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Margaret Hodge has completely lost the plot in her latest anti-Corbyn rant

Labour are once again ahead in the polls, and like clockwork Margaret Hodge has emerged to badmouth her own party in the most extraordinary manner. In this article I’m going to look at just some of the desperately cynical, wantonly offensive, and downright dishonest nonsense she spewed in her interview with Sky News.

Muddying the water

Hodge said a lot of off-the-charts nonsense in her interview, but I’ve got to start with the most cynical and dangerous of her assertions. In an effort to have a stab at Jeremy Corbyn she claimed that there’s “a fine line between being pro-Palestinian, and being anti-Semitic”.

This is blatantly untrue. One involves having a bit of basic human decency and expressing solidarity towards the victims of decades of brutal Israeli repression. The other involves being a disgusting bigot who hates Jewish people for no reason other than that they’re Jews.

There is no “fine line” between decency and indecency, and this effort by Margaret Hodge to claim that there is, is nothing but a cynical effort to intimidate decent people out of expressing solidarity with the Palestinians for fear of being labelled a racist bigot for having done so.

Trivialising the Holocaust

After screaming vitriolic and defamatory abuse in Jeremy Corbyn’s face Margaret Hodge was subjected to a brief disciplinary procedure which involved the sending of a few letters, an meeting, and her getting let off scot free for an offence that would have seen any ordinary Labour Party member hoofed out of the party for good.

In a desperate attempt to present herself as the victim, Hodge actually compared this disciplinary process to the horror of fleeing Nazi Germany.

Just try to imagine the absolute tower of self-righteous delusion a person would have to be sitting upon in order to imagine that trivialising the horrors of the Holocaust in order to pose as the poor victim of a flawed softball disciplinary process that let her off scot free for an offence that would have had any normal person in a normal job rightly expecting the sack.

By trivialising the Holocaust in this way Hodge has demonstrated that she’s massively over-privileged and extremely disconnected from reality.


Let’s not forget that this is the same Labour Party that attempted to rig the 2nd Corbyn leadership election by purging thousands of left-wing members for “crimes” such as once retweeting a non-Labour MP, voting for a different political party long before they even joined Labour, and even liking the Foo Fighters too much!

Hodge was let off scot free for what would probably have seen any ordinary person like you or I sacked from our jobs, but she didn’t have a single word of criticism when thousands of ordinary people were being purged from the Labour Party for no reason other than they were likely to vote for Jeremy Corbyn in a leadership election!

Basically Hodge believes she should be allowed to do whatever she likes to bring the party into disrepute, because disciplinary processes, punishments, and expulsions are only for the little people.


In comparing Labour’s softball disciplinary procedure to the Holocaust in her victim-pleading rant Hodge has accidentally revealed her own hypocrisy.

The pro-Israeli lobby have long argued that it’s grotesque to compare stuff like the deliberate killing of scores of unarmed civilians (including medics, journalists, and children) in the vast open air prison camp of Gaza to Nazism or the Holocaust, even to the extent of smearing a Jewish Holocaust survivor as an anti-Semite just to have another crack at Corbyn.

But if comparing indisputable acts of brutality and repression to the actions of the Nazis is tasteless, then how on earth can it be considered reasonable to compare something as benign as an internal party political disciplinary process to the horrors of the Nazi Holocaust?

Outright lies

By claiming that Jeremy Corbyn has overseen an increase in anti-Semitism Hodge wasn’t just veering off into hyperbole, she was outright lying.

The evidence is absolutely clear that rates of anti-Semitism have fallen dramatically in the Labour ranks since Corbyn became leader.

The obvious explanation for this trend would seem to be that the massive influx of left-leaning socially liberal people into the Labour Party since 2015 has significantly diluted the pre-existing levels of anti-Semitism.

Let’s not forget that back in 2005 Labour’s top spin doctor Alistair Campbell masterminded grossly offensive poster campaign depicting a Jewish political rival as a pig and a Fagin character.

This was at a time when Hodge was an actual government minister, but somehow, she didn’t speak out about this grotesque anti-Semitism right at the heart of the Labour Party and use it to attack the party leadership.

Now that anti-Semitism rates have fallen dramatically under Corbyn, and nobody at the top of the party is doing anything remotely as bigoted as running an anti-Semitic poster campaign, now she’s persistently complaining about the issue?

Surely anyone with any sense at all can see that someone who turns a blind eye to the blatant anti-Semitism of her political allies can’t possibly be making a fuss over the issue in good faith when it comes to her political opponents?

Rabid anti-Corbynism

Hodge attempts to undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity by raising concerns about the “rise of populism” but completely gives the game away with her list of supposed populists.

She mentions Boris Johnson and Donald Trump first, with no negative description, but when it comes to Corbyn she says “the cult of Corbynism”, thus revealing she’s actually got more antipathy towards Corbyn’s democratic socialist agenda than Boris Johnson’s extreme-right ultranationalism, or the frightening and ideologically incoherent lunacy of Trumpism!

It’s no surprise that Hodge is such a vehement opponent of Corbynism given that she was the beneficiary of a £1.5 million tax-dodging scam via a Liechtenstein-based fund

If anyone is likely to oppose Corbyn’s determination to clamp down on the tax-dodging of the mega-rich it’s someone who participates in that kind of thing.

Excuse me, who are the cultists?

In insultingly dismissing everyone who supports Jeremy Corbyn as a “cult”, Margaret Hodge is simply showing how out of touch she is with the wishes of the Labour Party membership.

People don’t support Corbyn because they see him as some kind of infallible idol but because he represents a genuine alternative to the hard-right neoliberal orthodoxy that has served the mega-rich and the political class do well over the last four decades at the expense of the rest of us.

the reality is that a lot of people are drawn to Corbyn because of his principles and policies (stuff like renationalising the railways, sticking up for workers, combating tax-dodging, stopping arms sales to despotic regimes like Saudi Arabia) but wish he was a bit better at forcing the point home. 

