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if you look at the twitter profiles of people who tweet stuff about “taking back the labour party” from jeremy corbyn they usually also retweet conservative mps, use right-wing fearmongering about the labour left, never mention the devastation that the tories are causing, never focus on how to stop the tories, think that having a people-led movement to get the tories out is fascism, and frequently misrepresent what labour’s current policy regarding brexit is in order to sway voters away from labour. they’re not interested in actually stopping brexit or the tories, their aim is to get rid of corbyn and any leftist leaders.


there should indeed be healthy debate about ways to tackle brexit, but it’s become clear that these people are now using much of their arguments about brexit as just a cover to attack the labour left. aside from brexit, centrist/right-wingers are actually okay with 99% of what the tories have done to decimate the country that’s caused so much suffering. their actual issue has always been the leftist policies that a jeremy corbyn led labour party would enact. for them the left is a greater threat to their power than the conservatives.

that’s why the same people who say they can’t support labour because of brexit will still support blairite labour mps who abstained from voting against the conservatives’ welfare bill, or will vote for the libdems who formed a coalition with the conservatives and helped push through austerity. the same conservative party who called for the referendum in the first place.

these people don’t want to dismantle an unjust system, they just want to be in charge of it.

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The BBC has formally rejected complaints that …

The BBC has formally rejected complaints that its Newsnight programme Photoshopped an image of Jeremy Corbyn to make him look “more Russian”, insisting that the programme’s use of the picture was “impartial and fair”.

The corporation’s complaints unit said the decision to show a photo of the Labour
leader wearing a “Lenin-style cap” in front of the Moscow skyline was
not designed to convey an impression of pro-Russian sympathy on Corbyn’s
part but was in keeping with an editorial decision made on the basis of
“sound news judgment”.

Another reminder:




The BBC’s investigation into its own bias is a ridiculously contradictory whitewash

Whether you like Jeremy Corbyn or not, it’s easy to see that the state operated broadcaster casting the main political opposition as agents of a foreign power is the kind of extreme propaganda you’d expect to see in a tyrannical state like Russia, rather than a liberal western European democracy.

After a flood of complaints about their decision to red tint and alter a picture of Jeremy Corbyn and photoshop it onto a picture of the Kremlin, the BBC investigated itself and found that their decision to do that was totally “fair and impartial”!

This latest ruling is a truly Orwellian piece of propaganda which focuses heavily on Corbyn’s hat, and completely ignores the glaring contradiction between their initial responses to the scandal, and the findings of this report.

The report tries to claim that it is supposedly “immediately apparent to viewers that the contrast and colour balance of the photo had been adjusted to create a stylised image but this was standard practice on the programme” but if we compare this excuse with their initial excuse we find a glaring contradiction.

Their initial excuse was that they’d used the same Kremlin background for the Tory defence secretary Gavin Williamson, the whole thing falls to bits, because in Williamson’s case they didn’t red-tint or otherwise alter the image, and they positioned the picture of Williamson facing away from the Kremlin rather than merging him in to create a “stylised image”.

So their current excuse that it’s “standard practice” to manipulate photos to create “stylised images” is totally contradicted by the picture that they Tweeted out as their previous excuse!

To see the excuse morph from one thing to another like this is extraordinary, especially when one excuse clearly contradicts the other.

Even if you actually dislike Jeremy Corbyn, you’d have to be completely cracked to agree with the BBC’s whitewash conclusion that there are supposedly “no grounds for regarding the contents of the item as less than impartial or fair to Mr Corbyn”, especially given the blatantly contradictory excuses the BBC have pushed out to justify it.

Since Theresa May came to power in 2016 the Tories have accepted £800,000+ in donations from Russian oligarchs and Putin cronies, and the Tories have repeatedly obstructed Jeremy Corbyn’s efforts to clamp down on all the Russian dark money flowing into the City of London, yet it’s not Theresa May portrayed as a Putin stooge on the BBC, it’s Jeremy Corbyn … And what’s even worse is that they actually expect people to be gullible enough to swallow their Orwellian claims that using this photoshopped image as their background was completely “fair and impartial”!

