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Senior government ministers likened Theresa May’s anti-immigrant legislation to Nazism, but voted in favour of it anyway!

In 2014 Theresa May introduced the draconian new anti-immigrant powers that the Home Office have subsequently used to dehumanise and persecute the Windrush generation.

These grotesque Faragist rules have been used to deny employment, deny housing, deny health care, and deny social security/pensions to British Windrush citizens, and to make thousands live in constant fear of imprisonment and deportation by their own country.

The parliamentary record makes it clear that a few brave MPs dared to stand up against the tide of extreme anti-immigrant rhetoric to criticise Theresa May’s plans, and vote against them. 

Diane Abbott was amongst them, and she had the intelligence and foresight to predict that May’s rules could be used to attack British citizens without documentation. The breaking of the Windrush scandal has proven her concerns to have been incredibly prescient and well-founded.

What we didn’t know at the time was the secret behind the scenes debates within the coalition government, but in the wake of the Windrush Scandal the senior Civil Servant Bob Kerslake has claimed that some ministers in the coalition government were so concerned that they described Theresa May’s new law as being “reminiscent of Nazi Germany”.

Even more shocking than the revelation that senior government ministers were likening their own government policy to that of the Nazis, was the fact that they just bit their tongues, raised no concerns in public, and then went ahead and actually voted this Nazi-style legislation into law when it went before parliament.

They knew they would have to resign their ministerial positions if they stood their ground and voted against it, so these disgusting self-serving bastards actually voted in favour of a bill they’d privately likened to Nazism for pure political expediency!

The New Labour mob covered themselves in shame too by whipping their MPs into abstaining on Theresa May’s Nazi-style immigration witch hunt, while only six principled Labour MPs did the decent thing and opposed it (Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell, Diane Abbott, Dennis Skinner, Mark Lazarowicz, Fiona Mactaggart).

This shameful abstention from Labour just goes to show how hopelessly lost they had become in the late New Labour years, but the truly horrific thing is that there were cabinet members in the Tory/Lib-Dem coalition who recognised the fascist intent of Theresa May’s bill, but voted in favour of it anyway because they wanted to keep their six figure ministerial salaries.

Perhaps the most worrying thing of all is how far Britain has managed to progress along the road towards totalitarianism with the majority of people not even noticing.

Not only was Theresa May allowed to get away with introducing this vile Nazi-like legislation back in 2014 because members of her own government were too self-serving to speak out, and because of the pathetic abstentionism of the timid and directionless Labour leadership at the time, but this legislation has been allowed to fester away, destroying peoples lives for over four years, and the vile wannabe-tyrant who created it has actually been promoted to Prime Minister!

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Theresa May’s despicable response to the Windrush scandal

The Tories know that their treatment of Windrush citizens has been absolutely despicable, but instead of taking personal responsibility for it and resigning, they’ve resorted to the most ridiculous campaign of bluster, smears, misrepresentations, and outright lies.

The absurd Data Protection excuse

When a whistleblower revealed that the Tories had deliberately destroyed the archive of landing cards from the Windrush generation the first Tory instinct was to lie their way out of trouble.

The Tories initially tried to claim that the archives were destroyed because of Data Protection concerns.

The first thing to note is that this is a Tory government that wilfully sold off our private NHS medical data to drug companies and health insurers without our consent. To hear them suddenly pretending that they care about data protection laws is most absurd.

The next thing to note is that Data Protection rules have a very clear exemption for material of historical importance. You’d have to be completely cracked to imagine that the boarding cards of the Windrush generation who came to help Britian rebuild after WWII had no historical significance whatever and needed to be lobbed into a skip.

And one final point on this ridiculous excuse is that *if* the Tories know for a fact that data protection concerns really were their motivation for destroying these documents, they know who authorised the destruction, but they’re hiding that information from the public domain presumably because it’s harmful to their party.

Anti-Semitism smears

When Theresa May was cornered by Jeremy Corbyn on the destruction of the Windrush boarding cards she resorted to the age-old Tory tactic of misdirecting attention with smears. She said she was going to ignore the question because Jeremy Corbyn has supposedly “let anti-Semitism run rife through his party”.

The facts of the matter are difficult to square with Theresa May’s smear-mongering: Anti-Semitic views are very much more common in the Tory ranks than in the Labour ranks. Labour Party members are significantly less likely to hold anti-Semitic views than the general public, rates of anti-Semitism have declined dramatically since Jeremy Corbyn became Labour leader in 2015, and last but not least Theresa May’s vile anti-immigrant ‘hostile environment’ legislation was all about attracting the extreme-right ultranationalist blue-kip demographic who are by far and away the most anti-Semitic demographic of all.

Denial of personal responsibility

The legislation that has been used to dehumanise, deny employment and healthcare, and deport Windrush citizens was introduced in 2014 by Theresa May. She was warned of the dangers at the time. In the 3rd reading parliamentary debate Diane Abbott clearly raised the problem of Theresa May’s harsh new immigration rules being used against British citizens, but Theresa May just fobbed it off with a load of evasive waffle.