Hodge really doesn’t seem to realise that the vast majority of British people have absolutely had it with self-serving political elites flogging off our national assets to their mates on the cheap, gutting our local communities, trashing our wages and working conditions, and imposing ruinous austerity dogma on the nation in order to make the poor and ordinary shoulder the entire cost of the bankers’ bailouts, lavishing handouts and tax breaks on corporations and the mega-rich, and fiddling their expenses all the while to maximise their own personal gains.

The reality is that it’s the Westminster establishment club and their lackeys in the mainstream media who are living in a cult, but because they have little or no concern for ordinary people.

They’re content in their cosy little ideological echo chamber full of reassurances that strict adherence to the orthodox neoliberal ideology is still an unquestionable article of faith, and that anyone who actually listens to what the little people want must be the mad, bad, dangerous, extremist with the cult following!

Irresponsible journalism

One of the most disturbing things about the interview is the complicity of the interviewer, who instead of actually questioning any of the dishonest, deluded, and borderline deranged nonsense Hodge was spouting, actually nodded along like it’s the received wisdom!

Maybe you could give the journalist a break for being too taken aback by the outlandishness of it to interject during Hodge’s extraordinary Holocaust hyperbole, but failing to point out the fact that she was outright lying about anti-Semitism having increased under Jeremy Corbyn is an extraordinary failure.

Isn’t it the least we can expect from journalists that they actually hold powerful establishment figures to account when they lie, rather than acting as their enablers and mouthpieces?

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Why are the mainstream media ignoring the brazen extreme-right takeover of the Tory party?

After Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour Party in 2015 the party membership swelled with hundreds of thousands of new members, mainly traditional Labour folk enthused by the party’s first democratic socialist leader in decades.

The mainstream media were horrified by this surge of support for a guy who threatens the hard-right neoliberal orthodoxy that has served people like them so well for the last four decades, at the expense of millions of the rest of us, so the attacks on these new Labour Party members have been pretty much constant ever since.

The Labour membership surge

Ever since the Labour membership surge mainstream media hacks and opponents of democratic socialism have worked tirelessly to discredit it.

Aside from all of the abuse (“trots”, “dogs”, “rabble”, “thugs”, “Nazi stormtroopers”) two themes have constantly stood out, the idea that left-wing people joining Labour are “entryists”, and that Corbyn supporters are a “cult”.

Anyone who is familiar with the history of the Labour Party would surely put up a counter-argument that the likes of centre-right pro-privatisation Thatcherites like Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson, John McTernan, Margaret Hodge, and Alistair Campbell were the “entryists” who took over the party, and that the post-Corbyn membership surge is the mass home-coming of those who were driven away from the party by the right-wing pro-privatisation pro-austerity Tory lite agenda between 1997 and 2015.

But still the mainstream media persists in portraying the hundreds of thousands who joined Labour since 2015 as “entryists” and “cultists” rather than just ordinary people enthused by an actual alternative to the hard-right Thatcherite consensus of the last four decades.

Ukipification of the Tories

Ever since the 2016 EU referendum it’s become increasingly obvious that the Tory party is being usurped by the small hard-right anti-EU faction (the crackpot element John Major used to refer to as “the bastards”).

Theresa May called her vanity election in 2017 because she believed that having unified the traditional Tory vote with the extreme-right ultranationalist Blue-kip demographic, a landslide majority would be inevitable. But she didn’t count on Jeremy Corbyn or the energised Labour membership orchestrating the biggest turnaround in British politics since universal suffrage.

Since the 2017 general election we’ve all seen how Theresa May dances to the tune of the ERG Brextremists, knowing that Jacob Rees-Mogg and his ERG mob easily have the parliamentary numbers to trigger a leadership election if she refuses to obey their instructions.

And now we’ve even got the spectacle of Nigel Farage’s extreme-right anti-immigrant Leave.EU campaign openly bragging that they’ve infiltrated the Tory party membership with 10,000 Brextremists in order to ensure that the next leader of the Tory party is a hard-right Brexiteer.

They’re so confident of their success that they’ve actually announced what they’re up to on Twitter!

The mainstream media silence on this ongoing Brextremist takeover of the Tory party is staggering given the absolute brazenness of it, and the enormous fuss they made over the Labour membership surge.

The Orwellian state of the British media

On the one hand you have hundreds of thousands of left-leaning people finally coming home to the Labour Party after years in exile due to the right-wing pro-privatisation, pro-austerity gruel being offered by the orthodox neoliberal leadership.

And on the other hand you’ve got an extreme-right Brexit campaign group openly and publicly bragging about the way they’ve infiltrated the Tory party in order to interfere in the party’s leadership election.

But somehow the former is the grave concern worthy of hundreds of columns and TV segments ranging from patronising faux outrage to outright abuse of ordinary people, and the latter barely gets a single mention.

If anyone in British politics is an “entryist” surely it’s got to be a follower of Nigel Farage and Arron Banks tearing up their UKIP membership in order to join the Tory party and influence the next leadership election in favour of the most extreme Brexiteer in the running?

If anyone in British politics is a “cultist” surely it’s people who continue to glibly dismiss every single piece of evidence that a “no deal” flounce out of the EU would be a social and economic catastrophe as “Project Fear”.

Yet somehow left-wing Labour supporters are still continually derided as “entryists” and “cultists” by the mainstream media, while the Brexit cultists who are openly and brazenly usurping the Tory party in front of our eyes are just left in peace to get on with it!

The only conclusion that can be drawn out of this extraordinary contrast in mainstream media coverage is that the vast majority of the coddled mainstream media class are way more comfortable with extreme-right, anti-immigrant, Brextremists brazenly taking over the ruling Tory party in front of our eyes than they are with the Labour opposition returning to its democratic socialist roots!

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The Labour right-wingers have been plotting another grubby little coup

In June 2016 the right-wing pro-privatisation, pro-austerity neoliberal faction of the Labour Party were so confident of success that they openly briefed the Daily Telegraph on their ludicrous plot to use the Brexit referendum result (whichever way it went) as an excuse to launch an internal labour Party coup against Jeremy Corbyn.