This isn’t even the first time the BBC has been caught photoshopping images of Jeremy Corbyn to make him look bad. In the run up to the 2017 General Election they photoshopped him into a picture with Osama Bin Laden, and after the Trump election they photoshopped a Trump “Make America Great Again” baseball cap onto his head.

Each time they create anti-Corbyn photoshop propaganda like this they generate more complaints and controversy, but they keep on doing it, and then keep on completely absolving themselves of blame like petulant children. 

The more people complain about their transparent bias that we’re all being made to subsidise through our TV licences, the more biased propaganda they feel inclined to put out, and the more Orwellian the excuses they come up with to defend the petulant contrarianism of their producers.

If they’d even vaguely admitted that the background was poorly considered and politically biased, or that there was a significant discrepancy between their treatment of the Tory defence secretary and Jeremy Corbyn, then we could perhaps believe that they intend to learn from their mistakes and recommit themselves to political impartiality.

But given their whitewash the conclusions are obvious. If a state funded and supposedly impartial broadcaster can look at such a transparently biased editorial decision and conclude that they did absolutely nothing wrong, that’s an open declaration that they see no problem with the dissemination of blatant anti-Corbyn propaganda.

Furthermore it’s clearly an open invitation to BBC politics producers to continue disseminating anti-Corbyn propaganda, safe in the knowledge that no matter how obviously biased it is, any BBC investigation will be another total whitewash. 

This whitewash is an open declaration that the BBC intends to continue disseminating anti-Corbyn propaganda, and they have absolutely no intention of admitting that this is what they’ve been doing, or that it is wrong.

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we’ve now reached the point where it’s being n…

we’ve now reached the point where it’s being normalised to discuss the removal of a democratically elected leftist leader like jeremy corbyn because he supports policies such as protecting the nhs, ending the suffering of poor and disabled people at the hands of the conservatives, and getting corporations to actually pay their taxes.

democracy is what’s under threat right now.

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Lucy Masoud, who worked on the recovery operat…

Lucy Masoud, who worked on the recovery operation after the June 14
tragedy, blamed the blaze on the Tory Government’s austerity measures and a
contempt for social housing tenants. Masoud told a packed room at Friends House in central London:

“Had that building not been a social housing building, we know there wouldn’t have been so many failures. Why did Grenfell have flammable cladding and no sprinklers and only
one dry-riser? Because it was social housing and the decision makers
don’t care about the social housing tenants.”

She added: “The minute rich people in Kensington and Chelsea decided
they no longer wanted to look at an ugly building, those tenants’ fates
were sealed. That building as it stands there today in west London is a symbol of this country’s failures.
It’s a symbol of how this country treats its social housing tenants
and I think every politician, every MP should be dragged from the House
of Commons to look at that building and made to see and understand that
the decisions they made have led to what took place on June 14.”

Melanie Phillips claims: “There [is] no equiva…

Melanie Phillips claims: “There [is] no equivalence between anti-Semitism and
Islamophobia. The former was a deranged demonisation of a people; the
latter was used to shut down debate.”The idea that Islamophobia is an entirely made-up concept specifically
designed to “silence legitimate criticism” misses the very real effects
of Islamophobia worldwide. In London there were 1,678 anti-Muslim hate
crimes committed in 2017, up 40 per cent from the year before. In March 2018, letters were sent
out in some cities announcing “Punish a Muslim” day. Sadiq Khan,
London’s mayor, has received an extraordinary and deplorable number of death threats for his Muslim faith.

While anti-Semitism is deeply pervasive, it is not the only type of
bigotry that exists. It is obviously possible to make a legitimate
critique of Islamist extremism or the behaviour of some Islamist or
Muslim-majority nations without resorting to Islamophobia. Similarly, it
is obviously possible to make a legitimate critique of the behaviour of
the state of Israel without resorting to anti-Semitism or anti-Semitic

Obviously, anti-Semitism is pernicious and still extant across many
communities, and some of its perpetrators are Muslims, just as many
perpetrators of Islamophobia, or misogyny or other types of racism are
Christians or Jews. [x]