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The Tories are so short of ideas they’re recycling Liam Byrne’s 8 year old joke note again!

The Tory party are so short of reasons for anyone to actually support the Tory party that they’re sharing ancient anti-Labour propaganda from eight years ago.

The first thing to note is that the notorious “no money” note from Liam Byrne was intended as a friendly joke with the incoming Tory administration along the lines of the “Good luck, old cock…. Sorry to leave it in such a mess.” note from the former Tory Chancellor Reginald Maudling to his Labour Successor Jim Callaghan.

Then there’s the fact that you’d have to be an absolute simpleton to actually believe that an assertion that there’s no money left is a serious one, because the Bank of England can create money out of nothing whenever it likes (quantitative easing), and private banks create money out of nothing whenever they issue a loan, in fact the government only produces 3% of the money in circulation (coins and notes). So how can there be no money if the vast majority of money in the modern economy is simply magicked up out of nothing?

It’s clear that “no money left” propaganda trope is the same kind of demeaning economic baby talk that the Tories’ endlessly repeated “magic money tree” gibberish.

The fact that the Tories keep persisting with these demeaning economic fairy stories leaves us wondering whether they’re so economically illiterate that they actually believe this rubbish, or whether they’re so damned arrogant and elitist that they know it’s absolute gibberish, but they view the general public as a hopelessly gullible bunch of halfwits who will believe literally anything they’re told.

Then there’s the fact that Labour are a very different party from what they were in 2010. Back then they were utterly dominated by the right-wing Progress faction who pushed ruinous hard-right policies like privatisation mania, corporate outsourcing, and bank deregulation. Now they’ve moved away from the hard-right neoliberal consensus that both Labour and Tory governments inflicted on the UK since 1979.

Then there’s the Tory track record in government over the last eight years. We should all remember how they promised to eliminate the budget deficit by 2015, then failed so spectacularly that they’re now projecting it won’t be resolved until 2031. That’s 21 years to achieve what they bragged that they would do in less than five! 

Any Tory with a grain of sense would be hoping people forget about what was going on when they came to power in 2010, rather than actively reminding people about it.

Aside from their pathetic failure to achieve their number one headline economic target, the rest of the Tory track record is lamentable too: The longest sustained decline in the value of workers wages since records began, massive trade deficits, an unprecedented collapse in UK productivity, the lowest levels of infrastructure investment in the developed world, ruinous austerity dogma, millions of children growing up in poverty while the Tories lavish handouts on their mega-rich chums, and the impending economic chaos of Brexit too.

It’s quite extraordinary that the British public have eight years of woeful Tory economic incompetence to consider, yet the Tory propaganda unit imagine that all of this demonstrable failure can be trumped by nothing more that a ridiculous joke note from eight years ago. That’s how much contempt they have for the general public!

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Why is a supposedly pro-Labour Twitter group sharing George Osborne’s anti-Labour propaganda?

The #FBPE hashtag on Twitter started off as a pro-EU movement on the continent, but it’s clearly morphed into a radical anti-Corbyn, anti-Labour rallying cry in the UK.

People who use the #FBPE hashtag repeatedly claim to be opposing Brexit, but a scroll through the latest #FBPE hashtags at any time usually reveals hardly any Tweets criticising Theresa May, but dozens of comments attacking Jeremy Corbyn and Labour, despite the fact that Labour actually voted against Theresa May’s hard-right and profoundly anti-democratic EU Withdrawal Bill.

Why would anyone who opposes Brexit spend more time attacking the party in opposition that is at least trying to moderate the shambolic hard-right Brexit that Theresa May is pushing, rather than criticising the Tories who are actually in power and pushing this extremist interpretation of the Brexit vote?

There seem to be three main camps within the anti-Corbyn #FBPE campaign.

  • The most obvious are the ever-cynical Lib-Dems, who see creating divisions within Labour as their best chance of scratching together a few extra votes in the vain hope that people will have forgotten how their wilful collusion with ruinous Tory austerity dogma and their unprecedented wage repression policies created the wave of public anger that made Brexit possible in the first place.
  • Possibly the largest component of the anti-Corbyn #FBPE mob are the politically clueless. They’re not blaming the opposition rather than the government and spreading blatant lies about Labour on purpose. They’re just genuinely clueless people who are shockingly naive about the reality of the situation. They simply don’t care that Labour voted against the Tories’ anti-democratic EU Withdrawal Bill, and they simply don’t care that the “sore loser” cancel Brexit position they want Labour to adopt would render Labour totally unelectable (like the Lib-Dems at the 2017 General Election) and actually end up being a massive gift to the Tory Brextremists who are the ones who are actually imposing Brexit!

