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Why is a supposedly pro-Labour Twitter group sharing George Osborne’s anti-Labour propaganda?

The #FBPE hashtag on Twitter started off as a pro-EU movement on the continent, but it’s clearly morphed into a radical anti-Corbyn, anti-Labour rallying cry in the UK.

People who use the #FBPE hashtag repeatedly claim to be opposing Brexit, but a scroll through the latest #FBPE hashtags at any time usually reveals hardly any Tweets criticising Theresa May, but dozens of comments attacking Jeremy Corbyn and Labour, despite the fact that Labour actually voted against Theresa May’s hard-right and profoundly anti-democratic EU Withdrawal Bill.

Why would anyone who opposes Brexit spend more time attacking the party in opposition that is at least trying to moderate the shambolic hard-right Brexit that Theresa May is pushing, rather than criticising the Tories who are actually in power and pushing this extremist interpretation of the Brexit vote?

There seem to be three main camps within the anti-Corbyn #FBPE campaign.

  • The most obvious are the ever-cynical Lib-Dems, who see creating divisions within Labour as their best chance of scratching together a few extra votes in the vain hope that people will have forgotten how their wilful collusion with ruinous Tory austerity dogma and their unprecedented wage repression policies created the wave of public anger that made Brexit possible in the first place.
  • Possibly the largest component of the anti-Corbyn #FBPE mob are the politically clueless. They’re not blaming the opposition rather than the government and spreading blatant lies about Labour on purpose. They’re just genuinely clueless people who are shockingly naive about the reality of the situation. They simply don’t care that Labour voted against the Tories’ anti-democratic EU Withdrawal Bill, and they simply don’t care that the “sore loser” cancel Brexit position they want Labour to adopt would render Labour totally unelectable (like the Lib-Dems at the 2017 General Election) and actually end up being a massive gift to the Tory Brextremists who are the ones who are actually imposing Brexit!

In this article I’m going to look at one extraordinary Tweet from a group calling itself Labour Against Brexit to illustrate the shockingly naivety that abounds in this third #FBPE demographic of politically clueless people.

The first thing to note about this extraordinary Tweet is that it legitimises hard-right Tory austerity dogma by presenting it as an unavoidable consequence of any post-Brexit economic crisis.

It doesn’t matter a jot to these people that Tory austerity dogma has spectacularly failed over the last eight years, they just see the threat of more of it as convenient propaganda to fear-monger with.

The reality of the situation is that the pre-Corbyn incarnation of Labour made Brexit possible in 2015 with their strategically inept failure to oppose ruinous Tory austerity dogma head on.

Had Labour harnessed the public anger at the disastrous consequences of Tory austerity dogma and their unprecedented campaign of wage repression, they could have won the 2015 General Election. But instead they squandered it with their austerity-lite strategy, and thus allowed UKIP and the hard-right fringe of the Tory party to co-opt the public anger at the consequences of hard-right economics by blaming the consequences of Tory right-wing extremism on immigrants and the EU instead.

Despite losing an easily winnable election as a consequence of the woeful austerity-lite strategy devised by the likes of Ed Balls and Chris Leslie, and allowing the hard-right to co-opt public anger against austerity in order to drive the Brexit vote, it’s clear that there are many within the Labour Party who still actually believe in austerity dogma!

Another thing to note about this extraordinary Tweet is the source material. The current editor of the Evening Standard is George Osborne, the former Tory Chancellor who was the man responsible for the implementation of austerity dogma for six ruinous years!

So here you have a man who was clearly and undeniably responsible for six years of economically devastating hard-right austerity dogma, who is now using his propaganda rag to pin the blame for future Tory austerity onto Labour!

This is the man who tried to dress austerity dogma up as a good thing for six ruinous years now using his propaganda rag to attack Labour by trying to hold them responsible for Tory Brexit, the Tory post-Brexit meltdown, and any future Tory decision to use this meltdown as an excuse to impose even more of his ruinous hard-right austerity dogma!

And them when you look at who the author of the piece is, it’s none other than Chris Leslie, one of the clueless Labour right-wingers in the 2015 Labour shadow cabinet who gave George Osborne such an easy ride by meekly imitating his hard-right austerity dogma, rather than confronting it head on.

After chucking the 2015 General Election with their inept austerity-lite strategy Chris Leslie and his ilk should have resigned in shame, but instead here he is scrawling anti-Labour pro-austerity propaganda in George Osborne’s propaganda rag for the Tories to use as a hard-right wedge strategy to attack the current Labour leadership with!

The worst thing isn’t that pro-austerity right-wingers are colluding to use such a ridiculously cynical piece of concern trolling to attack the current anti-austerity Labour leadership (such dishonest and manipulative propaganda is bread and butter to the Tories and the ever duplicitous Labour right), it’s that this brazen propaganda has actually been picked up and recycled by a supposedly pro-Labour group!

The Evening Standard article is clearly hard-right concern trolling, because the editor who commissioned it is Mr Austerity Dogma himself, and the author is one of the hard-right pro-austerity Berserkers still embedded within the Labour Party.

Yet the shockingly clueless people behind the Labour Against Brexit page have uncritically lapped it up and Tweeted it out to their followers as if it’s a genuine critique of Labour’s Brexit stance, rather than a deliberate right-wing wedge strategy designed to split the Labour Party, present ideological austerity as an unquestionable response to economic crises, and allow the Tories to carry on ruling in the interests of their mega-rich donors with as little opposition as possible.

It would obviously not be Labour’s fault if the Tory Brextremists get their way and trigger an economic meltdown with their extremist version of Brexit, then the Tory government uses this self-made crisis as an excuse to impose even more destructive hard-right austerity dogma on the British economy.

However it is increasingly difficult to see how Labour could ever govern efficiently when the party is infested by people who are ideologically wedded to the hard-right theory that more austerity dogma is the only conceivable response to an economic crisis, and so gullible that they can’t even spot right-wing divide and conquer concern trolling tactics, even when it’s been published in a newspaper edited by the former Tory Chancellor of the Exchequer!

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Now we know why the Tories were so keen to hide their regional Brexit impact studies

The regional Brexit impact assessment figures that the Tory government were trying to hide have been leaked, and they spell disaster, especially for the North East, North West, West Midlands, and Northern Ireland.