Theresa May was warned at the time that her attack on immigrants could end up wrecking the lives of people who have every right to live here, she ignored it, and now she thinks that she can just say “sorry” and wash her hands of responsibility, rather than offering her resignation like anyone with a shred of integrity would do.

Absurd misdirection

Despite the Home Office having admitted that they destroyed the Windrush landing cards Theresa May decided to blame the decision on Labour with a truly ridiculous piece of misdirection (one that was lapped up and uncritically reported by the right-wing press and the BBC).

The misdirection involved switching two very distinct decisions. In 2009 the Labour run Home Office made the decision to move out of the Croydon building in which the Windrush landing cards were kept. And in 2010, under Theresa May’s watch, the Home Office made the decision to destroy the cards rather than find a place for them in the new building.

By switching decision one and decision two to blame Labour for her own department’s decision, Theresa May is once again assuming the general public to be a total bunch of irredeemable half-wits who couldn’t tell the difference between a blue frog and a yellow frog because they’re both frogs.

Another assumption they’re making is that we’re so dim-witted that we’ll simply forget that they openly admitted destroying the documents just one day previously (using their absurd data protection story).


If you’re the kind of person who abhors institutional racism and believes that people should take personal responsibility for their own errors and misjudgements, Theresa May’s actions in regards to the Windrush scandal should sicken you to the core.

If however you’re totally chilled about institutional racism and prefer your politicians to resort to ridiculously responsibility evasion, unconvincing stories, blatant smears, cynical misdirections, and outright lies the instant they get caught doing anything wrong, then Theresa May’s behaviour should have you purring with pride in a job well done.

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Not-voting is not revolutionary

The 2018 local elections are looming and the “don’t vote” brigade are once again out in force. I don’t actually have anything against the concept of not voting, the people who annoy me are the ones who go around actively propagandising for other people to not-vote, as if they’re participating in some kind of heroic anti-establishment revolution.

Not-voting isn’t wrong in itself

Back in 2013 a friend of mine received their local election postal ballot but found that the only two candidates were a Tory (part of the coalition government they despised) and a Lib-Dem (part of the coalition government that they despised). I think their choice to tear the ballot paper into little pieces and send them off in the return envelope was perfectly justifiable.

The problem I have is with people who utter sub-Brandian platitudes like “if only everyone stopped voting then …” because the huge glaring fault with this kind of assertion is that it’s an exercise in extremely juvenile wishful thinking.

It’s profoundly annoying that so many people keep repeating this kind of ludicrous appeal for everyone to “stop voting” based on the idea that revolutionary political change can be achieved through a vague hope that the powers that be will suddenly take notice if we all begin protesting against them by … err … doing nothing.

The PCC elections

A look at the results of the utterly farcical 2012 PCC elections in England demonstrate why this idle wish for mass non-participation doesn’t have a hope of succeeding.

The average turnout for these ludicrous elections across the whole of England was just 15%, yet not a single one of the “winning” candidates refused to take up their cushy £65-£95,000 per year salaries because of their appalling lack of a democratic mandate. Several of the PCCs actually took up their positions with the backing of less than 5% of the eligible electorate in their constituencies!

The 2012 PCC elections were absolute proof that a lack of mandate from over 95% of the electorate still wasn’t enough to prevent politicians from taking up their jobs. This leaves us with the question of how anyone thinks that wishfully appealing for everyone to just stop voting could ever result in revolutionary social change?

Even in the extraordinarily unlikely scenario that 99% of people refused to vote, it’s still certain that the politicians themselves and their inner-circles of supporters would just cast a few dozen votes to “win” the election for themselves.

Not-voting is not revolutionary

There’s nothing clever, or contrarian, or heroic about telling other people not to vote as if it’s a revolutionary thing to do. It’s a stupid stance that is literally indistinguishable from outright apathy when the voting statistics are compiled. 

If you want to make yourself indistinguishable from the hopelessly apathetic lumpenproletariat in the electoral statistics that’s fine by me, but don’t think that there’s anything clever or revolutionary about telling other people to do it. There isn’t.

Revolutionary social change certainly doesn’t come about by taking the exact same non-action as the hopelessly apathetic. It comes about through direct action.

Social progress has always been achieved when people have come together in solidarity to demand change from the powerful, when people educate themselves and educate each other, and when they cause enough economic disruption to cause the powerful and wealthy to give in to some of their demands (one of the best ways to frighten the wealthy and powerful is by threatening to hit them in the pocket).


A look at the demographics from the 2017 General Election reveals a lot of interesting information about those who did and didn’t vote. Old people are an awful lot more likely to vote Tory than young people, and they’re also a lot more likely to actually vote too. The very wealthy are a lot more likely to vote than the very poor, and a lot more likely to actually vote Tory too.