We all know how that turned out now. Their cowardly orchestrated bullying tactics to try and force Corbyn to resign; their disgraceful scheming to game the party rules in an effort to keep Corbyn off the ballot; their pathetic inability to find or field a unity candidate for weeks until they finally shoved the hapless Owen Smith into the jaws of almost certain defeat; and their ruthless systematic purge of left-leaning Labour members for the slightest of indiscretions (retweeting a non-Labour MP on one occasion, voting for another party long before they’d even joined Labour, and even liking the Foo Fighters too much) in a desperate last-ditch effort to rig the leadership vote in their favour.

You couldn’t really imagine a more damaging and strategically inept failure than that, but they’re actually at it again.

In August 2018 a different right-wing rag has broken the story, but the cynical underhand scheming is the same. The hallmarks of arrogance and absolute strategic ineptitude are the same. The names of those involved are the same (Chris Leslie, Liz Kendall, Chuka Umunna, Stephen Kinnock, Gavin Shuker, and disgraceful John Woodcock – until he resigned from the party to escape the investigation into his alleged sexual misconduct)

This time it’s the Express, which is admittedly enough to get any right-thinking person’s alarm bells ringing, but the article is full of corroborating details. The luxury country estate they hired to scheme away in, the cost of the booking (£144 per head), the number of MPs involved, and even the time of the train they caught to get there.

The scheming

One of the strategies these disgraceful plotters scratched together is to launch their putsch after a successful General Election, suddenly resigning as a bloc of rebel right-wing MPs to keep Corbyn out of power!

How they imagine the electorate would react with anything but unbridled fury at such a cynical and anti-democratic wrecking tactic to deny the nation the Prime Minister they’d just voted for is anyone’s guess.

Coalition with the Tories?

How they would actually keep Corbyn out of power is another mystery. The only conceivable way would be for them to actually form some kind of political pact to form a coalition with what’s left of the Tory Party.

How hard-Remainers like Chris Leslie, Chuka Umunna, Liz Kendall and their ilk could actually share power with whichever of the fanatical Tory Brextremists manage to keep their seats (Jacob Rees-Mogg, Liam Fox, David Davis, Priti Patel, Boris Johnson, Chris Grayling, John Redwood, Peter Bone …) is anyone’s guess.

But then where there’s utterly ruthless self-interest driving your every political move, there’s likely a way isn’t there?

Another leadership election?

Another of the coup-plotters’ schemes is to keep flaming the anti-Semitism row as hard as they possibly can for as long as they possibly can in order to try to break Corbyn, then put forward one of their truly laughable selection of leadership candidates in a new leadership election:

The suggested candidates are the disgraceful Chris Leslie (one of the main architects of Labour’s woeful election-losing austerity lite strategy at the 2015 General Election), Yvette Cooper (who finished 3rd in the 2015 leadership election with a paltry 17% of the vote and is married to one of the other main architects of austerity-lite!), Chuka Umunna (the absolute embodiment of the grossly unappealing career politician who will switch his ‘principles’ in a second if he thinks there’s an advantage in it), and Stephen Kinnock (a man with no discernible political qualities at all other than the blessing of a great big dollop of nepotism).

How the hell the coup-plotters think that any of this unappealing bunch could win over the Labour Party membership is anyone’s guess. Perhaps they’d look at some way of cheating the election again, maybe with ludicrous nonsense like back-dating the membership eligibility to vote date to 2005, or trying to cut the membership out of the decision altogether.

Rigging or evading the ballot seem like incredibly unlikely options given they’d need control of Labour’s executive committee to make such changes, which was vanishingly unlikely even before an infuriated membership found out about this latest disgustingly cynical coup-plot to defy the will of the membership again.

This coup-plot just adds even more incentive for all genuinely left-wing Labour members to vote for the Momentum-backed NEC candidates, and against the right-wing Progress-backed slate who are aligned with the right-wing coup-plotter politicians.

Mandatory reselection

The consequence of this outright defiance against the Labour Party membership really must be the introduction of mandatory reselection of all Labour MPs by their local constituency parties.

Democratic reselection is hardly a radical idea because reselection is commonplace in democracies across the developed world. Just think of the primaries in US elections where other candidates from within the party can challenge the incumbent to go forward as the party’s official candidate.

You don’t even have to travel that far to see it. Just north of the border in Scotland the SNP have a mandatory reselection policy. Before the 2017 General Election all 54 of the SNP’s Westminster MPs were reselected by their local party members without problems.

The only thing MPs have got to fear when it comes to reselection is whether they have done a good job of representing their party, and their local constituency.

No local Labour group is going to take the massive risk of ousting a loyal and hard-working MP, because replacing the familiar local MP with a new face would clearly increase them losing the seat to another party.

The only MPs who have anything to fear from democratic reselection would be lazy, arrogant, self-entitled MPs with reputations for working against the interests of the Labour Party, and against the interests of all of the local Labour activists who worked so hard to help them win their seats in the first place.

Given the absolute belligerence of the right-wing coup-plotter MPs, and their continual efforts to actively damage and run down the long-term reputation of the Labour Party solely in order to undermine Jeremy Corbyn, it’s very likely that mandatory reselection will be very near the top of the agenda at the next Labour Party conference.

Theresa May to the rescue?

The looming prospect of reselection means only one thing: The only person who can save these disgraceful coup-plotters from deselection is Theresa May!

She can do it by calling another snap election in the autumn of 2018 so that Labour simply doesn’t have the time to make the rule changes and carry out the reselection process before they have to throw themselves into the chaos of a general election campaign.

This kind of scenario would actually make their post-election putsch strategy seem a lot less incoherent, but only in a desperate, pathetic, disloyal, and disgustingly cynical way.

Theresa May saves the Labour right-wingers from the deselections they so richly deserve, then the Labour right-wingers break away from the Labour Party and prop up whoever the Tories select as Theresa May’s replacement.

The big problem from the coup-plotter perspective of course is that if Labour manage to win more comfortably than the coup-plotters are gambling on. Then they simply wouldn’t have the numbers to do the damage.

A comfortable Corbyn win isn’t actually as far-fetched as it seems. In 2017 the Corbyn surge lifted Labour from the mid-20s when the election campaign kicked off to a final vote share of 40%. Since then Labour have hovered at around 40%, so another Corbyn surge from a much higher starting position, even a much smaller surge than last time, could lift Labour well clear of the Tories.

