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A General Election is near. PLEASE register to…


A General Election is near. PLEASE register to vote and make sure we get the Tories out this time and a Labour Government in.


Sod it, bring on another general election. Anything to even try and break this stupid deadlock situation.

Either Theresa May will get enough new Tory MPs to force her stupidity through Parliament and we can all be done with it, or she’ll fuck up and lose enough Tory MPs that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour get to have a shot at making Brexit work.

They can’t possibly do any worse with it.

So bring it on. 

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Tory MPs Are Absolutely Losing It On WhatsApp …

Tory MPs Are Absolutely Losing It On WhatsApp At The Thought Of A June Election:

Oh dear God.

Look I want the Tories out of power but after the 2015 general election, the 2016 EU Referendum, the 2016 Presidential election, the 2017 snap general election, and the 2018 Congressional midterm elections… i’m just burnt out on electoral politics.

Not to mention the constant politics-induced migraine and depression that comes from following the Trump administration and the ongoing cacophony of screaming insanity that is Brexit.

I can’t go through this all over again so soon. I really can’t.

Send help. And lots of strong alcohol.


Theresa May pitched the snap general election as being necessary for the sake of us being able to successfully negotiate Brexit.

The man she put primarily in charge of negotiating Brexit, the Secretary of Stage for Exiting the European Union David Davis, has just resigned in protest of the government’s Brexit vision and strategy, basically throwing in the towel on being involved in this whole shitshow.

So if the last election was vital for Brexit and now the guy in charge of Brexit isn’t in charge of Brexit any more and the PM herself is fighting a constantly-failing two-front war to keep everyone on her side when nobody wants to be, the question needs to be asked:

When is Theresa May going to resign and trigger another election?

Cause it’s gotta be soon, right? The government’s deadline for Brexit that it’s enforced upon itself is in March of 2019. That may seem a fair ways away but the vote to leave was in June of 2016, over 2 years ago, and look at how far this hasn’t come, bogged down by Tory incompetence as it’s been at every step of the process.

There’s no way Theresa May can pretend everything’s fine for another 9 months, that she’s totally got the support to hang onto her job.

This needs to end in an election and it needs to do it soon. To delay the inevitable only serves to destroy further what tiny shred of credibility she can potentially claim to still possess.

Theresa May to hold crunch talks as pollster w…

Theresa May to hold crunch talks as pollster warns of heavy losses in council elections: undefined


Hearing rumours about another election and CCHQ asking for…

Hearing rumours about another election and CCHQ asking for candidates. Also seeing rumours that it will be timed to ruin the student vote. We shouldn’t let this decimate voter rolls.

Please re-blog for UK students to see.