In this article I’m going to look at one extraordinary Tweet from a group calling itself Labour Against Brexit to illustrate the shockingly naivety that abounds in this third #FBPE demographic of politically clueless people.

The first thing to note about this extraordinary Tweet is that it legitimises hard-right Tory austerity dogma by presenting it as an unavoidable consequence of any post-Brexit economic crisis.

It doesn’t matter a jot to these people that Tory austerity dogma has spectacularly failed over the last eight years, they just see the threat of more of it as convenient propaganda to fear-monger with.

The reality of the situation is that the pre-Corbyn incarnation of Labour made Brexit possible in 2015 with their strategically inept failure to oppose ruinous Tory austerity dogma head on.

Had Labour harnessed the public anger at the disastrous consequences of Tory austerity dogma and their unprecedented campaign of wage repression, they could have won the 2015 General Election. But instead they squandered it with their austerity-lite strategy, and thus allowed UKIP and the hard-right fringe of the Tory party to co-opt the public anger at the consequences of hard-right economics by blaming the consequences of Tory right-wing extremism on immigrants and the EU instead.

Despite losing an easily winnable election as a consequence of the woeful austerity-lite strategy devised by the likes of Ed Balls and Chris Leslie, and allowing the hard-right to co-opt public anger against austerity in order to drive the Brexit vote, it’s clear that there are many within the Labour Party who still actually believe in austerity dogma!

Another thing to note about this extraordinary Tweet is the source material. The current editor of the Evening Standard is George Osborne, the former Tory Chancellor who was the man responsible for the implementation of austerity dogma for six ruinous years!

So here you have a man who was clearly and undeniably responsible for six years of economically devastating hard-right austerity dogma, who is now using his propaganda rag to pin the blame for future Tory austerity onto Labour!

This is the man who tried to dress austerity dogma up as a good thing for six ruinous years now using his propaganda rag to attack Labour by trying to hold them responsible for Tory Brexit, the Tory post-Brexit meltdown, and any future Tory decision to use this meltdown as an excuse to impose even more of his ruinous hard-right austerity dogma!

And them when you look at who the author of the piece is, it’s none other than Chris Leslie, one of the clueless Labour right-wingers in the 2015 Labour shadow cabinet who gave George Osborne such an easy ride by meekly imitating his hard-right austerity dogma, rather than confronting it head on.

After chucking the 2015 General Election with their inept austerity-lite strategy Chris Leslie and his ilk should have resigned in shame, but instead here he is scrawling anti-Labour pro-austerity propaganda in George Osborne’s propaganda rag for the Tories to use as a hard-right wedge strategy to attack the current Labour leadership with!

The worst thing isn’t that pro-austerity right-wingers are colluding to use such a ridiculously cynical piece of concern trolling to attack the current anti-austerity Labour leadership (such dishonest and manipulative propaganda is bread and butter to the Tories and the ever duplicitous Labour right), it’s that this brazen propaganda has actually been picked up and recycled by a supposedly pro-Labour group!

The Evening Standard article is clearly hard-right concern trolling, because the editor who commissioned it is Mr Austerity Dogma himself, and the author is one of the hard-right pro-austerity Berserkers still embedded within the Labour Party.

Yet the shockingly clueless people behind the Labour Against Brexit page have uncritically lapped it up and Tweeted it out to their followers as if it’s a genuine critique of Labour’s Brexit stance, rather than a deliberate right-wing wedge strategy designed to split the Labour Party, present ideological austerity as an unquestionable response to economic crises, and allow the Tories to carry on ruling in the interests of their mega-rich donors with as little opposition as possible.

It would obviously not be Labour’s fault if the Tory Brextremists get their way and trigger an economic meltdown with their extremist version of Brexit, then the Tory government uses this self-made crisis as an excuse to impose even more destructive hard-right austerity dogma on the British economy.

However it is increasingly difficult to see how Labour could ever govern efficiently when the party is infested by people who are ideologically wedded to the hard-right theory that more austerity dogma is the only conceivable response to an economic crisis, and so gullible that they can’t even spot right-wing divide and conquer concern trolling tactics, even when it’s been published in a newspaper edited by the former Tory Chancellor of the Exchequer!