Then there’s the utterly fickle blue-kip demographic to consider. Soaking up the majority of the voters fleeing the wreckage of UKIP with her hard-right ethno-nationalist Brexit sponge turned out to be absolutely crucial for the Theresa May in 2017, because without so many blue-kippers on board, the Tories would have fallen way short of even being in a position to bribe the DUP bigots into backing their shambles of a government.

So if Corbyn managed to deliver another mini-surge, while the Tories fell back as a lot of the fickle blue-kip demographic return to the UKIP fold, it could well end up being mathematically impossible for the right-wing coup-plotters to actually return the Tory favour by ruthlessly stabbing Jeremy Corbyn on the finishing line.

So would the Tories play their part in such a gamble by triggering another snap election, knowing that they’d be saving a load of their orthodox neoliberal comrades who are embedded within the Labour ranks, but at the risk of never actually receiving their payback?

I guess it just depends how desperate they are doesn’t it?

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“Capitalism made your-”

No. LABOUR made it. LABOUR made my phone, my laptop, the internet, this website, my clothing, my house, all social media, and everything else. LABOUR makes things, Capitalism doesn’t because economic systems don’t ‘make’ anything, they just determine who gets paid for making things.


the more they attack him the stronger he becomes

The sheer ridiculousness of some of this week’s anti-Corbyn smears have driven hundreds more people to actually join the Labour Party out of disgust at the way he is being treated, further boosting a Labour Party membership that has already added hundreds of thousands of new members since Corbyn became leader in 2015.

One of the most absurd attempted smears this week involved a truly pathetic attempt to associate him with the KKK by digging out an old quote from the former KKK grand wizard David Duke who accidentally praised Corbyn in 2015 because the racist idiot was too stupid to realise that Corbyn was actually a left-wing lifelong anti-racist.

The ludicrous KKK-Corbyn smear relied heavily on the total omission of the fact that Duke later reversed his opinion on Corbyn calling him “Marxist filth” and “anti-white”, spread anti-Corbyn memes on social media, and warned British neo-Nazis not to vote for him.

Another attempted smear was perhaps the most extraordinary yet (which takes some doing after the defamatory Czech spy rubbish the Tories were spreading in February). This one actually involved a load of non-Jewish Corbyn-haters attacking a deceased Jewish Holocaust survivor as an anti-Semite solely in order to have a dig at Jeremy Corbyn!

Once again this smear relied heavily on deception by omission. In order to make the smear that Corbyn had shared a platform with someone who compared Israel to the Nazis stick, his critics colluded to omit to mentioning that the person who made the remarks was the Jewish peace activist and Auschwitz survivor Hajo Meyer who compared Israel’s brutal treatment of the Palestinians with his own lived experience of the Holocaust!

If you’ve got to the point of smearing a Jewish Holocaust survivor as an anti-Semite (goysplaining the Holocaust) because you hate Jeremy Corbyn so much, surely it’s time to accept that you’ve let your ideological hatred run so badly out of control that you’re spewing indefensible nonsense?

But no. A lot of the most rabid Corbyn-haters actually doubled down on their ridiculous “wrong kind of Holocaust survivor” idiocy when called out on it!

It’s absolutely amazing that Corbyn-haters still haven’t grasped that hyperbolic and profoundly dishonest smear-mongering tactics generally only work on the venal and the gullible.

Neither have they figured out that the more ridiculous and transparently dishonest their smear-mongering gets, the more sympathetic decent, rational, fair-minded people become towards the target of such obvious abuse.

It’s also remarkable that they haven’t cottoned onto the concept that if they’re endlessly resorting to hyperbolic personal attacks, it creates the very strong impression that they haven’t actually got any coherent criticisms of Corbyn’s policies.

Right-wingers should be particularly familiar with the concept of the political vacuity of smear-mongering given that their idol Margaret Thatcher once said “I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left”.

It’s amazing that Corbyn-haters still remain oblivious to the fact that every time a discredited Labour right-winger like Blair, Mandelson, Campbell, McTernan, or Blunkett attacked him in the press during the two Labour leadership elections it actually rang out as a positive endorsement in the minds of millions because of the “if those bastards hate him he must be alright!” logic.

Corbyn-haters still don’t even seem to have clocked that the mainstream media’s unprecedented anti-Corbyn smear-mongering campaign during the 2017 General Election coincided with an unprecedented Labour Party surge from way behind in the polls to end up actually snatching Theresa May’s majority away from her and leaving her in such a desperate situation that she had to bribe a disgusting bunch of bigoted, homophobic, misogynistic DUP sectarians into propping up her shambles of a government.

Just think about it.

It might well be possible to trick the ordinary person into believing one smear about Corbyn, but the more new smears you pile on top of it, the harder it is to believe them all (especially if several of your smears are mutually contradictory).

Once the individual has clocked that there’s a smear-mongering campaign going on, there’s no putting that particular cat back in the bag.

Every new smear is going to be met with suspicion, and every new smear will add to the impression that Corbyn’s opponents believe that the only way they can beat his politics is by using deceptions, distractions, omissions, misdirections, and outright lies.

The anti-Corbyn mob just don’t seem to get it: The more they smear him, the stronger he becomes.

Einstein famously defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

So long may the Corbyn-haters continue fulfilling Einstein’s definition of insanity with their feeble self-defeating smears, because every ridiculously dishonest new smear they come up with actually ends up driving ever more reasonably-minded people towards Jeremy Corbyn and his democratic socialist cause.

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What kind of idiot would accept Alistair Campbell as a moral authority on anti-Semitsm?

Today Tony Blair’s former spin-doctor Alistair Campbell has been moral high-horsing about anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.

If anybody should be an expert on Labour anti-Semitism it should surely be Alistair Cambell himself, because who could forget the time he personally masterminded political attack posters depicting the Jewish Tory leader at the time, Michael Howard, as a Fagin type character and superimposing his head onto a pig

  Not only was Campbell involved in an anti-Semitic poster campaign, rates of anti-Semitism were much higher in the Labour ranks back then than they are now, having declined dramatically since the massive influx of genuinely left-wing and socially progressive people into the Labour Party since Jeremy Corbyn’s election as leader in 2015.

