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One of 12 embroidered panels for the ‘12 Windows’ project with artist Mona Hatoum, intended to present a visual map of Palestine, through motifs, stitches and patterns, created by women in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon.

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“It’s what I think about when I go over the e…

“It’s what I think about
when I go over the excuses and rationalizations that have kept me
largely silent on one of the great moral challenges of our time: the
crisis in Israel-Palestine.

have not been alone. Until very recently, the entire Congress has
remained mostly silent on the human rights nightmare that has unfolded
in the occupied territories. Our elected representatives, who operate in
a political environment where Israel’s political lobby holds
well-documented power, have consistently minimized and deflected
criticism of the State of Israel, even as it has grown more emboldened
in its occupation of Palestinian territory and adopted some practices
reminiscent of apartheid in South Africa and Jim Crow segregation in the
United States.

Many civil rights activists and
organizations have remained silent as well, not because they lack
concern or sympathy for the Palestinian people, but because they fear
loss of funding from foundations, and false charges of anti-Semitism.
They worry, as I once did, that their important social justice work will
be compromised or discredited by smear campaigns.

many students are fearful of expressing support for Palestinian rights
because of the McCarthyite tactics of secret organizations like Canary Mission,
which blacklists those who publicly dare to support boycotts against
Israel, jeopardizing their employment prospects and future careers.” [x]

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Sixteen years ago, 23-year-old American peace…

Sixteen years ago, 23-year-old
American peace activist Rachel Corrie was killed by an Israeli bulldozer
that was preparing to demolish a Palestinian home in the Gaza Strip.
Corrie has since become an icon of global solidarity with the people of Palestine.

Born on 10 April 1979 in Olympia,
Washington, Corrie dedicated her life to defending Palestinian rights.
In 2003, she went to the Gaza Strip as a member of the International
Solidarity Movement. On 16 March 2003 in the Gaza Strip’s
southern city of Rafah, Corrie stood before an Israeli bulldozer in
hopes of stopping it from demolishing the home of a local Palestinian
family. She was
crushed to death when the bulldozer driver ran her over repeatedly,
according to witnesses.

In a letter sent to her family from Gaza
shortly before her murder, Corrie described the Palestinian suffering
she witnessed. “No amount of reading, attendance at
conferences, documentary viewing and word-of-mouth could have prepared
me for the reality of the situation here,” she wrote. “You just can’t
imagine it unless you see it.”

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“Ilhan Omar is being attacked for anti-semitis…

“Ilhan Omar is being attacked for anti-semitism that she never
expressed… I’m Jewish, you’re Jewish, we’ve fought against anti-semitism
for years in the context of fighting against white supremacy and
racism. But this isn’t about what she said, it’s about who she is. It’s
about the fact that she is a Muslim African woman, a Somalian refugee,
who is talking about Palestinian rights, the power of the Israel lobby,
and the big pharma lobby, and the lobby for fossil fuels. That’s why
she’s facing death threats and why she’s not getting any support from
the Democratic leadership.”

Phyllis Bennis, Jewish Voice For Peace