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If the suffragettes were active today they’d be despised by the establishment elitists

This week the political establishment and the right-wing propaganda rags have been celebrating 100 years since the 1918 Representation of the People Act which gave some women the right to vote in General Elections for the first time.

There are several extraordinary things about this celebration. 

The first is that the 1918 Representation of the People Act wasn’t an equalisation of voting rights at all, it was a deeply sexist and classist compromise designed to enfranchise a small number of property-owning women from the privileged classes, whilst maintaining the disenfranchisement of millions of ordinary woman.

Yes it was a small step in the right direction, but the way it was done is indicative of the sexist and elitist attitudes that still abound today in British society, and especially in Westminster and the right-wing propaganda rags like the Express, Daily Mail, and S*n.

The next thing to note is that this compromise legislation was only achieved through the sustained political activism of the Suffragettes (a word initially coined by the Daily Mail as a term of abuse).

Make no mistake about it, the political elite and right-wing media who are lauding the achievement of the suffragettes today are exactly the people who would have bitterly despised and disparaged them at the time.

The suffragettes protested noisily and often, they regularly associated with trade unions and left-wing political movements, they interrupted political speeches, they defied the law, they criticised the elitist political establishment, and many of them even resorted to destruction of property and acts of violence in the name of their cause.

As a result they were continually criticised in the press, harassed, arrested, and even fed through tubes that were brutally forced up their noses when they went on hunger strike.

  • Now look at the new Tory drive to criminalise political protest. 

  • Look at the contempt with which the political elite and the right-wing press sneer at modern day activist movements. 

  • Look at the unbridled hatred of trade unions and the political left that pervades the ruling Tory party and the right-wing press. 

  • Look at the barely disguised contempt with which most politicians consider the views of the general public, and the contempt with which right-wing press hacks expect us to believe their campaigns of lies and smears against social progressives and the political left.

  • Look at the contempt with which the Tories deliberately filibustered the debate on votes at sixteen for no other reason that they know that young people won’t vote Tory because the Tories have nothing to offer the young except more debt, lower wages, worse services, and more expensive housing and education than any previous generation.

  • Look at the way the Tories and the right-wing press smear the centre-left democratic socialist Jeremy Corbyn as some kind of terrifying extreme-leftist when he’s never said anything remotely as militant as Syvia Pankhurst’s declaration that she was going to “fight capitalism even if it kills me”.

The absolute brass neck of the establishment elitists is extraordinary. They laud the social progressives of the past at the very same time as they despise and disparage the social progressives of the present.

The lesson from 1918 is clear. Society does not advance because powerful elites benevolently choose to improve things on our behalf. It advances because ordinary people stand up and fight for their rights.

And even when pople eventually overcome the combined resistance of the political elitists and the mercenary hacks who do the bidding of the right-wing press barons, the establishment elitists only give away compromises instead of the full freedoms that are demanded.

Every generation must keep up the fight for social justice because when the elitists who rule over and dictate what we see in the media us are not completely indifferent to our suffering, they actively make things worse by erecting new barriers to social mobility, new methods of persecuting the poor, the sick, the young, and the disabled, new curtailments on workers’ rights, and new laws designed to silence those who would use facts and evidence to protest against them.

Any generation that gives up on the fight for social justice simultaneously betrays the brave activists who went before them by allowing their achievements to be undone, and betrays the generations who come after them by ensuring that they have to work twice as hard just to make up the ground that was lost during the period of widespread public apathy.

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The violent Jacob Rees-Mogg supporter likes to dress up as a Nazi for fun!

If you’re the kind of person to mindlessly accept the mainstream media presentation of events at face value, you’d now be under the impression that on Friday night a bunch of violent leftist goons tried to attack the hard-right Brextremist, Tory leadership favourite, and darling of the Britain First hate mob Jacob Rees-Mogg.

The reality, as is so often the case, is completely different.

Yes some noisy protesters turned up to interrupt a Jacob Rees-Mogg speech, but Rees-Mogg went over to talk to them and they certainly didn’t “attack” him as claimed by desperately dishonest outlets like the (Daily Mail owned) Metro in their coverage of the incident.

As Rees-Mogg was talking to the protesters, one of his supporters waded in violently, striking a young woman twice in the face, escalating the scene from unruly but peaceful protest to a violent melee. 