Today Alistair Campbell accused Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour leadership of “drowning in a sewer of anti-Semitism of your own making” but when he was fingered as the mastermind of the anti-Semitic attack posters back in 2005 he had a startlingly different take on the issue:

After telling the BBC journalist who was investigating the story to “fuck off and investigate something important you twats” he went on to dismiss the whole anti-Semitic posters issue by saying “never known such a silly fuss since the last silly fuss but there we go. Must look forward not back”.

In light of this belligerent attitude to his own anti-Semitic behaviour, it’s quite extraordinary to see a massive flock of ‘centrist’ dupes lapping up Campbell’s comments and treating him as if he’s some kind of wonderful moral authority on anti-Semitism today.

But then people who hang on Campbell’s every word, even after the Iraq dossier deception, are nothing if not gullible are they?

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How complacent ‘centrists’ are to blame for the Brexit nightmare

Ever since the Brexit vote I’ve consistently argued that without the ideologically imposed suffering and impoverishment of the six preceding years of hard-right Tory austerity dogma, the Brexit vote would never have been carried narrowly over the line by the resulting wave of public anger.

It’s always reassuring to have your political opinions backed up by hard empirical data, and that’s exactly what Thiemo Fetzer at the University of Warwick has done in a working paper that draws clear causal links between grievances at Tory austerity policies and the Brexit vote.

What the Warwick paper doesn’t do is look at the wider political context and the disgraceful failure of the political centre to counter this socially and economically ruinous Tory fixation with austerity dogma. A failure which ended up creating the opportunity for the hard-right of the Tory party (and their Ukipper allies) to cynically pin the blame for the consequences of their own right-wing ideological agenda onto immigrants and the EU.

The Liberal-Democrats are most obviously to blame for this failure having enabled the Tories back into power in 2010, then having repeatedly voted in favour of all kinds of horrific austerity policies such as cuts to in-work benefits, deliberate wage repression policies, massive local government cuts, savage welfare reforms such as the draconian sanctions regime and the systematic abuse of disabled people, unprecedented cuts in infrastructure investment, social care cuts, and significant reductions in real terms spending on vital public services such as hospitals, schools, policing, and the fire service.

The right-wing faction of the Labour Party who maintained a vice-like grip on the party’s economic policy during Ed Miliband’s leadership are perhaps even more culpable than the Lib-Dems. 

When the nation was crying out for an opposition party to actually oppose the ideologically driven social and economic vandalism of the Tories, the Labour right-wing faction actually decided to imitate the Tories with a lamentable “austerity-lite” agenda designed to pinch a few thousand “soft Tory” votes in marginal constituencies.

What the right-wing faction of the Labour Party failed to factor into their equation was the fact that for every “soft Tory” vote they managed to pinch by pathetically imitating Tory austerity dogma, vastly more traditional Labour voters turned their backs on the Labour Party in absolute disgust at it.

It’s kind of understandable that self-serving Lib-Dem politicians wilfully engaged in the social and economic vandalism of the United Kingdom in return for a taste of second hand Tory power, but Labour’s abnegation of their responsibility to oppose hard-right Tory austerity fanaticism and provide an investment-based alternative left the general public with the choice of nothing more than three different versions of the same disgusting austerity gruel.

Nowhere was the appalling scale of this error by the so-called Labour ‘centrists’ better illustrated than in Scotland, where the SNP gleefully nicked the anti-austerity anti-Tory tactical position that Labour should have used and romped to an unprecedented landslide victory (taking 56 of the 59 Scottish Westminster seats, and 40 of Labour’s 41 Scottish seats in the process).

The surge in the Green vote in 2015 was another indicator of Labour’s failings. The Greens held just one constituency, and only had an outside shot of winning two or three more, yet 1.1 million people across England and Wales voted for Green candidates knowing there was virtually no chance of them winning. Huge numbers of people actually decided to throw away their votes in protest at the grotesque pro-austerity consensus of the three establishment parties, rather than back Labour’s grotesque lesser of three evils “austerity-lite” posturing.

Being offered three almost identical bowls of disgusting austerity slop by the main political parties added to the sense that Westminster politicians were living in an insulated bubble of privilege, far removed from the poverty and suffering their ruinous austerity policies were inflicting on ordinary people. However the shockingly complacent establishment austerity consensus created an even bigger problem than increased public disillusionment with the political class, it created the opportunity for cynical hard-right opportunists to hijack the political discourse with their own misleading explanations for rising poverty, cratering wages, and failing public services.

Thus a bunch of hard-right charlatans cynically blamed the horrifying consequences of austerity dogma on immigrants and the EU. Worse still is that many of these xenophobic hard-right snake oil sellers were those responsible for voting through, and even implementing ruinous hard-right austerity dogma in the first place (Ian Duncan Smith, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Chris Grayling, Priti Patel, John Redwood, Nadine Dorries, Daniel Hannan …).

The abject failure of so-called political ‘centrists’ to adequately oppose ruinous Tory austerity dogma created the political vacuum which hard-right Brextremists gleefully filled with their deceptive propaganda that immigrants and the EU, rather than their own hard-right austerity agenda, was the reason for rising poverty, falling wages, and crumbling infrastructure and services.

There is a certain irony that the so-called ‘centrists’ ended up delivering their own worst nightmare through their unforgivably complacent failure to oppose hard-right Tory austerity fanaticism, but it’s definitely not much compensation given that the suffering and destitution from a chaotic Tory Brexit will be loaded onto the shoulders of those least able to bear it, just like Tory austerity dogma was before.

The ‘centrist’ politicians and the comfortably well off who supported them throughout their period of austerity collusion have plenty enough wealth, assets and smug self-centred complacency to insulate themselves from the appalling consequences of their own failure to provide an alternative to the last round of punishing Tory impoverishment.

They chose not to oppose ruinous Tory austerity madness because austerity wasn’t hurting them personally, and even now they’re obviously not opposing Brexit because of some sudden newfound concern for the millions living on or below the poverty line. They’re opposing it because they’re bitterly pissed off that they didn’t get their own way in 2016.

