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I think Andrew Gwynne is quite proud of this

I think Andrew Gwynne is quite proud of this



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The (Israeli) Lobby: an Aljazeera investigation (full)

The (Israeli) Lobby: an Aljazeera investigation (full)

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Byron Davies, who lost in 2017, thinks it was not difficult to…

Byron Davies, who lost in 2017, thinks it was not difficult to expose Labour’s shortcomings. Pity it took less than five minutes to find a tweet by him defaming Jeremy Corbyn. Oops.


jess phillips comparing jeremy corbyn supporters to domestic…

jess phillips comparing jeremy corbyn supporters to domestic abusers is abhorrent on every level. unsurprisingly she has a fan in jk rowling due to her continual attacks on jeremy corbyn. after undermining corbyn non-stop because he was supposedly “unelectable”, one of the only pro-labour tweets jk rowling could be bothered to write on the day of the general election was just to help get jess phillips re-elected.


please remain aware that the blairites, centrists, and the labour right factions will keep trying to undermine jeremy corbyn and his supporters, even at the expense of winning the next general election. that’s how little they care about the future of the uk and the people suffering under the conservative government. they’ve made it very clear that they’d rather keep the status quo as long as they hold onto their own privilege.

ORGANISING FOR CONFERENCEConstituency Labour Parties (CLPs)…


Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) across the country will be meeting
over the next couple of weeks to submit rule changes, nominate
candidates for internal elections, and select
delegates to send to conference. If you are yet to hear on when your
local CLP meets to decide these matters, you should urgently get in
touch with your CLP’s secretary or your local Momentum group.
Constituency parties have until July 7th to resolve all of these issues –
the deadline was previously June 23rd.

It is crucial that the Labour left doesn’t simply bathe in the
afterglow of a highly encouraging general election result. We have no
time to rest on our laurels
. Our mission is to create a member-led party
so that working people – many of whom have never played an active role
in politics before – feel inspired to get involved for the long term. We
must turn the Labour Party into an organisation which can radically
advance the collective interests, aspirations and desires of the working
class, marginalised and oppressed people, and communities across

Only in this way can we hope to transform this country for the better
– a democratic Labour Party really is a prerequisite for a more
democratic Britain. It’s up to the Labour left to get to work in making
this a reality, with a strong showing at this year’s conference as the
next step towards our goal.

If you need information on organising for conference in your local
CLP and you haven’t been able to find it anywhere else, email and we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.

More information:

“Westminster reeks of the establishment. It was built at a…

“Westminster reeks of the establishment. It was built at a time when my class and my sex were excluded from politics and denied a place because we are deemed unworthy. And I believe the intimidating nature of this place is not accidental.” [FULL SPEECH]