The Brexit assessment looked at the regional impact of three different Brexit scenarios, a Single Market Brexit, a free trade deal, and a “no deal” reversion to World Trade Organisation rules.

In every single region it turns out that “no deal” is by far the most damaging option, ranging from a 3.5% fall in the London economy to an astounding 16% collapse in the North East.

The analysis suggests that aside from London and the South West, a “no deal” Brexit would trigger a financial collapse that is worse than the recession that followed the bankers’ insolvency crisis.

The terrifying thing is that as a result of ruinous Tory austerity dogma and their unprecedented campaign of wage repression the UK still hasn’t recovered from the last recession, yet the Brextremist faction of the Tory party are pushing for a “no deal” Brexit which would hit us with another, even worse recession.

The second worst scenario is a free trade deal Brexit, which would still see significant economic contraction across every single region.

The least bad option is the Single Market option which would cause a slump of between 1% in London, to 3% in the North East.

It’s important to recognise that the least bad Single Market scenario is off the table as long as Theresa May and the Tories are running the negotiations for their own purposes, because they have continually ruled it out.

Whether Jeremy Corbyn and Labour could be convinced to adopt a pro-Single Market/Customs Union stance remains to be seen.* 

One of the standout things about the analysis is the way London is projected to suffer the least under every Brexit scenario, yet London voted heavily in favour of Remain, whilst some of the strongest Leave-voting areas like the North East look set to suffer the most extreme economic downturns from the Brexit they voted for.

This contrast certainly adds some more statistical weight to the Turkeys voting for Christmas narrative.

However it’s not all totally clear-cut, because Wales and Scotland look set to suffer very similar levels of economic damage as a result of Brexit, despite Wales voting in favour of Brexit and Scotland voting very heavily against it.

Anyhow, the reason the Tories wanted to keep this analysis secret is beyond obvious. There’s no way they can pretend that there’s any economic benefit to Brexit now that their own evidence says that it would cause an economic downturn/recession in every single part of the UK.

Another reason they must have been desperate to keep this research under wraps is that it completely destroys their endlessly repeated propaganda trope that “no deal is better than a bad deal”.

Their own evidence demonstrates beyond doubt that “no deal” is the worst possible deal, so they’ll surely have to bin that appalling nonsense for good after this.

It’s important to recognise that anyone still pushing for Brexit under these circumstances is aiming to inflict damage on the UK economy, so the onus is on them to clearly explain what it is that is so damned important that they consider it worth triggering a recession for …

And no, blue passports (that we could have had anyway without quitting the EU) just won’t cut it.

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* = If I were to give advice on how to achieve such a change of approach I’d suggest that politely pointing to the facts and evidence to request a change of Labour Party policy in order to “protect jobs and the economy” is more likely to succeed than a relentless barrage of #FBPE abuse, revisionism, misrepresentations, and lies from Lib-Dems, Tory concern trolls, and the very same people who were shrieking anti-Corbyn nonsense during the spectacularly failed chicken coup of 2016

It’s time for the Labour Party right-wingers to pick a side

In recent years the right-wing faction of the Labour Party have had an extraordinary track record of incompetence, but their misdirected criticisms, their furious berserker attacks on their own party, and their unfathomable willingness to mindlessly regurgitate hard-right propaganda tropes are in danger of ushering in something far worse than Theresa May’s directionless and shambolic incarnation of the Tory party.

The track record of incompetence

We’re all familiar with the way Labour’s chance to walk the 2015 General Election was totally squandered when the Labour right insisted on meekly imitating ruinous Tory austerity dogma instead of actively confronting it and relentlessly criticising Tory austerity dogma as the economic vandalism that it undoubtedly is.

We saw them lose 40 of the 41 Scottish seats in 2015 and then we saw them conclude that the answer to this unprecedented electoral wipe-out was to replace their hopeless right-wing leader Jim Murphy with yet another Labour Party right-winger, the hapless Kezia Dugdale!

Then we saw the right-wing Labour leadership candidates get completely trounced by a 200-1 outsider candidate with a core principle that Labour should actually oppose the Tories instead of meekly imitating them.

Then we saw the spectacularly failed Anyone But Corbyn coup, which only ended up in Corbyn strengthening his mandate to lead the party, and creating a second huge surge of enthusiastic pro-Corbyn people joining the Labour Party.

The damage they’ve done to the Labour Party is only rivalled by the way they’ve marginalised themselves within the party and completely trashed their own reputations.

The right-wing Progress “party within a party” was once the most powerful and formidable Labour faction by far, with Progress-backed MPs ruling the roost for over two decades, but now they’re an absolute joke of an outfit who are clearly far more intent on their internal wrecking campaigns than actually presenting an alternative view of what Labour should be doing other than the centre-left democratic socialism that Jeremy Corbyn and the overwhelming majority of the membership want.


The mainstream media have been desperately trying to create the fiction that the leader of Haringey Council Claire Kober has resigned because of bullying by the left-wing of the party, and the Labour right are loving it, retweeting her lurid accusations and highly damaging berserker attacks on the Labour Party. It’s as if they imagine that helping her wreck the Labour Party in Haringey is some kind of master-strategy, rather than the next bout of self-defeating flailing by people who are incoherent with rage that they’re still not getting their own way.

What the mainstream media have almost ubiquitously failed to explain is that Claire Kober had made her position as Haringey Council leader totally untenable by relentlessly pushing a hugely unpopular £2 billion privatisation/social cleansing scheme called the Haringey Development Vehicle (HDV), and that she was accused of using “wrecking ball tactics” and running Haringey council “like her own personal fifedom” by a resigning Labour councillor just weeks ago.

Aside from the Labour NEC and both of the local MPs urging Kober to stop the HDV privatisation scheme, she was also caught creating a secret dossier on six Labour council candidates in an attempt to have them purged as council candidates for the party.

So there’s strong grounds for arguing that the woman who is loudly and relentlessly crying victim is actually the bully who won’t listen to reason, and the ones being smeared as bullies are generally just local people and ordinary Labour Party members who didn’t like her autocratic rule, and didn’t want her £2 billion privatisation/social cleansing scheme to go ahead.


The mainstream media and the Labour Party right have made so much noise about Haringey you could be forgiven for having missed the fact that the Tory run Northamptonshire Council has completely run out of money and is effectively bankrupt.