The mainstream media and a whole bunch of politicians (including a load of clueless Labour Politicians) mindlessly regurgitated the hard-right Guido Fawkes/Breitbart propaganda line that the violence was instigated by the left, when the video evidence proved that it was instigated by the white-shirted Jacob Rees-Mogg supporting goon.

The outrageous Tory opportunist Brandon Lewis even used the Orwellian misrepresentations of this incident smear Jeremy Corbyn and launch a new government crackdown on political protest to supposedly protect free speech.

A crackdown on political protest to protect free speech is bonkers enough in it’s own right, but it’s off-the-chart lunacy when it’s coming from the political party who brought us the gagging law, unprecedented state snooping powers, a plan to ban academics criticising the government, and relies on an army of death threat hurling blue-kippers to crush any signs of dissent within their own party!

The mainstream media obviously didn’t bother to investigate the identity of the violent right-wing thug who escalated the situation, because to do so would have totally undermined their carefully crafted propaganda narrative that the left, and ultimately Jeremy Corbyn, are to blame for the violence.

Fortunately independent media did bother to investigate, and the white-shirted goon has been identified as Paul Townsley, a martial arts instructor from Bristol with a penchant for campaigning for Jacob Rees-Mogg to replace Theresa May as leader of the Tory party.

Townsley’s son then helpfully confirmed that it was his dad who instigated the violence at the event.

And then on the Monday morning the independent blog Skwawkbox delivered the huge scoop that the mainstream media completely missed; pictures of Townsley actually dressed up as a Nazi.

Jacob-Rees-Mogg has denied having any connection with Townsley, but this denial is now coming under scrutiny too, and if Rees-Mogg does have any political, financial, or business connections to this violent hard-right goon, he’d better come clean soon, because independent media will definitely find them.

Whether he has political or financial connections to Townsley or not, a refusal to condemn his violent actions at this point would clearly be another display of cowardice from the Brextremist in chief (after his refusal to condemn the Britain First hate mob who have been mobilising to support him).

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Another week, another Tory plant in the Question Time audience

David Dimbleby picked a member of the BBC Question Time audience to speak, and what came out of the young man’s mouth sounded suspiciously like a poorly drafted Tory party press release about what a great job Theresa May is doing under difficult circumstances.

The reason this impassioned plea for the country to get behind Theresa May’s Brexit plans sounded more like a Tory party statement than the thoughts of a random member of the public is that the guy who was invited to speak was Alexander Maughan, a Tory party councillor from Lincolnshire.

This is far from the first time a serving Tory politician has masqueraded as an ordinary member of the public to spread pro-Tory propaganda on Question Time. There was the Tory Councillor Eric Holfield who spewed anti-Labour scare stories shortly before the General Election in 2017, and just a few episodes ago there was Christian Stevens, a UKIP-turned-Tory councillor from Horley who desperately tried to whitewash the Tories appalling track record of mistreating disabled people.

On none of these occasions did the Tory plant identify themselves as a Conservative politician rather than the random member of the public they were posing as.

Once would be an embarrassment for the BBC, but these deceptions just keep on happening.

Question Time is right-wing biased enough already without this effort to infest the audience with pro-Tory plants. The show almost always consists of four neoliberal pro-austerity panellists lining up against a solitary progressive voice, and to make matters worse the host David Dimbleby has an appalling habit of repeatedly interrupting non-Tories, and allowing right-wing panel members to interrupt too.

The BBC make such a big deal out of their supposed neutrality, but they’re completely unwilling to provide a fair balance between purveyors of pro-austerity dogma and pro-investment voices in their political coverage, and that’s highly unlikely to change any time soon.

However they really do have to get a grip on the Tory plant problem, and make sure that every audience member who is invited to speak on the show is vetted beforehand to ensure that they’re not political plants.

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How to check if your friends and family are in danger of being radicalised by Britain First

On June 19th 2017 the extreme-right fanatic Darren Osborne plotted to assassinate Jeremy Corbyn, he is currently on trial for what he is alleged to have done next; deliberately driving a hire van into a crowd of people in Finsbury Park, killing one person and severely injuring several others.

In the days before his trip to London Osborne had been trawling the Internet for content from the extreme-right hate chamber Britain First. He also received personal messages with the Britain First co-leader Jayda Fransen and the extreme-right former EDL leader Tommy Robinson in the days and weeks before the attack.

There’s no doubt that he was radicalised into plotting a political assassination by his interactions with the Britain First hate mob and other extreme-right figures like the former-EDL leader Tommy Robinson.