Given these demographic trends is it any wonder that we ended up getting stuck with Tory governments that endlessly panders to the very wealthy and shield pensioners from the most brutal of their austerity measures, while they deliberately load the burden of their economic attacks on the poor, the young and the disabled?

If just a small fraction of the 31.2% of people who didn’t bother to vote at all (either through apathy or disillusionment with the system) had’ve voted for anyone but the Tories, this extremely malicious and desperately incompetent government wouldn’t have even been able to cling onto power by bribing the DUP bigots with £1 billion in taxpayers’ cash for the support of their 10 MPs. They would have been unable to continue their long-term project of tearing up long-standing British values and turning the UK into one of the most right-wing authoritarian state in the developed world. And they would have been unable to continue imposing their ruinous hard-right austerity fanaticism or their policy of deliberately repressing workers’ wages.

Voting obviously isn’t the “be all and end all” of politics

I’m sceptical that revolutionary political change can be achieved through voting alone. Politics is about far more than scrawling a mark on a piece of paper every few years and then sitting back and waiting for the next paper scrawling exercise. The best way to effect political change is undoubtedly to demand it outside of the ballot box. 

However I do believe that voting is important because votes do determine who the custodians of political power are while progressive change is being demanded from those who are determined to achieve it.

The system is a mess, but not-voting won’t fix it

The current system in the UK is an absolute disgrace, I know that this is the case because I spend so much of my time trying to expose the appalling malice, incompetence and corruption that’s going on. 

However typing platitudinous “if only everyone would stop voting …” type comments on political threads is definitely not the way to resolve the appalling problems we face, because it’s absolutely clear that under the system we have, not-voting simply transfers even more political power to those who do vote.

Under the ludicrously unrepresentative Westminster voting system we suffer from, the sheer number of non-voters meant that the Tory party only needed 24% of the registered electorate to vote for them in order to gain a majority government in 2015!

As far as I’m concerned, anyone who thinks that simply not-voting is the route to revolutionary political change is even more delusional than the person who thinks that sticking a bit of paper in a box every few years is an adequate level of political engagement. 


If we want serious political change we need to educate ourselves, articulate it, demand it, fight for it.

Sticking a bit of paper in a box every few years is extremely unlikely to lead to revolutionary change, but it can help to ensure that things aren’t quite as bad as they could be while we build solidarity and take the direct action that is needed to promote the actual changes that we want to see.

If anyone thinks I’m wrong about not-voting doing nothing more than transferring more political power to those who do vote, I’d really like to see someone attempt to explain the exact mechanism by which an individual not-voting supposedly achieves revolutionary political change.

Make sure you are registered to vote

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What was Alan Sugar ever doing in the Labour Party?

In case you missed it, the unelected Peer Alan Sugar has been having a massively undignified meltdown on Twitter that must surely be making people wonder how on earth such an angry, arrogant, bile-spewing anti-socialist ever ended up making his home in the Labour Party in the first place.

Sugar’s meltdown began when he posted an absolutely vile photoshopped image of Jeremy Corbyn alongside Adolf Hitler. After a sustained barrage of criticism over this crude undignified smear-job he eventually deleted the tweet, but he didn’t stop there. His next piece of anti-Labour propaganda was a widely ridiculed “poem” about how much he hates Jeremy Corbyn.

Sugar’s pathetic “poem” prompted John Prescott to retort with a satirical Tweet proposing a Sugar Tax of £10,000 every time Alan Sugar posts a stupid Tweet or says something ridiculous.

This is where Alan went into full-meltdown mode, posting a bizarre series of abusive tweets in reply to Prescott and numerous other people who criticised his behaviour.

Sugar’s vile Twitter rampage included repeatedly using insults like “stupid idiot”, “loser”, “tosser”, and “non-achiever”, resorting to misogyny by telling a woman to get a face lift, bitterly attacking the Labour left, and sneering repetition of the grotesque right-wing fantasy of natural economic justice.

This extraordinary temper tantrum of abuse and right-wing vitriol raises the questions of what an angry right-winger like this was ever doing in the Labour Party in the first place, and how the New Labour mob ever considered elevating such a person into the unelected House of Lords.

Sugar’s Twitter rant demonstrated that he has masses of contempt for those who want to make Britain a slightly fairer place so that more people have the chance to rise out of poverty to have successful and productive lives.

It’s absolutely clear from the bile that he spat at anyone who dared criticise him that Sugar also has a very right-wing arrogance, believing that his wealth somehow makes him better than other people.

He’s spectacularly short-tempered and abusive with people he considers to be below him because they’re not as loaded as he is.

One person politely pointed out that instead of actually turning up to debate and vote in the House of Lords where the New Labour mob put him, Sugar has barely lifted a finger to influence the political system. His laziness is so extreme that he’s only bothered to vote in a pathetic 1.4% of Lords votes since 2015.