So the next time you see a ‘centrist’ politician howling away about Brexit, just remember that they’re actually the complacent tossers who helped the Tories deliver Brexit through their abject failure to argue that Tory austerity dogma was to blame for Britain’s declining standards, thus leaving the door wide open to hard-right Brextremists to provide their own cynical and inaccurate explanations.

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Yet more biased coverage from the supposedly impartial BBC

If you want to get an idea of the astounding levels of bias in BBC broadcasting, just consider the disparity in coverage between their wall to wall negative coverage of Jeremy Corbyn attending a Holocaust event eight years ago in which the Jewish Holocaust survivor Hajo Meyer presented a talk called “the misuse of the Holocaust for political purposes”, and the absolute silence they’ve maintained on the fact that three senior Tories, including a government minister (Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Michael Gove), had meetings with the extreme-right white-supremacist fake news merchant Steve Bannon just last week.

Why is it that the BBC is so desperate to draw the British public’s attention to an event that happened eight years ago in an attempt to link Corbyn to the views that were exrpessed there, but so keen to keep the British public in the dark about three of the main front runners to replace Theresa May as Tory leader all holding secretive meetings last week with an extreme-right fake news merchant who told the French neo-fascist Front National to wear their racism as a “badge of honour” and helped unify the swastika-waving “Jews will not replace us” Alt-right maniacs with the Trump campaign.

Defining anti-Semitism

Whether you agree with Hajo Meyer’s claims of parallels between the Nazi Holocaust and the treatment of the Palestinian people in Gaza, his statement obviously makes a complete mockery of the IHR definition of anti-Semitism that defines such comparisons as anti-Semitism.

If your definition of anti-Semitism is so warped that it actually categorises survivors of the Holocaust as anti-Semites for equating the suffering they endured in the past with the suffering of Palestinian people in the present, then it’s obviously completely messed up, and simply intended as a method of repressing and silencing political criticism of Israel by redefining it as anti-Semitism.

Any definition of anti-Semitism that allows non-Jewish supporters of the Israeli occupation to silence and banish Jewish people who are opposed to the Israeli occupation from the Labour party clearly has nothing to do with combating anti-Semitism, and everything to do with policing political speech in order to prevent criticism of the Israeli government.

And anyone who thinks that Corbyn sharing a stage with a Jewish Holocaust survivor eight years ago is somehow far more newsworthy than three very senior Tory MPs colluding with a vile extreme-right fake news merchant just last week, well they must be absolutely cracked, mustn’t they?

Why is the BBC so skewed?

Under enormous pressure from the mainstream media Jeremy Corbyn has actually issued an apology for attending the event eight years ago because, in his words, views were expressed there that he didn’t “accept or condone”. However absolutely no pressure whatever has been applied to Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg, or Michael Gove to apologise for colluding with a bigoted extreme-right fake news merchant just last week.

There are several big reasons for this staggering disparity. The first is Corbyn and Labour’s naive attempts to actually deal with the anti-Semitism allegations by conducting inquiries, consulting, debating, and expelling those who are found guilty of anti-Semitism.

One might have imagined that this is the correct type of approach, but in the modern media environment it’s demonstrably not.

Witness the way the Tory party has simply stonewalled all calls for an investigation into rampant anti-Muslim bigotry in the Tory ranks. Despite pleas for an urgent investigation by the Muslim Council of Britain and the senior Tory politician Sayeeda Warsi, they simply ignore the problem, and the story barely appeared in the news, let alone dominating headlines for week, after week, after week like the Labour anti-Semitism row.

The moral of this disgusting story is obvious: When dealing with the mainstream press, outright denial and stonewalling of complaints is infinitely less likely to generate headlines than actual efforts to deal with contentious issues. Therefore the paradoxical situation is created whereby attempting to deal with the problem rather than ignoring it is categorically the wrong approach.

Another major cause of this disparity in coverage is the fact that so many anti-Corbyn Labour MPs are prepared to use anti-Semitism as a weapon to attack the reputation of their own party, and to brief the press against their own leader (even though the evidence shows that rates of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party have dropped significantly since Corbyn took over), while Tory MPs insist on turning blind eyes on allegations of anti-Muslim bigotry and the rising prevalence of extreme-right white supremacist and ultranationalist hate speech in the Tory ranks (aside from the honourable exception of Sayeeda Warsi).

A third significant reason for the continued mainstream media fixation with Labour anti-Semitism while examples of Tory anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim bigotry, and collusion with extreme-right white supremacists get a total free pass is “mainstream media “groupthink”.  

A lot of well paid mainstream media hacks recognise that stories that damage Labour align with the mainstream media “groupthink” that Corbyn must be stopped because he represents a threat to the four decade neoliberal orthodoxy most of them have benefited from very nicely indeed. They also understand that criticism of the Tories runs absolutely counter to that underlying agenda of protecting the hard-right neoliberal orthodoxy at all costs.

A fourth reason is the shockingly right-wing bias of the print press in the UK, which is so right-wing skewed that even a liberal publication like the Guardian that fears democratic socialism and promotes centre-right liberalism (of the Blairite & Lib-Dem kind) is considered by many to be too left-wing.

Given that many journalists, including TV broadcasters are intensely workshy churnalists who much prefer to lazily parrot bilge from hard-right propaganda rags rather than do anything resembling investigative journalism or cogent analysis of their own, it’s hardly surprising that the BBC’s political output has an unmistakably right-wing bias. 


Whether you agree with these attempts to explain the mainstream media’s astoundingly biased coverage or not, surely you’ve got to accept that their efforts to smear a Jewish Holocaust survivor as an “anti-Semite” for comparing his lived experience of the Holocaust to the suffering of the Palestinians simply in order to have a political dig at Jeremy Corbyn represents a repulsive new low for the BBC and the rest of the anti-Corbyn mob?

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Here’s what Jeremy Corbyn actually said in the speech the anti-Corbyn mob are going berserk about

A spectacularly misleading article in the Independent by the little-known hack Benjamin Kentish has gone super-viral on Twitter after it’s been picked up by the anti-Corbyn mob (a combination of marginalised pro-neoliberal Labour right-wingers, Tory concern trolls, and extreme Remainers who are just as prepared to lie and deceive  to achieve their agenda as the Brextremists are).