The Tories there have banned all new spending and they’re actually looking to sell off the £53 million council offices they just built, just to cover their own running costs!

This local government meltdown should be a national scandal, but instead of a concerted effort to draw attention to this Tory financial catastrophe, the Labour right are intent on keeping Haringey and Claire Kober’s berserker attack on her own party in the headlines as much as possible!

Political intimidation

Last week an extreme-right terrorist admitted in court that he’d plotted to assassinate the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, and the Labour Mayor of London Sadiq Khan. A couple of days after admitting this assassination plot he was found guilty of carrying out the Finsbury Park extreme-right terrorist attack.

Hardly anyone on the Labour right took the time to condemn this outrageous plot to murder Corbyn and Khan, or to point out the link between the hateful rhetoric of the right-wing press and hate-mongering Tory MPs like Nadine Dorries, and the rise in extremist political intimidation.

They could easily have pointed to the massive waves of abuse and death threats the Brextremist blue-kip mob hurl at any Tory MP who dares question Theresa May’s fanatically right-wing and staggeringly anti-democratic interpretation of Brexit. to create a very strong warning about the violent extremism of the far-right.
But no, they decided to bite their tongues and reserve their furious condemnation for a few days later when half a dozen or so anarchists protested noisily at a Jacob Rees-Mogg speech (even though the instigator of the violence at the event was clearly the white-shirted Rees-Mogg supporter who smacked a woman in the face).

It’s beyond belief that Labour right-wingers who remained silent over a plot to actually kill the Labour Party leader all suddenly began pushing the Guido Fawkes outrage narrative that noisy but non-violent protest is now completely unacceptable, and that the left in general are somehow to blame for the violence instigated by the Rees-Mogg supporting thug who saw fit to smack a young woman in the face.

The danger

There’s no doubt that there are many on the Labour right who would rather wreck the Labour Party and leave the Tories in power perpetually than see Jeremy Corbyn lead the party to victory.

Don’t just take my word for it that they feel this way – take Tony Blair at his word. He’s the one who wanted to be “absolutely clear” that he’d rather see the Tories win than a Labour Party led by a genuine democratic socialist.

The problem with this internal wrecking strategy is obvious: Theresa May is already dancing to the tune of the hard-right Brextremists, and it’s only a matter of time before these fanatics pull the plug on her and attempt to install their leader Jacob Rees-Mogg as Prime Minister.

Rees-Mogg is supported by the lunatic right-wing fringe of the Tory party (who use taxpayers’ cash to subsidise their secretive Brextremist ERG faction), the death threat hurling blue-kip mob, former Ukippers like Arron Banks and Nigel Farage (who now see an extreme-right Rees-Mogg takeover of the Tory party as a much easier prospect than breathing life back into the corpse of UKIP), the alt-right (who see Rees-Mogg as the British version of Trump), and even the Britain First hate mob who inspired the terrorist who plotted to kill Corbyn and the terrorist who succeeded in killing Jo Cox, and now see themselves as Rees-Mogg’s Sturmabteilung thugs.

If the Labour right continue their utterly misguided thrashing around, then they’re likely to hand power directly to Rees-Mogg and the extreme-right fanatics who adore him.

Instead of championing Clair Kober and her berserker attack on her own party because she’s not going to get her own way on her massive privatisation scheme, they should be focusing attention on the catastrophic Tory economic meltdown in Northamptonshire.

And instead of mindlessly repeating hard-right Guido Fawkes tropes about how non-violently protesting against Jacob Rees-Mogg is supposedly shockingly unacceptable, they should be focusing their criticism on the extreme-right Brextremists who repeatedly send waves of death threats at the behest of Paul Dacre and the hard-right Daily Mail propaganda rag, glorify extreme-right terrorism, plot to raise a slush fund to incite more extreme-right terrorist attacks, plot to kill Labour politicians, and support Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Their motivation

It’s difficult to know whether these Labour right-wingers mindlessly regurgitate Guido Fawkes propaganda tropes, continually attack their own party, and routinely ignore the catastrophic failings of the Tories because they’re terminally stupid, or whether this behaviour is motivated by such a deep ideological hatred of democratic socialism that they’d rather help Jacob Rees-Mogg and his hard-right Brextremists into power than allow the Labour Party that they once controlled with an iron fist revert back to centre-left democratic socialism.

Their choice

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the only choice the Labour right are left with is between Jeremy Corbyn and a genuine democratic socialist pushback against four decades of neoliberal dogma, or the wanton destruction of Jacob Rees-Mogg and his coalition of the most fanatical hard-right Brextremists.

Astoundingly, their continued internal wrecking suggests that a significant section of the Labour right are intent on backing Rees-Mogg and the dangerous fanaticism of the extreme-right!

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The Blairite Berserkers

Jeremy Corbyn is the twice-elected leader of the Labour Party, and Prime Minister in-waiting after securing the biggest increase in the Labour vote since 1945.

This return to genuine democratic socialism within the Labour Party would have seemed like an impossible fantasy just a few years ago when they were completely dominated by the right-wing element of the party and the neoliberal ‘party within a party’ Progress faction.

Labour’s transformation back into a centre-left party has been one of the extraordinary political developments of the early 21st Century, and it’s no surprise at all that this transformation has attracted hundreds of thousands of new members, and millions of new voters.

Obviously members of the centre-right neoliberal faction are absolutely incandescent with rage as the vice-like grip on the party that they maintained for well over two decades has been broken, and now they’ve realised that they’ve lost control, they’re regularly going completely berserk in order to do as much internal wrecking as the can before they leave the Labour Party.

Tom Blenkinsop

One of the most high profile of these destructive Berserkers was the MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, Tom Blenkinsop.

Blenkinsop bitterly opposed Jeremy Corbyn and sent streams of Twitter abuse at anyone who opposed his deliberate wrecking tactics. He quit as an MP at the 2017 General Election, but he’d already done so much damage in his constituency that his successor couldn’t hold the seat, meaning a Tory win in a seat that Labour had held since it’s establishment in 1997.

Blenkinsop didn’t just take his ball home because he was losing at football, he stabbed the ball (that wasn’t even his) and then spread shards of broken glass all over the pitch to make sure nobody else could play.