Sugar’s response to this was an incoherently furious anti-Corbyn rant, attacking “red lefties”, declaring himself politically infallible (“all I say is correct”), and refusing to engage with the actual question of his lamentable House of Lords attendance at all.

The really sad thing is that Sugar rose up from working class roots himself to become rich and famous, but he’s now intent on kicking the ladder down to impede the life chances of others from his kind of background.

Alan Sugar’s Twitter rants don’t just expose the fact that he’s a bitter and angry person who resorts to abuse and insults when challenged by people he considers to be beneath him, he’s also demonstrating the awful ladder-kicking attitude of so many (but obviously not all) in the baby-boomer generation.

There’s nothing more repulsive than seeing people who made it good during the greatest period of social mobility the UK has ever seen deliberately turning against their own class and actually endorsing the Tory party and their policies of erecting huge social mobility barriers, slashing education funding, overseeing an explosion of precarious low-paid jobs and the longest sustained decline in the value of UK workers’ wages since records began, slashing in-work benefits, and condemning hundreds of thousands of kids to lives growing up in dire poverty.

But that’s exactly what Sugar did when he endorsed Theresa May at the 2017 General Election.

If someone is prepared to abandon the Labour Party and then explicitly endorse the most right-wing, social mobility wrecking, infrastructure under-funding, poverty increasing, hope destroying government in living memory, it’s absolutely clear that they never really had any interest in the traditional values and objectives of the Labour Party at all.

If the Labour Party moved so far from their democratic socialist roots that they were attracting right-wing self-servers like Alan Sugar during the New Labour era, it’s no wonder at all that they ended up driving away traditional Labour voters resulting in a 4.2 million collapse in the Labour vote between 1997 and the final New Labour flop in 2015 (13.5 million down to 9.3 million).

After Jeremy Corbyn steered Labour back towards the centre-left territory they traditionally occupied, and the likes of Alan Sugar returned to their natural Tory home, the Labour vote has bounced back up by 3.6 million to 12.9 million at the 2017 General Election (the biggest increase in the Labour vote since Clement Attlee’s radical transformative government won the 1945 post-war election).

So Alan Sugar can sing from the Tory song-sheet and spew his arrogant Twitter abuse as much as he likes. Labour has gone back to representing the people rather than mega-rich donors, and there’s nothing he can do about it except lob impotent insults at people he detests for the fact they won’t bow and scrape before him just because he’s loaded and an unelected Lord put there for life by a political party he now despises.

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The extraordinary lies that Tory activists are spreading on social media

Tory activists on Twitter are so desperate to turn the social media tide against Labour that they’re spreading a barrage of outright lies, including extraordinary claims that Labour were responsible for some of the most unpopular Tory privatisations of the Thatcher and Major era.

I’m going to look at the output of one particular Tory social media activist in particular. The “Sarah Adams” account.

One of Sarah Adams‘ most commonly occurring claims is that Labour privatised British gas, electricity, water, and railways.

I’m sure that everyone knows that these were Thatcherite privatisations, and that the fantastic 2017 Labour Manifesto pledged to bring a lot of this stuff back into public ownership, but here are the links for the avoidance of doubt,

Blaming your political opponents for what you have done yourself is an absolutely nailed-on example of fascist propaganda.

Sarah Adams also claims that Labour sold off all NHS buildings, which is odd given that the 2017 Tory manifesto included a policy of forcing NHS trusts to sell off their buildings and land in line with the Naylor Report.

If all NHS buildings have been sold by Labour as is claimed, what’s the Tory plan to force NHS authorities to sell them off to property speculators all about?

One of the most extraordinary things about this disgracefully dishonest Tory propaganda account is the way it repeatedly calls Labour MP “utter liars” in the same damned pictures that it’s spreading reams of absolute lies.

Aside from the pack of lies I dissected in the article header image there’s a lot more.

It’s absolutely clear that Tory activists are so rattled by Labour’s success on social media that they’ve resorted to spreading outright lies and vile race-baiting images, but then it’s hardly surprising that they resort to disgusting and dishonest tactics like this given the disgusting BNP-style Tory London Mayoral campaign in 2016 and the tide of outrageously misleading propaganda that gets spread by official Tory party social media accounts.

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Playing ‘good Jew – bad Jew’ to delegitimise Jewish people you disagree with is blatant anti-Semitism

One of the most extraordinary things about the anti-Semitism furore is the way that Jeremy Corbyn’s right-wing opponents are prepared to issue blatantly anti-Semitic statements in order to attack him as an anti-Semite, but they repeatedly get a total free pass from the mainstream media.

First we had Theresa May using the grotesque “self-hating Jew” trope to attack every single Jewish member of the Labour Party as tolerant of anti-Semitism, then we had the Tory government minister Sajid Javid hiding behind parliamentary privilege to smear hundreds of Jewish Labour activists as supporters of the fascist ideology that resulted in the genocide of their forefathers!