In this article I’m going to go through some of the stuff Jeremy Corbyn actually said in his speech, and expose the cynical selective quotation and manufactured outrage tactics that helped this shocking piece of “journalism” to go mega-viral.

Selective quotations

The Independent article about Jeremy Corbyn’s speech to the EFF (the British manufacturing industry) manages to squeeze two selective quotations from the speech into the title alone.

This selective quotation tactic has really got the anti-Corbyn mob and the Remain extremists frothing at the mouth.

When Jeremy Corbyn actually spoke about the “benefit” of Brexit, he was actually making the point that the Tory government had squandered the “one benefit” of Brexit, which is the way the devaluation of the pound should have made British exports more competitive.

Here is the relevant section:

“Our exporters should be able to take proper advantage of the one benefit to them that Brexit has already brought – a more competitive pound. 

After the EU referendum result the pound became more competitive and that should have helped our exporters. 

But they are being sold out by a lack of a Conservative Government industrial plan which has left our economy far too reliant on imports.”

Omission of this vital bit of context can only have been deliberate.

The next selective quotation is even worse. When the article quotes Corbyn talking about “cheap labour from abroad” the objective is clearly to get people furious that he’s seemingly attacking immigration and the free movement of labour within the EU, but what he was actually talking about was the problem with globalisation and the offshoring of production to sweatshops in places with extremely low wages, poor workers’ rights, and weak environmental standards.

Here’s the relevant section of the speech in full:

“For too many of our people today the spread of insecure work, low pay and zero hours or temporary contracts is causing stress, debt and despondency.  

 It could not be clearer that change is needed, we must aim for something better.
Our new economic approach is necessary because for the last forty years a kind of magical thinking has dominated the way Britain is run. 

We’ve been told that it’s good, even advanced, for our country to manufacture less and less and to rely instead on cheap labour abroad to produce imports while we focus on the City of London and the financial sector.  

 While many economics professionals, politicians and City types insisted this was all a strength the banking crash confirmed it was in fact a profound weakness.  

 A lack of support for manufacturing is sucking the dynamism out of our economy, pay from the pockets of our workers and any hope of secure well-paid jobs from a generation of our young people. 

This is why Labour is committed to turning things around.”

It’s also worth noting that as well as the “to produce imports” part having disappeared, the word “from” has mysteriously appeared too.

In the body of the article the selective quotation tactic is continued with another use of the brazenly traduced “cheap labour from abroad” quote to imply that Corbyn is attacking immigration and the free movement of Labour rather than critiquing the offshoring of manufacturing and production.

Given that the selective and inaccurate quotation tactic was used both in the body and the title of the article, there can be little doubt that the idea was to manufacture as much outrage as possible. And the sheer number of outrage shares on Twitter just goes to show that this kind of cynical and dishonest manipulation works a treat.


The article works incredibly hard to create the impression that Jeremy Corbyn is imitating Donald Trump’s “America First” rhetoric, rather than expressing his concerns about globalisation, privatisation, and offshoring that have remained consistent for decades.

This attempt to enrage the reader by casting Corbyn’s speech as some kind of Trump-style posturing is particularly misleading because the speech actually criticises Donald Trump three times!

Here are all of the mentions of Donald trump in the speech:

“No amount of desperate attempts to cosy up to President Trump would compensate for the damage done by getting this [Brexit] wrong. Now is the time to put people’s jobs and living standards first.”

“It must be said however that wanting to build it in Britain is not turning away from the world, nor some return to protectionism or Trump-style trade wars.”

“A botched Tory Brexit will sell our manufacturers short with the fantasy of a free trading buccaneering future which in reality would be a nightmare of our public services sold to multinational companies and our country in hock to Donald Trump whilst we all eat chlorinated chicken.”

It takes some incredible amount of chutzpah to cast a speech as Trumpian when the content is highly critical of Donald Trump, but that’s exactly what’s been done, and exactly what a massive number of delusional right-wing “centrists” and easily-led Remainers have fallen for.

The rest of the speech

The hatchet job article worked incredibly hard to whip up fury over a few selective quotations and a desperately misleading effort to portray it as Trumpian rhetoric, but in doing so it neglected to even mention other aspects of the speech.


“If [Theresa May] is so serious about taking back control why has her Government offshored the production of our new British passports to France?  

Workers in Gateshead were making them and that work has been taken away from that community. 

Unsurprisingly the French aren’t queuing up to have their French passports made in Britain.  

We have plenty of capacity to build train carriages in the UK and yet repeatedly over recent years these contracts have been farmed out abroad, costing our economy crucial investment, jobs for workers and tax revenues. 

Carrying on like this is simply not sustainable.”

Critiquing Tory anti-EU rhetoric

“Too often, we have been told by Conservatives who are ideologically opposed to supporting our industries that EU rules prevent us from supporting our own economy. 

But if you go to Germany you’ll struggle to find a train that wasn’t built there, even though they’re currently governed by the same rules as us. 

When the steel crisis hit in 2016 Italy, Germany and France all intervened legally under existing state aid rules but our government sat back and did nothing.”

Regional development

“The next Labour government will rebalance our economy so that there is prosperity in every region and nation. We will do this by setting up a national investment bank and a network of regional development banks to provide capital to the productive, real economy that secures good skilled jobs.”


“We will focus relentlessly on ending the housing crisis caused by the Conservatives and their uncompromising commitment to the free market. We will build homes for the many not investment opportunities for the few and with them will come a new generation of zero carbon homes, creating new training opportunities and skilled jobs.”

Solar industry

“Once innovators [in solar development], we are now falling back as the industry takes off across Europe. And why?

 British solar firms were hit by cuts to subsidies in 2015 and 2016 and changes to business rates for buildings with rooftop panels.

 Why did the Tory government do this? To save a few pounds in the short term, yet it has cost us jobs and innovation.

 As a result between now and 2022 France is forecast to add five times as much solar capacity as the UK, Germany ten times.”


“When there are billions of pounds of public money and thousands of skilled jobs at stake we cannot just focus on saving a quick buck when awarding these contracts.  