Michael Foster

Another notable Berserker was the major Labour Party donor Michael Foster who decided to launch an extraordinary cry-bully rant in the fanatically right-wing Daily Mail propaganda rag in which he bullied and abused Jeremy Corbyn supporters as “Nazi stormtroopers” before crying that he’s the victim of abuse!

Foster was eventually thrown out of the Labour Party for this abusive rant, but his Berserking didn’t stop there, he actually decided to stand against Jeremy Corbyn in the 2017 General Election but his attempt to damage the Labour Party resulted in a huge humiliation as Corbyn romped to victory in Islington North with over 40,000 votes to Foster’s 208.

The Haringey Berserkers

A new Berserker attack is going on in the London Borough of Haringey, where the Labour right still held control of the council. The Labour Council leaders there were so right-wing that they devised an enormous and highly controversial £2 billion privatisation plan called the Haringey Development Vehicle (HDV).

The HDV privatisation plan is vehemently opposed by both Labour MPs in the area, a significant swathe of the local population, and numerous Labour councillors on either side of the Corbyn divide, who consider it a monstrous concoction of corporate profiteering, autocratic rule, and social cleansing.

After a string of setbacks over the HDV the Labour Council leader Claire Kober realised the game is up and her vast privatisation scam is going to be binned, so she decided to announce her resignation in the most damaging manner possible for the Labour Party, smearing the widespread public resistance to the HDV as some kind of sinister and sexist Corbynite plot against her personally.

These allegations were like manna from heaven to the mainstream media and the BBC Politics team, who have presented numerous extraordinarily one-sided accounts of the chaos in Haringey, often completely failing to mention the massive HDV privatisation plot in their haste to attack Momentum and the Labour left.

Kober’s Berserker attack also been a massive gift to the Tory party, with Tory MPs gleefully retweeting her attacks on the Labour Party in order to score as many political points as possible for themselves.

Very few mainstream media accounts bothered to give the other side of the story, that Kober’s downfall was the result of massive local opposition to the HDV, and the fact that over two dozen women signed a letter saying that vocal opposition to an unpopular policy which is being implemented in a paternalistic way without proper consultation is not bullying or sexism, it is democracyhas not been mentioned at all.

Kober is so furious that she’s not going to get her own way on the controversial HDV privatisation that she’s intent on doing as much wrecking as possible. If she can’t rule over Haringey like an unaccountable tyrant then she’s going to damage the Labour Party as much as she possibly can in revenge. 

Nora Mulready is another pro-HDV right-winger to quit the party with as much noise as possible, even writing a prolonged anti-Labour diatribe in the hard-right Daily Mail propaganda rag in an effort to inflict as much damage as she possibly can.

What Mulready “forgot” to mention in her furious Daily Mail article is that on the day after she resigned and went berserk she was due to face a disciplinary panel over complaints made about her behaviour back in the summer of 2016 (such a coincidence eh?).

Would someone who is as innocent as Mulready claims to be really decide to resign one day before their disciplinary hearing so that it doesn’t go ahead, or would they stay and fight to clear their name?

Imagine being such a misleading person that you’d write a massive screed for the Daily Mail crying about the supposedly abusive behaviour of your rivals, without even mentioning that you’re quitting one day before you face a disciplinary procedure of your own!

The Blair cult

Just as the ancient Norse Berserker warriors were devoted to the bear cult, these modern day Labour Party Berserkers are devoted to the Blair cult.

From the spectacularly failed Anyone But Corbyn coup plot, through the torrents of abuse lobbed around by cry-bully Blairite Berserkers like Tom Blenkinsop and Michael Foster, to the damaging antics of the Haringey wreckers, these Blair cultists are clearly very much more wedded to their right-wing ideologies than they are to the Labour movement.

Sadly it’s beyond doubt that ever more Labour right-wingers are going to go Berserk and deliberately inflict as much damage as the can on the the Labour Party and the labour movement because they can’t have everything their own way any more.

The Blairite Berserkers behave in this extraordinary manner because they’d clearly rather have the Tories running the country than a Labour Party that is being run on genuine democratic socialist principles.

Don’t just take my word for it that they feel this way, take their idol Tony Blair at his own word (see picture).

The Labour right

Many on the right of the Labour Party will stay and try to work constructively to promote their own view of the direction the Labour Party should take, and they have every right to of course, because the Labour Party has always been a broad church.

Just as left-wingers like Corbyn, Skinner, McDonnell and Abbott stayed within the party when it was under the complete control of Blair and the right-wing Progress faction, right-wingers can stay now that they find themselves as the fringe element as the party is led genuine democratic socialists.

But there’s a huge difference between staying and trying to constructively promote your own view of the direction Labour Party should take, and actively supporting these highly destructive Berserker attacks.

Not only are these Berserker attacks damaging the Labour Party and materially assisting the Tories, they’re also tarnishing the already battered reputation of the Labour right by association.

If Labour right-wingers ever want to be taken seriously again, they need to sort their acts out sharpish and actively disassociate themselves from the appalling antics of these Berserkers, rather than siding with them and actually retweeting their outrageously misleading Daily Mail hatchet jobs.

The more the right-wing of the party actually associate themselves with these Berserker attacks, the more they create the impression that they too actually hate the Labour movement, and only ever joined the Labour Party because they considered it a convenient vehicle for their right-wing political agendas.

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Beware of shady hard-right pro-privatisation extremists posing as reliable experts

On January 21st 2018 the Sunday Times ran a scaremongering story claiming that Jeremy Corbyn’s renationalisation plans would be a “£176 billion gamble”.

On further investigation the Centre for Policy Studies report that this “£176 billion gamble” headline is derived from was written by a former adviser to the Tory MP Amber Rudd and the unelected Tory lord Nigel Lawson called Daniel Mahoney

The Sunday Times conveniently forget to mention that the author of the report they’ve churnalised into an anti-Corbyn hatchet job is an outright Tory!

Aside from uncritical appraisals of his “report” in numerous right-wing newspapers, Mahoney was also invited onto the BBC to opine about why the Carillion collapse isn’t a demonstration of the failure of the hard-right privatisation and outsourcing agenda, without them even bothering to explain that he’s a Tory. Neither did they identify his Tory party links when they quoted his objections to Labour’s plan to bring hospital cleaning services back into public hands.