Incredibly, right-wingers have tried to argue that silencing and delegitimising Jewish voices you don’t agree with by smearing left-wing Jewish people as “self-hating Jews” and “neo-fascists” is somehow not anti-Semitic behaviour!

Now the right-wing (and non-Jewish) Labour MP John Woodcock has gone even further by slamming Jeremy Corbyn for celebrating the Jewish Seder festival with a left-wing Jewish group called Jewdas.

Apparently Corbyn is still an anti-Semite for attending and participating in a Jewish festival, because the people there are somehow the wrong kind of Jews.

Using grotesquely divisive ‘good Jew – bad Jew’ shit to delegitimise and dismiss Jewish voices you disagree with is about as clear an example of anti-Semitism as it’s possible to see. But Woodcock didn’t just get a free pass on it, his vile comments were uncritically repeated all over the mainstream media, including the oh-so-impartial BBC.

It’s difficult not to resort to anger when you see a person resorting to spectacularly divisive anti-Semitism in order to smear one of their political opponents as anti-Semitic, but perhaps the best response to this kind of sick hypocrisy is humour.

One of the most telling responses to Woodcock’s vile effort to delegitimise and silence left-wing Jews came from the poet and children’s laureate Michael Rosen, who wrote him a poem (see picture).

Not only did Woodcock resort to the anti-Semitic game of dismissing Jews who don’t agree with him as illegitimate Jews, he also attached a link to the filthy extreme-right Guido Fawkes hate chamber to his Tweet.

If anyone has any doubt about why politicians (and especially Labour MPs) should not be giving free publicity to Guido, just find any Guido article about Sadiq Khan or Diane Abbott and take a look through the disgusting tidal wave of bigoted and abusive filth in the comments section.

Not only has Woodcock resorted to the anti-Semitic ‘good Jew – bad Jew’ game in order to smear Jeremy Corbyn as anti-Semitic for actually attending and participating in a Jewish religious festival in his spare time … he’s also posted a link to one of the most outrageously bigoted extreme-right hate chambers in British politics whilst pretending to oppose bigotry!

Here are a selection of Guido comments about Sadiq Khan and Diane Abbott for you to consider as you evaluate John Woodcock’s decision to support this site whilst simultaneously posturing as someone who is opposed to bigotry!

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How anti-Corbyn programming works

The Guardian has hosted an article by the deputy editor of the New Statesman Helen Lewis that contains a highly deceptive piece of anti-Corbyn programming.

The title of the article suggests that it’s broadly sympathetic to Corbyn and his supporters, but the content clearly gives the game away as an effort to shift public opinion against Jeremy Corbyn and anyone who supports him.

A one-sided article attacking Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters in the Guardian should hardly come as a surprise to anyone who is familiar with their track record of supporting every Blairite attempt to undermine him and oust him as leader, but one particular section of this article in particular is quite extraordinary.

Lewis brings up the fact that three people have been jailed for hurling grotesque anti-Semitic abuse at the Jewish Labour MP Luciana Berger, but somehow forgets to mention that all three of these people were extreme-right fanatics, presumably in the hope that readers would associate her graphic description of extreme-right anti-Semitic abuse with Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour left who are clearly mentioned in the initial sentence of the paragraph.

The cases of the three jailed extreme-right trolls can be read about here, here, and here.

In light of the fact that all three were notorious extreme-right trolls (one of whom threatened and abused the author of this blog too), it’s exceptionally deceptive to mention the abuse they slung in a paragraph that starts out talking about Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters.

There’s no way that Lewis could have researched the actual words these abusive anti-Semits used without picking up on the fact that they were written by right-wing extremists, not Corbyn supporters. So the refusal to make the distinction is damning.

This conflation is especially vile given that extreme-right fanatics have also killed one Labour MP (Jo Cox) and plotted to kill the London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Corbyn himself.

The evidence is absolutely clear that anti-Semitism is way more common on the extreme-right than anywhere else on the political spectrum (see image), and that rates of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party have actually declined dramatically since hundreds of thousands of new left-wing people became Labour members to support Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

But none of this is important to Lewis, who’s agenda seems to be to portray the vile anti-Semitic abuse of the extreme-right as if Jeremy Corbyn and Corbyn supporters somehow bear responsibility for the actions of people they actually vehemently oppose.

Of course Labour have a responsibility to confront any signs of anti-Semitism within their own ranks, but the data suggests that the commonplace anti-Semitic attitudes of the past are being rapidly outnumbered by the flood of new progressive left-liberal people to have joined Labour since Corbyn became leader (no other major party has seen such a rapid decline in anti-Semitic views since 2015).

