they’d acheive in less than 5!)

The real Tory objective was to use the bankers’ insolvency crisis as an excuse to push through a series of radically right-wing policies aimed at redistributing as much wealth as possible from the majority of British people to corporations and the mega-rich minority who bankroll the Tory party.

You’d have to have been living under a rock for the last eight years to have failed to notice the extreme Tory cuts to all aspects of British life: massive local government cuts, deadly NHS and social care cuts, unprecedented police cuts, ruinous flood defence spending cuts, idiotic infrastructure investment cuts, horrific welfare cuts, killer fire service cuts, punishing in-work benefits cuts

One of the most damaging aspects of Tory austerity dogma of all has been their deliberate programme of wage repression, especially against public sector workers and the under-50s.

It hardly takes an economic genius to understand that if you reduce the amount of cash that ordinary people have in their pockets, you end up significantly reducing the amount of demand in the economy and/or increasing the amount of debt as people borrow in order to make ends meet.

So not only is the Tory wage repression agenda a disaster for the ordinary people they’re driving into in-work poverty, it’s also a disaster for the economy through restricted demand and increased indebtedness.

One of the most incredible things about this 8-year ideologically driven Tory assault on our wages is the lack of fightback from the British public.

Just imagine if the French government had imposed this crushing wage repression agenda on French workers. There’d be strikes. There’d be protests. There’d be riots in the streets. They’d probably even blockade Britain with tractors and wagons!

But here in Britain the Tories who ripped off millions of British workers in order to enrich the already extraordinarily wealthy actually saw their vote share increase dramatically at the last election.

The lesson here is that the wealthy establishment class can blatantly rip off British workers, and millions upon millions of us will actually flock to the polls to thank our beloved lords and masters for mistreating us in this way!

“Thank you kindly sir for ripping me off and trashing my local community just to feed the insatiable greed of the people who bankroll your party” [exits walking backwards, doffing cap and bowing]

 Another Angry Voice  is a “Pay As You Feel” website. You can have access to all of my work for free, or you can choose to make a small donation to help me keep writing. The choice is entirely yours.