Then there’s the fact that the Sunday Times article tried to dress the Centre For Policy Studies up as some kind of neutral and impartial “think tank” when in fact they’re undeniably a shady hard-right pressure group that is completely riddled with Tory politicians and Tory party donors (see image).

Far from being the kind of organisation to be quoted extensively by the BBC and the mainstream press as if they’re a reliable and impartial research organisation, this is a hard-right pressure group that reads like a who’s who of the pro-privatisation lobby.

The 16 person board of directors includes eleven out-and-out Tories. The other five include a fanatically right-wing academic, the chairman of HSBC bank, the editor of the hard-right Spectator magazine, the wife of the Daily Mail owner, and the chairman of the Times Newspaper Group.

It’s interesting that the Sunday Times omitted the fact that the Centre for Policy Studies is a hard-right pro-Tory, pro-privatisation pressure group. Given that their chairman is actually a member of it, it’s hardly likely that they didn’t know exactly what it was when they decided to churnalise it’s “report” into headlines.

Aside from being absolutely riddled with out-and-out Tories and representatives of the right-wing press, the Centre For Policy Studies has also been given the lowest possible ranking for opacity by Who Funds You? because they release no information whatever about where any of their donations come from.

So the next time you see a newspaper citing the Centre for Political Studies, remember that they’re an incredibly shady hard-right pro-privatisation propaganda unit staffed almost entirely by Tories and people with links to the hard-right press.

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Credit to The London Economic for exposing the people behind this shady hard-right “think tank” before I did. Check them out and give them a follow (Website / Facebook / Twitter)

The Tory EU Withdrawal bill is such a shambolic power grab Labour had to vote against it

Last night 243 Labour MPs voted against the Tory government’s Brexit bill.

The Tories tried to make as much capital out of this vote as possible by whipping up their Brextremist followers into a rage with outright lies that Labour were “blocking the delivery of a smooth Brexit”, which are a tad difficult to accept at face value given that the Tories and their bigoted DUP backers actually won the vote!

In reality the Labour Party (and other opposition parties) tried to do everything in their power to amend the Tories’ basket case European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, and when virtually all of these amendments were defeated by the Tories and the DUP extremists they bribed into supporting them, Labour had no choice but to vote against this cynical and shambolic power grab the Tories have cobbled together under the guise of leaving the EU.

It’s vital to understand that Labour and the opposition parties tried really hard to improve the EU Withdrawal bill, but the Tories and the DUP fanatics simply scrapped all the changes.

Here are just a few of the amendments that the Tories refused to make to their shambolic legislation:

  • Labour tried to ensure that no EU derived consumer protections, environmental standards, and workers’ rights are scrapped during the process of quitting the EU. The Tories scrapped that amendment.
  • The SNP and other opposition parties tried to ensure that the Tories couldn’t use the extensive law-rewriting powers they were giving themselves to revoke powers from the devolved parliaments (Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland). The Tories scrapped that amendment.
  • Labour tried to stop the Tories from using the EU Withdrawal Bill to reserve all repatriated powers directly to Westminster, rather than to the devolved parliaments.  The Tories scrapped that amendment.
  • Labour tried to ensure that the Tory government carry out economic impact assessments on whatever Brexit scenario they decide on (a Brexit agreement or a “no deal” flounce) before parliament votes on whether to go ahead with it. The Tories scrapped that amendment.
In light of this just ask yourself why the Tories scrapped all these amendments to protect human rights, environmental laws, consumer protections, animal rights, the integrity of the devolved parliaments, and to ensure the government carries out economic impact assessments before they plough ahead with whatever they decide to do?

If they have no intention of using Brexit as a Trojan horse to attack all of these rights, protections, and laws – then why did they scrap the amendments that would have prevented them from doing so?

If they have no intention of using Brexit as an excuse to attack and undermine the powers of the devolved parliaments in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland – then why did they scrap the amendments that would have prevented them from doing so?

And if they have no intention of ploughing ahead with a shambolic “let’s make it up as we go along” hard-right Brexit – then why did they scrap the amendments that would have made them at least conduct economic impact assessments on the final Brexit situation they decide on before moving to enact it?

Labour and the other opposition parties tried to co-operate and improve the Tory Brexit legislation, but the Tories and the DUP lackeys they bribed into supporting them just trashed all the amendments.

This Tory intransigence left Labour with no choice but to vote against the shambolic legislative mess the Tories have put forward.

When historians look back at this time, nobody will blame Labour for at least trying to amend the Tory Brexit legislation to make it fit for purpose.

However now that the Tories have demonstrated their intention to use Brexit as an excuse to attack our rights, scrap our consumer protections, erode our environmental laws, undermine our devolved parliaments, and do so in a reckless make it up as we go along manner with no economic impact assessments to justify their actions, nobody (aside from the ‘we want Brexit at any cost’ extremists) could possibly argue that Labour were wrong to vote against the EU Withdrawal Bill.

The next stage for the EU Withdrawal Bill will be the unelected House of Lords, which will make an interesting spectacle as a bunch of unelected peers attempt to amend this absolute shambles of a Tory power grab to make the bill itself more democratic, and the Tory govenrment more accountable for their actions.

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If you hate socialism, then you hate the NHS

Millions of people in Britain have allowed themselves to be conditioned into hating the concept of socialism by the toxic influence of the hard-right billionaire propaganda merchants.

The way they do this is by steadfastly ignoring the reality of what socialism actually means, and continually offering absurd caricature definitions of socialism like “spending other people’s money” or “jealousy at other people’s success” instead.

In reality socialism is about making sure public infrastructure and services (like schools, hospitals, public transport, the police and judicial system, libraries, roads, and energy infrastructure) are run for the public good, and kept out of the hands of private profiteers.

It’s all about getting people to hate a ridiculous caricature of socialism, rather than explaining the political situation using accurate definitions.

The polling data shows that a clear majority of British people who express an opinion either way strongly support the fundamental socialist principle of public ownership when it comes to police services (96%), schools (93%), the NHS (89%), the Royal Mail (76%), the railways (71%), the water companies (70%), and the energy companies (63%). [source for statistics]

Given that the socialist policy of public ownership is so overwhelmingly popular with the British public, it seems incredible that so many British people have allowed themselves to be conditioned into hating “socialism” so much that they go out and vote for a radically right-wing political party that is hellbent on ignoring public opinion, scrapping public ownership, and continually transferring the operation of our police services, schools, NHS facilities, and Royal Mail into the hands of private sector profiteers.