The main purpose of the article seems to be an effort to belittle those who make the case that some people are weaponising allegations of anti-Semitism to attack the Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party, when it’s so obvious that this is exactly what has been going on. Anyone who clocked Theresa May’s use of the vile “self-hating Jew” trope to smear Jewish members of the Labour Party couldn’t reasonably draw any other conclusion.

The conclusion of the article is equally warped, making out that Corbyn somehow carries the sole responsibility for addressing the anti-Semitism problem. 

Anyone with a basic understanding of how the Labour Party actually works (like a deputy editor of the political New Statesman magazine really should) will understand that disciplinary proceedings are actually carried out by the NEC administrative team, and that the party leader has no right to set about rewriting the rules or slinging people out of the party.

If Labour’s response to anti-Semitism has been inadequate between 2015 and 2017, the Blairite General Secretary of the NEC Ian McNicol should surely be liable for at least some of the criticism, especially since the NEC devoted so much of their time and effort to purging left-wing Labour members during the two Corbyn leadership elections for “crimes against the party” such as once retweeting a non-Labour politician, voting Green years before they joined the Labour Party, and even liking the Foo Fighters too much!

Perhaps if McNicol and the NEC had devoted a fraction of the time and effort they expended on purging Corbyn supporters to the task of hoofing anti-Semites out of the party, Labour could point to a much stronger track record of dealing with anti-Semitism over the last few years?

Now that McNicol has quit to be replaced by Jennie Formby, maybe the NEC can move quickly to introduce new procedures to root out anti-Semitism and any other forms of bigotry that remain hidden within the Labour ranks?

We’ll have to wait and see if that happens.

But bringing it back to the article, there are a number of questions to be asked:

  • Why does Lewis ignore the fact that anti-Semitism within Labour has demonstrably fallen since Jeremy Corbyn became leader?
  • Why does Lewis attempt to belittle the argument that certain people are attempting to weaponise allegations of anti-Semitism to attack the Labour leadership, when it’s so damned obvious that this is exactly what is happening?
  • And why does Lewis not ask questions about why the Labour right who controlled the party for two decades apparently did so little to confront anti-Semitism that it was a much bigger problem when Corbyn became leader just two years ago than it is now?

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Why I’m giving up on Jeremy Corbyn

Have you read the newspapers recently? It turns out that we may have missed a trick and that Jeremy Corbyn isn’t quite the guy his supporters have been trying to fool us into believing he is.

I’ve tried to remain loyal to Jeremy Corbyn, but it’s totally impossible given the way he’s been stooging for Putin’s Russia. I mean how could anyone trust a man who has been pushing for Magnitisky economic sanctions against Russian oligarchs and Putin cronies since way before the Skripal poisoning. If  Corbyn had any integrity at all then surely he’d take £800,000+ in donations from these oligarchs and Putin cronies and then obstruct Magnitsky powers at every turn like Theresa May has been doing?

It also turns out that back in the 1980s Jeremy Corbyn was a spy for the communists in Czechoslovakia! Some people have tried to cast doubt on the source of the claims and point out that there is no documentary proof of the claims whatever in the Czech archives, but who could possibly doubt the testimony of a man who personally founded Live Aid as a communist plot to overthrow the West?

Then there’s the fact that Corbyn met members of Sinn Féin during the 1980s. Yes his supporters will point out that the Thatcher government was having secret negotiations with the actual IRA terrorists at the time, whilst telling the public “we don’t negotiate with terrorists”, but who on earth would want a politician who is open and honest about his actions when we could have politicians who do in secret exactly what they repeatedly promise the public that they are not doing?

And what’s all this crap about Jeremy Corbyn wanting to return British infrastructure and services to British ownership? Surely everyone knows that our railways, power stations, national grid, water supplies, mail system, NHS, police services, and criminal justice system are obviously best off owned by a bunch of profit-seeking corporations and foreign governments.

What kind of ideologically driven fool would actually believe that British infrastructure and services are best run by Britain for the benefit of the British people?

Isn’t it obvious that Jeremy Corbyn is a Stalinist? I mean his manifesto was actually the kind of centre-left democratic socialism that’s commonplace across Europe and the developed world, but why look at his actual policies when you could rely on interpretation of his stance by trustworthy sources like the Sun, the Daily Telegraph, the Express, the Daily Mail, and the oh-so-impartial BBC Politics team?

And he’s a neo-Nazi too as proven by the Tory minister Sajid Javid who bravely called out Momentum as a neo-fascist organisation from behind parliamentary privilege rules that say politicians can’t be sued for defamation for the stuff they say in the houses of parliament. Of course the pro-Corbyn campaign group Momentum are Nazis, because there’s nothing anti-Semitic at all about describing an organisation led by a Jewish man as being adherents of the ideology that resulted in the mass genocide of Jewish people is there?

And why is Corbyn such a weakling? When the Tories and their supporters in the mainstream media hurl abuse at him, he never slings abuse and insults back at them.