It is a totally false economy. Instead by considering public interest such as job creation and the supply chains, we can grow our economy in a way that works for everybody. 
Just today a cross-party committee of MPs has said that the stated reasons for contracting out services to save taxpayers money and to encourage innovation in delivery are too often simply not being met. 

In the words of the Public Accounts Committee ‘there has emerged a small group of large companies which are expert at winning contracts but do not always deliver a good service’.”

Customs Union

“BMW, Airbus, and companies after company has warned of the real and damaging effects of Conservative customs chaos. 

Theresa May and her warring cabinet should think again, even at this late stage and reconsider the option of negotiating a brand new customs union. 

This decision needn’t be a matter of ideology, or divisions in the Tory Party. It’s a matter of practical common sense. 

It’s not often that the Labour Party and the Institute of Directors, the CBI and the TUC agree, we need to negotiate a new customs union. What will help our manufacturing industries? 

The companies themselves are giving us a clear answer. The government should listen to it. 

But the Prime Minister seems more willing to listen to Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson. 

Never before has a Prime Minister discarded the interests of the country so recklessly in favour of the interests of their own party or their own self-preservation.” 

A new deal for British businesses

“The very richest companies must pay a bit more tax and pay their workers better and in return we will train our people to have the skills our economy needs, upgrade our creaking infrastructure and provide the planning and support to help industry compete on the world stage. 

And those companies that we do business with as the government will have to be at the forefront of best practice to create social as well as economic value. 

Firms our government does business with will have to: properly pay their taxes, respect workers rights, provide equal opportunities, protect the environment, train their workers, pay their suppliers on time and end boardroom excess by moving to a 20-1 limit on the gap between the lowest and highest paid. 

That is the deal that we want to make with businesses, it’s one that will benefit our whole economy.” 


The sheer amount of detail that was left out in order to traduce and distort Corbyn’s speech into looking like a trumpian extreme-Brexit anti-immigrant rant is extraordinary.

If the so-called journalist had any integrity at all he would surely have focused on the fact Labour are committed to securing a customs deal with the EU (a very significant difference from the Tory approach), and would have at least bothered to mention the bold “new deal” that Corbyn offered to Britain’s business leaders.

But no, Jeremy Corbyn’s bold “new deal” offer to British business leaders that formed the actual conclusion to the speech wasn’t even mentioned once!

The truly sad thing is that it’s highly likely that vastly more people will end up believing the warped version of events described in this shockingly deceptive hatchet job, than those who will actually encounter a more honest account of what was actually said.

What you can do:

  • You could share this AAV article on social media to provide a more honest interpretation of what Jeremy Corbyn said.
  • You could share the full transcript of the speech (here)
  • You could add your comments on the Independent article to point out what a deceptive hatchet job it is, or correct people on social media who are using this desperate piece of propaganda to launch their own deceptive anti-Corbyn rants.

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We know where Jeremy Corbyn was last night (opposing the Tory Brextremists), but where was Tim Farron?

Last night Theresa May survived two incredibly close votes on Brexit legislation after whipping her MPs to support hard-right Brextremist amendments to the customs bill that have clearly been designed to make her Brexit White Paper unworkable.

There were 14 and 11 Tory rebels who voted against Theresa May and her Brextremist puppet masters in the two votes, but the vast majority of Tories (and their bigoted sectarian DUP backers) actually voted in favour of the Brextremist amendments.

Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party voted against Theresa May and the Brextremists, but they were let down by four of the usual suspects who actually voted alongside Jacob Rees-Mogg and his ilk, despite knowing that a defeat at this stage could have triggered the final collapse of this shockingly weak and incompetent Tory government.

The four Brextremist collaborators were Kelvin Hopkins, Graham Stringer, Frank Field, and Kate Hoey.

Nobody should be surprised that these four stepped in to save Theresa May’s bacon. They’ve consistently sided with Theresa May and the hard-right Brextremists when the Labour leadership and the other opposition parties have voted to oppose them.

A much more shocking revelation is that the current Lib-Dem leader Vince Cable, and the former Lib-Dem leader Tim Farron didn’t even bother to turn up to vote in the debate.

This is utterly extraordinary stuff from the most high profile politicians in a party that has relentlessly positioned itself as the “Stop Brexit” party since 2016.

Less than a month ago these two charlatans were smugly chanting “where’s Jeremy Corbyn” at the pro-EU People’s Vote protest event in London. But when it came to the crunch, and enough Tory rebels finally decided to stand up against the hard-right Brextremists who have usurped their party, Jeremy Corbyn showed up to vote against them, while these two posturing frauds were nowhere to be seen.

In fact, the extraordinary reason Tim Farron decided to not bother showing up to such a crucial parliamentary Brexit battle was that he was too busy banging on about how much he hates gay sex again at a £5 per head event at the Sherborne Institute!

This astounding no show from Farron and Cable is proof that (just like with tuition fees, proportional representation, and countless other Lib-Dem so-called policies) their opposition to Brexit doesn’t come from any serious political principle at all, it’s simply pure opportunism designed to soak up the votes of Remainers who are too gullible to realise that they’re being played like idiots by the biggest bunch of morally-flexible political charlatans out there.

So in conclusion Theresa May gets to cling onto power for a little while longer, mainly thanks to her own MPs, many of whom voted against what they knew to be the national interest in order to stave off the collapse of the Tory party.

But more crucially (because Tories putting the interests of the Tory party above the interests of the nation is hardly ‘news’), the Lib-Dems have now been totally exposed as a bunch of absolute charlatans whose leader couldn’t even be bothered to show up to vote against the Tory Brextremists, and whose former leader was too busy banging on about his aversion to gay sex to participate in such a crucial knife-edge vote.

This ludicrous Lib-Dem performance is all the evidence any sensible person should need to understand that the Liberal Democrats are absolutely incapable of playing the role of “Brexit saviours” to defend us from the ideological lunacy of the hard-right Tory Brextremists who dictate Theresa May’s Brexit strategy to her.

Anyone who still actually believes any of the Lib-Dem schtick about being the “anti-Brexit” party after this lamentable display is certifiably gullible.

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