Around nine in ten people support the socialist policy of running the NHS as a not-for-profit public service, so mainstream media propagandists have to use all kinds of deceptions to confuse people into hating “socialism”.

One of the most important tricks they use to get people spewing bile like a pack of slavering Pavlov’s dogs at the mere mention of “socialism” is to completely whitewash the positive aspects of socialist policy.

The political right hate the NHS with an undying passion because the concept of prioritising health care on the basis of need, rather than the ability to pay for it, is a fantastic demonstration of socialism in action.

Right-wingers are smart enough to realise that the British public love the concept of universal health care, so instead of attacking the NHS directly, they undermine it on the sly whilst pretending that they actually love it.

You’ll never hear a Tory admit that the NHS has been a shining example of socialism in action ever since it was founded by the Labour Party in 1948. Neither will you see right-wing columnists and political commentators admit that the NHS that they pretend to support is actually an unmistakably socialist endeavour.

This refusal to define the NHS as an example of socialism in action is deception by omission.

Right-wingers want people to immediately think of stuff like bread queues in communist Russia or their ridiculous caricatures of socialism as “spending other people’s money” whenever the subject of socialism comes up. 

They definitely don’t want people thinking about the fantastic hard-working NHS staff who have helped them and/or their family members through accidents, illnesses, and/or child birth.

However it’s vital to understand that even though the political right are unwilling to describe the NHS as the socialist enterprise that it is for fear of demonstrating that almost everyone in Britain has been a beneficiary of socialism in action at some point in their lives, they hate it with an unbridled ideological passion.

These elitist right-wing ideologues don’t want to identify the NHS with socialism for fear of giving the “lower orders” the idea that socialism is actually a good idea. So they just quietly work to wreck it through massive funding cuts, service closures, deliberately manufactured staff shortages, and an ever accelerating privatisation agenda.

Then when their wrecking agenda comes to fruition, and the NHS is reduced to a hollowed out and under-funded wreck that is incapable of dealing with public demand, they’ll suddenly reverse their embargo on describing the NHS as socialism, because once it’s been reduced to ruins by the right-wingers who always hated it, they can use the wreckage they’ve created to support their deceptive argument that socialism doesn’t work.

As long as the Tories and the right-wing press continue their strategy of obscuring the fact that the NHS is an example of socialism in action, we can be fairly sure that they fear that it’s somehow still working well enough to actually give socialism a good name.

But when they suddenly start spewing propaganda about how the NHS is failing because socialism doesn’t work (rather than as a result of their deliberate wrecking agenda), we’ll know that they’re on the brink of completing their project to run the NHS into the ground in order to justify their decades-long dream of privatising the remains and scrapping the “free at the point of need” principle.

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The Tories are the political extremists with unpopular attitudes and unwanted policies

Ever since Jeremy Corbyn was elected as Labour Party leader in 2015 the mainstream media have worked tirelessly to create the narrative that Corbyn and Labour are scary political extremists, while the Tories are safe and sensible political moderates.

The problem of course is that this near constant mainstream media trope is a complete reversal of reality. 

When it comes to party policy it’s Labour who promote policies with lots of public support like reversing the ongoing Tory privatisation of the NHS (84%), renationalisation of the railways (60%) and Royal Mail (65%), and public ownership of the water companies (59%). Meanwhile it’s the Tories that have been enacting radical hard-right policies with practically no public support like the mass privatisation of state schools (6%), privatisation of police services (3%), and privatisation of NHS services and facilities (10%). [source for percentages]

When it comes to other Labour policies like free university education, running the National Grid as a not for profit public service, and the establishment of a National Investment Bank, these are not radical or extreme policies at all, in fact they’re actually commonplace across the developed world.

When it comes to party policies it’s clear that Labour have some very popular ideas that are considered completely normal across the rest of the developed world, while it’s the Tories who are intent on pushing a radical and extreme political agenda that has very little public support.

Aside from the mainstream media campaign to smear the Labour leadership and Labour policies as scary and extreme, there’s also a concerted and ongoing effort to portray ordinary Labour Party members as a bunch of dangerously radical nutters with extreme ideas that are miles away from the political centre ground.

The problem of course is that this is another deliberate reality reversal by the mainstream media.

An in-depth survey of political party members by Queen Mary University and YouGov has demonstrated beyond doubt that Labour Party members largely share the same political territory as the Lib-Dems and the SNP, while it’s Tory party members who hold the radical and extreme beliefs. 

When it comes to attitudes on immigration Labour, Lib-Dem and SNP voters are clustered extremely closely together on the belief that immigration enriches British cultural life, while Tory members are the radical outliers who believe that immigration undermines Britain’s cultural life.

When it comes to representation in parliament a clear majority of all of the other party members wanted to see more parliamentary representation for women, disabled people, the working class, ethnic minorities, young people, and the LGBT community. 

Tory members were the only group where the majority don’t want to see more parliamentary representation for women, disabled people, the working class, ethnic minorities, young people, and the LGBT community. 

Presumably they don’t want increased political representation for any of these groups because they’re perfectly happy to be ruled over by an over-privileged elitist clique in which wealthy, white, able-bodied, older males are massively over-represented, and every other demographic is significantly under-represented.

When it comes to austerity dogma, Labour Party members have broadly similar views to the SNP and Lib-Dems that austerity has gone too far, while Tory party members are the fanatical extremists who still overwhelmingly support the demonstrably ruinous economic vandalism their beloved party has been inflicting on the nation for almost 8 years. Presumably they cling to their belief because to admit that it’s been a failure now would be to admit their own role in damaging British society and the British economy, so it’s easier for them to maintain their delusion than to just admit their mistake.

When it comes to a whole range of other subjects, from a second EU referendum once the actual terms of the deal are clear, through forcing school children to uncritically obey authority, to reintroduction of the death penalty, Labour members align closely with the views of SNP and Lib-Dem members, while it’s the Tory members who hold the radical and extreme positions.

Whichever way we look at the situation, it’s clear that the Tory party are actually the dangerous radicals.