Surely a strong politician would leap down into the political sewer, sling shit around, and actively fuel the hate, rather than banging on boringly about the need for respectful discourse and honest political debate. 

Another example of his weakness is his refusal to say that he’d use nuclear bombs as attack weapons. I mean what kind of idiot thinks that Britain shouldn’t be the nation that’s responsible for triggering nuclear Armageddon by using nuclear weapons to attack other nations. I mean surely everyone knows the whole problem with the Cold War is that the United States and the Soviet Union didn’t attack each other with nuclear missiles. Had they adopted Theresa May’s sensible “first strike” approach to the confrontation I’m sure we all agree the whole thing would have been over so much more quickly.

And aside from being a weakling, there’s the fact that he’s a terrifyingly powerful bully too.

Remember the way he bullied the Labour right-wingers who plotted against him in 2016 by beating them in a democratic leadership election

And remember the time he bullied Owen Smith by competently sticking to the principle of collective responsibility. What he should do is just allow all of his ministers to just make up any shit they like on the hoof like Theresa May does. Surely everyone knows that in modern Britain any kind of competent leadership skills are forbidden, and that unless you allow your ministers to do whatever they like and never correct or discipline them for talking rubbish or defying the party line, you’re obviously a Stalinist monster.

And then there’s Corbyn’s lack of moral flexibility. How dare he criticise Saudi Arabia for being a brutal Islamist tyranny where they crucify and behead people for “crimes” like being gay, rejecting Islam, attending pro-democracy protests, and atheism. 

Surely Corbyn knows that it takes a lot of effort to simultaneously believe that ISIS are a bunch of disgusting terrorists who make Al Qaida look moderate in comparison, whilst continually sucking up to and selling weapons to the Saudi tyrants who arm them, fund them, propagandise for them on social media, and supply them with more fighters than any other nation.

And what about his ridiculous stance of actually opposing Tory austerity? Surely it makes more sense for Labour to meekly imitate right-wing Tory economics, rather than proposing their own ridiculous idea of actually investing in Britain and its people in order to grow the economy. 

Surely everyone knows the natural home of the Labour Party is to hover ever so slightly to the left of the Tory party, no matter how far the Tories keep tracking off towards the extreme-right.

One of the most disgusting things about Jeremy Corbyn is his insistence on attending big rallies and meeting members of the public as if he genuinely likes it. Surely we all know that it’s so much better when our political leaders shuttle between one “safe space” and another, hide from any form of scrutiny and debate, and prefer to wander around empty factories or give press conferences in front of a shed full of cows.

What kind of person would want their political leaders to be willing to talk to and empathise with ordinary members of the public?

Doesn’t Corbyn even care that the “lower orders” are common people with vulgar language and impertinent questions who could be riddled with diseases too?

Who cares that Corbyn achieved the biggest increase in the Labour vote since 1945 by doing two things that were considered politically impossible (bringing out the youth vote and appealing to non-voters) in order to counteract the newly combined force of the Tory vote and the Ukip vote?

Who cares that Corbyn’s policies have attracted hundreds of thousands of new energised Labour members and millions of young voters?

What kind of idiot thinks politics is about reaching out to people with policies they actually like, rather than scamming as much as possible in expenses, imposing policies that benefit the very wealthy at the expense of everyone else in society, and lying so much and so often that it becomes second nature to coat everything you say in a veneer of dishonesty?

One of the worst things about Corbyn’s supporters (Corbynites as I like to call them) is the way they actually defend the man when the mainstream media call him out for being a Czech spy, a Russian stooge, a communist, a fascist, an inadequate bower, a disrespectful dancer, a weakling, and a bully.

How dare they question the judgement of their superiors and actually defend the man that we’re all supposed to spit bile at on command like a pack of salivating Pavlov’s dogs?

Why won’t they just do as they’re told and never question their superiors eh? This impertinent refusal to bow to authority and mindlessly accept what they’re told is disgusting cult-like behaviour.

Anyone who turns to reliable sources like the S*n, Daily Mail and the BBC Politics team couldn’t possibly conclude anything other than the fact that Jeremy Corbyn is an absolute monster, and that voting Tory is the only way to stop this incredibly weak and cowardly powerful fascist-communist bully from inflicting the absolute nightmare of workers earning enough to provide for their families, publicly owned railways and postal services, and a nation where health care and education are treated as rights, rather than profitable commodities to be traded by the rich.

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What the mainstream media don’t want you to know about anti-Semitism

Nobody denies that there are problems with anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry within the Labour Party. Given that anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry are shockingly commonplace in wider society, any organisation of the size of the Labour Party is bound to have a few horrible people kicking around.

The problem is the way the mainstream media insist on presenting the anti-Semitism debate as if it’s a Labour-specific problem that’s getting worse under Jeremy Corbyn, when the actual evidence shows that anti-Semitic views are very much more common from Conservatives, and that rates of anti-Semitism have actually fallen dramatically amongst Labour supporters since Jeremy Corbyn became leader in 2015.

Falling Labour anti-Semitism

Comparison of two YouGov surveys in 2015 and 2017 shows that rates of anti-Semitism amongst Labour supporters has fallen dramatically, while the same polls show that anti-Semitism rates amongst Tory supporters is barely falling at all.

In 2015, 22% of Labour voters agreed with the statement that ‘Jews chase money more than other people’, whilst in 2017 the number of Labour voters agreeing with the statement had declined to 14%.

These results compare with 31% of Conservative voters who agreed with the statement that ‘Jews chase money more than other people’ in 2015, whilst in 2017 this had declined slightly to 27% who still agreed with the statement.

Tory supporters are almost twice as likely to agree with this anti-Semitic trope as Labour supporters, yet the mainstream press insist on portraying the anti-Semitism furore as if it’s a Labour-specific problem.

The same pattern occurs across all of the other anti-Semitic statements in the two YouGov polls. The rate of agreement amongst Labour voters has fallen dramatically since Corbyn took over, while the rate of agreement amongst Tories is both much higher than the Labour rate, and falling much more slowly.

Comparative analysis

Then there’s the research from the Campaign Against AntiSemitism that found that the prevalence of anti-Semitic views amongst Labour and Lib-Dem supporters is much lower than the general public, but that the prevalence of anti-Semitic views amongst Tories is higher than the public at large, and even actually higher than the average for Brexit voters!

Of course Labour needs to fight against anti-Semitic views amongst its members and supporters, but anyone who tries to make out that anti-Semitism is a Labour-specific problem when rates of anti-Semitism are loads higher, and falling much more slowly in the Tory ranks is clearly weaponising allegations of anti-Semitism for party political purposes.

Of course it’s a still a problem that any Labour supporters agree with anti-Semitic tropes, but the reality of the situation is that they’re significantly less likely to than the general public, while Tories are significantly more likely to.


Then there’s the study from the Institute for Jewish Policy Research that found that rates of anti-Semitism are way higher on the right of politics than on the left (see image).

The fact is that the hard-right are the most anti-Semitic demographic of all, and the Tories have been openly and brazenly courting these hard-right ultranationalist blue-kippers ever since the Brexit vote and the collapse of Ukip.

It’s absolutely astounding to see a political party that’s intent on courting the most bigoted demographic of all suddenly pretending to be concerned about anti-Semitism. 

If the Tories were really bothered about anti-Semitism they’d clean their own house first, and they’d definitely stop welcoming so many bigoted blue-kippers with open arms.

Mainstream media lies

Given the evidence is clear that that rates of anti-Semitism are much higher amongst Tories and the political right, the effort to present anti-Semitism as if it’s a Labour-specific problem is clearly dishonest journalism.

But plenty of mainstream media sources have gone much further than dishonesty, by wandering off into the realm of outright lies.

Take the Scotsman’s claim that “rising anti-Semitism could bring Corbyn down”. Not only is anti-Semitism actually falling, but it’s falling much faster under Jeremy Corbyn than it is under Theresa May.

The problem of course is that the truth is largely irrelevant to a vast numbers of mainstream media hacks, who continually attack anyone who threatens the neoliberal orthodoxy because they’re not really journalists at all, they’re simply stenographers for the right-wing establishment.

Wedge strategy

The reason the anti-Semitism issue has arisen again, just before the local elections, is that it’s a highly effective wedge strategy to attack the political left with.

The blind eye that’s been turned to numerous Tory bigotry scandals over the same time frame as the anti-Semitism furore stands as proof that most Tories don’t give the faintest damn about bigotry amongst their own ranks, but they know that people on the liberal-left do give a damn, which is why they’re using the issue to attack Labour.

The effort to smear Labour as the party of anti-Semitism (when their own party is actually much worse) isn’t really designed to pinch Labour voters and turn them into Tory voters. A person would have to be politically insane to abandon Labour over bigotry and defect to a party with the raving bigot Boris Johnson as their Foreign Secretary!

The anti-Semitism furore is all about causing disillusion amongst the liberal-left in the hope that they won’t turn out to vote at the local elections.

Reality vs illusion

Just remember that a significant proportion of mainstream media hacks are Orwellian illusion-artists

They don’t give the faintest damn about rampant bigotry in the Tory ranks, and they don’t give a damn that anti-Semitism is actually much higher amongst Tories than it is amongst Labour supporters.

All they caren about is using anti-Semitism to attack Labour, because they’ve completely lost the political argument so weaponising the fight against racism is pretty much all they’ve got left.

  • The whole illusion crumbles when you look at the actual facts on anti-Semitism.
  • The whole illusion crumbles if you look at the fact that the Labour anti-Semitism march was attended by a bunch of sectarian bigots from the DUP and the racist “Chingford skinhead” Norman Tebbit.

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