Theresa May is a weak and directionless leader who threw away her majority and put herself at the mercy of some of the most extreme elements in British politics (the headbanger Tory hard-right, the ultra-nationalist blue-kip demographic who abandoned UKIP to prop up Theresa May’s Tories, the DUP who she had to bribe into supporting her government, and the fanatically right-wing propaganda merchants like Rupert Murdoch, Paul Dacre, and the Barclay Brothers).

The Tory party have spent the last seven years imposing one radically right-wing and spectacularly unpopular policy after another. From trashing our local services to lavish huge tax breaks to corporations and the mega-rich, through their systematic abuse of sick and disabled people, to spectacularly unpopular privatisation scams. They’re demonstrably a bunch of extremists with practically no regard for what the public actually want.

Then there’s the actual Tory party members. What else can we say about this bunch of regressive, xenophobic, hard-right, anti-worker, elitist, homophobic, austerity-fetishists? Is it really any wonder the Tory party is so full of horrific politicians pushing grotesque policies given the absolute state of the Tory party membership?

So next time you see the mainstream media trying to portray Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party as the scary political extremists, just remember that they’re deliberately reversing reality to confuse you, and that it’s the Tories who rely on the bunch of regressive political deviants in the Tory party membership to help push their radically right-wing and highly unpopular policies.

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Extreme-Remainers are often just as prone to delusion as the hard-right Brextremist mob

The longer this Brexit farce goes on, the more people are coming to realise that Theresa May and the hard-right fringe of the Tory party are making a total bloody mess of it.

Theresa May’s hubris cost her her parliamentary majority, and now she has no choice but to dance to the tune of the most rabid hard Brexiters. 
  • She bribed the DUP bigots £1 billion for them to support her, but they apparently get to call the shots on the Brexit process and humiliate her on the world stage by tearing up her Brexit concessions behind her back just as she was about to hand them in to the EU negotiating team. 
  • She’s desperate to please Paul Dacre, the rabidly right-wing editor of the Daily Mail, knowing that if she makes one wrong move Daily Mail hacks won’t be whipping their readers up into a hate-mob spewing death threats at Dominic Grieve, Anna Soubry, Sarah Wollaston, Brexit critiquing academics, or parliamentary sovereignty respecting judges, they’ll be coming after her.

  • And then there’s the demographic trapdoor she’s positioned herself over by appealing to the fanatically right-wing ultra-nationalist Blue-kip demographic. If they dissipate, then Labour would obviously storm to victory, so she’s got to keep them happy with plenty of extremist rhetoric. But her problem is that the majority of them are 65+ and they’re gradually dying off as the electorate is being rejuvenated at the other end with youngsters who generally abhor the disgusting hard-right bile May needs to spew in order to keep her Blue-kippers happy.

All these factors together mean that Theresa May is being dragged towards an extreme hard Brexit by the Brextremist mob, and there’s virtually nothing she can do to stop the situation deteriorating further and turning ever more people against the extreme hard-Brexit position she’s taken.

Under these circumstances it would seem sensible to just let them get on with digging themselves deeper and deeper into their fanatical and increasingly unpopular hard-Brexit hole without adopting an equally off-putting position at the opposite extreme of the debate.

Of course there are loads of Leave supporters who don’t propagandise for the hardest most destructive form of Brexit or erupt in frenzies of animalistic death threat spewing rage whenever anyone acts to defend parliamentary sovereignty from Theresa May’s anti-democratic plotting

And of course there are loads of Remainers who recognise that the EU is far from perfect, but who have massive reservations about staggering chaotically out of it in an unplanned “let’s make it up as we go along” Tory Brexit that is being administered by the incompetent dregs of the hard-right fringe of the Tory party.

In my view the majority of British people actually fall into this middle ground of relative Brexit moderation, however the minority of highly vocal Brextremists are matched by another minority of extreme-Remainers who are often just as prone to delusional thinking as their polar opposites.

Take AC Grayling as an example. I don’t have a problem with the guy banging on all the time about how bad Brexit is. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, and to be fair to him, the toxic brew of incompetence, malice, secrecy and anti-democratic Brexit scheming from the Tories makes a lot of what he’s saying about Brexit being a terrible idea ring dead true.

What winds me up about him is the absurd delusion that Labour would be doing so much better if they had a leader who opposes Brexit as vehemently has be does. 

Grayling’s latest absurd expression of this view is his claim that Labour would be on 65% in the polls with an alternative anti-Brexit leader.

If only Labour had a leader to tell half the voting public they’re idiots who need to be ignored, then they’d become more popular than even Margaret Thatcher or Tony Blair were at the absolute peaks of their popularity! 

What Grayling and his ilk ignore is that Jeremy Corbyn pulled off a political miracle at the 2017 General Election by inspiring the biggest increase in the Labour vote since 1945. Corbyn did this by doing two things that were considered politically impossible; bringing out the youth vote and engaging millions of previously disillusioned non-voters, which increased the Labour vote by 3.5 million.

It’s only by creating this massive upsurge in Labour support that Corbyn managed to do the seemingly impossible and prevent the combined Tory+UKIP vote from winning a massive majority with which they would have enforced pretty much the worst kind of hard-right autocratic Brexit imaginable with nobody to moderate their most terrifying extremes.

Would a Blair type figure pushing a “sore loser” campaign have achieved such a huge reversal of the long-term Labour decline?

I strongly doubt it given that the Lib-Dems actually ran a “sore loser” campaign in 2017 and somehow managed to slightly reduce their vote share from what most politically engaged people assumed to be their absolute nadir in 2015.

And then there’s the 65% figure. Where is Grayling’s justification for such an extraordinary claim? There simply isn’t any justification for claiming that replacing Jeremy Corbyn with a  “Remaniac” would result in such an unprecedented surge of Labour Party support. 

In fact this 65% figure is exactly the same kind of unjustifiable hyperbole/made-up-fact rubbish that the Brexiteers lobbed around so gratuitously during the referendum debate isn’t it?

The idea that an anti-Brexit Labour leader would suddenly begin hoovering up support like no political leader has ever done before is clearly an extraordinary delusion, and it’s obvious where the delusion is stemming from.

People who are highly engaged in politics (and I include myself in this) have a tendency to massively over-estimate how engaged everyone else is in stuff like politics, economics, constitutional matters and legal affairs. 

The extreme Remainers have conned themselves into believing that tens of millions of ordinary people give as much of a damn about the intricacies of the Brexit process as they do themselves. So the ludicrous fantasy of an anti-Brexit white knight Blair-type figure riding an unprecedented wave of popularity into Downing Street to completely cancel Brexit actually seems like a realistic proposition to them!

The extreme-Remainers are clearly just as prone to delusional thinking as the Brextremists, while the great majority of people who haven’t adopted such an extreme polarised opinions look on in bemusement at the crazed fanaticism from both sides.


In my view openly pining for an anti-Brexit Blair type figure to somehow take over the Labour Party and nick the Lib-Dems’ anti-Brexit stance is as futile as it is delusional. 

Such a move wouldn’t cause people to flock to the Labour cause as Grayling is imagining, in fact it would likely result in a huge exodus of voters, leaving the Tories to resurrect themselves by painting Labour as a disrespectful and out-of-touch metropolitan elite and as an anti-democratic bunch of sore losers, thus shoring up their Blue-kip vote while the Corbyn surge fades away.

In my view the best course of action for those who are (rightly) worried about the way Brexit is panning out is to continually fight against the kind of hard-right ultra-nationalist anti-democratic Brexit the Brextremists are pushing for, by relentlessly holding the Tories account, and pointing out that they’re doing the bidding of a tiny minority of extremely noisy Brextremist puppet-masters.

Just think about it. Even if the entire concept of an anti-Brexit white knight appearing to usurp the Labour Party wasn’t totally ludicrous in its own right, who are the likely candidates? Chuka Umunna? David Lammy? Neil Coyle? Yvette Cooper? A triumphant return for Tony Blair himself?

You’d have to be even more out-of-touch than the most crazed Brextremists to think that binning Jeremy Corbyn and the fantastic 2017 Labour Manifesto and replacing them with a hardline Remainer from the discredited right-wing of the Labour Party would be such a massive mega-hit with the Labour Party membership, or with the general public.

But apparently there are people who actually believe in nonsense like that, just as there are Brextremists who believe that we can perform a ruinous cliff edge “no deal” Brexit and end up better off as a result!

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The 5 unsung Labour heroes of the Amendment 7 vote

Much credit has been given to the 11 Tory MPs who joined forces with the opposition parties to defeat Theresa May’s authoritarian scheming by bravely voting in favour of Amendment 7 to the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, but there are five unsung heroes on the Labour benches too.

Of course the Tory “Mutineers” led by former Attorney General Dominic Grieve deserve credit for having put country above party for once. 

They’ll obviously always be tainted by their numerous votes in favour of imposing ruinous Tory austerity dogma that has done so much damage to the British economy, public services, workers’ wages, and productivity, as well as severely retarding the nation’s future economic potential through the lowest levels of infrastructure investment in the developed world. However they definitely deserve credit for doing something right for a change, and standing up for the principle of parliamentary sovereignty, especially given the torrent of abuse they knew they’d suffer at the hands of the Daily Mail and the extreme-right for daring to do the right thing.

The five unsung heroes on the Labour benches are Dennis Skinner, Graeme Morris, Ronnie Campbell, John Mann and Roger Godsiff.

As you may already know, these are all pro-Brexit Labour MPs, but they all made the important distinction between backing Theresa May’s objective of turning Brexit into an anti-democratic power grab, and conducting Brexit in a democratic manner.

Their ability to make this distinction between an authoritarian Tory Brexit and a Brexit conducted in a democratic manner led them to vote alongside the majority of their Labour colleagues, the SNP, Plaid Cymru, the Lib-Dems and Caroline Lucas of the Green Party to curtail Theresa May’s anti-democratic authoritarian tendencies.

The vote was won 309-305 meaning that without the votes of these five pro-Brexit MPs the amendment to ensure a proper democratic vote on the final Brexit deal would have been defeated, which would have allowed Theresa May and a tiny cabal of hard-right Tories to conduct the Brexit negotiations purely for their own self-interest, with nobody to hold them to account.

These guys deserve a lot of credit for seeing beyond the outrageously polarised Brexiteer vs Remainer political tribalism and voting for what is actually right, rather than voting tribalistically with their fellow Brexiteers on the Tory benches. 

In fact two of the pro-Brexit Labour MPs (Kate Hoey and Frank Field) actually voted with the Tories and the DUP to back Theresa May’s authoritarian and anti-democratic interpretation of the Brexit mandate, but thankfully they were outnumbered by the five pro-Brexit Labour MPs with enough sense and respect for democracy to support Amendment 7.

The sad thing is that if the Tory party wasn’t so full of spineless Tory MPs who just did as they were told by the whips and traipsed through the lobby to support Theresa May’s anti-democratic interpretation of the Brexit mandate, this vote wouldn’t have even been even remotely close.

The reality of the situation is that nobody who respects democracy or the principle of parliamentary sovereignty can possibly justify voting against an amendment to ensure that whatever Brexit outcome Theresa May and David Davis cobble together is subject to a democratic vote.

So you may well disagree with the pro-Brexit stance of these five Labour MPs, but you’ve got to admit that at least they’re principled about it. They want Britain to leave the EU, but unlike their Brexiter bretheren in the Tory party these five want it done in an open and democratically accountable manner.

The final Brexit deal will be subject to a vote in the European Parliament, and then ratification by the 27 national parliaments of the remaining EU states. It would have been beyond ridiculous if Britain was the only country involved in the Brexit negotiations to not have a democratic parliamentary vote on the final deal, but that’s the situation Theresa May, the majority of the Tory party and the DUP bigots voted for.

As absurd as it is that the vote was as close as 309-305 in favour of defending democracy, it’s clear that without the contributions of these pro-democracy Brexiter Labour MPs (and the “mutineer” Tory MPs who got the bulk of the publicity) Amendment 7 would have failed, and the wannabe-tyrant Theresa May would undoubtedly have taken its failure as a mandate to avoid having any kind of democratic vote on the final terms of the Brexit agreement whatever.

So if you’re opposed to a secretive and anti-democratic Tory Brexit concocted by a tiny cabal of hard-right Tory politicians, take a moment to remember that five Labour Brexiteers played a massive role in preventing that horrifying scenario from coming true.

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