Then there’s Thomas Mair who brutally murdered the MP Jo Cox in 2016 whilst screaming “Britain First”

The extreme-right hate group immediately tried to dismiss their links with him, but he was photographed at a Britain First street protest just months before he carried out his murderous attack.

There’s no doubting the fact that the Britain First hate chamber is radicalising people in extreme-right politics, and even into plotting acts of extreme-right terrorism.

The authorities are showing no signs of clamping down on this dangerous hate group, turning a blind eye as Britain First participants praise acts of extreme-right terrorism, laud extreme-right killers as heroes, and even conspire to raise cash as an slush fund to induce other people into committing acts of extreme-right terrorism.

If this online hate group was an Islamist extremist group in which members praised and glorified acts of Islamist terrorism, and even conspired to raise funds to incite others into committing acts of Islamist terrorism, we all know they would have been banned (and rightly so). But because it’s extreme-right indoctrination, and the glorification of extreme-right terrorism, the UK authorities continually turn a blind eye.
 Despite continual breeches of their so-called ‘community standards’ in the Britain First comments Facebook continue to host this disgusting extreme-right hate mob. Presumably because they consider stuff like racism, bigotry, glorification of terrorism, extreme-right indoctrination, and even plots to raise cash for extreme-right terrorists as perfectly fine, as long as Facebook continue making stacks of cash out of hosting the hate mob on their site.

So if the authorities are unwilling to act, and Facebook are unwilling to act, it’s up to us as a community to make sure that our friends and family are not being radicalised by this dangerous extreme-right hate mob.

Before I give you the link to check which of your friends and family are at risk of extreme-right radicalisation by the Britain First hate mob, please make sure you use it responsibly.

If you just unfriend these people you’re doing nothing to help whatever. 

What you need to do is reach out to them and explain that Britain First is an extreme-right organisation that is led by a bunch of criminals and scam artists, which is hellbent on stirring up such hatred and division that their followers are plotting and committing acts of extreme-right terrorism.

They need to know that Britain First is not only linked with the murder of Jo Cox, but with Darren Osborne’s plot to assassinate Jeremy Corbyn too. If you just unfriend them to “purge” your Facebook friends, you’re doing nothing to help at all, when these people that you know are in danger of indoctrination and extreme-right radicalisation.

Here are some links you could send them to back up your argument that they should be extremely wary of the Britain First hate mob:

The UK authorities clearly have no interest in protecting people from this vile extreme-right radicalisation outfit, and neither do Facebook, so it’s up to us to look out for our friends and family who could be in danger of being radicalised by them, and warn them about what they’re dealing with.

Click this link to find out which of your Facebook friends follow the Britain First hate group.

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The Tories are dressing their failings up as successes again

The Tory party rely on gullibility to generate political support. There’s no other way of putting it.

If you look at the social media infographic they’re spreading about manufacturing output being at a 10 year high and accept it at face value, then it looks like a positive economic story.

However, if you apply even the remotest critical judgement, and put the claim into any kind of context, then it’s actually a profound admission of failure crudely dressed up as an economic success story.

If UK manufacturing output is at a ten year high, this means that manufacturing output has been weak for the entire period of Tory austerity dogma between 2010-18.

What they’re actually saying is that their imposition of ruinous Tory austerity dogma on the UK economy has retarded manufacturing output so badly that it’s only just recovered to pre-crisis levels a full decade later.

What they’ve actually done is just reinforced the fact that their fixation with hard-right austerity dogma has resulted in the slowest post-crisis economic recovery since the time of the Napoleonic Wars!

What’s even more mind-boggling is the fact that they’re actually expecting a slap on the back for it!

Another important piece of context is that the average real value of UK workers’ wages has still not recovered to pre-crisis levels, mainly due to the Tory policies of deliberately repressing public sector wages and allowing an exponential growth in low-paid unstable jobs (zero hours contracts, fake self-employment, the gig economy).

If manufacturing output has finally staggered back to pre-crisis levels, yet workers wages are still significantly below pre-crisis levels, what does this tell us about the state of the UK economy after eight years of hard-right Torification?

And if the real value of workers’ wages is still lower than a decade ago, what does this tell us about the Tories’ fine words about creating “more higher paying jobs and an economy that’s fit for the future”?

Just imagine being so confident that the public are a bunch of easily manipulated dupes that you can dress your disastrous economic failings up as some kind of magnificent success story, and expect them to mindlessly lap it up like manna from heaven.

Try to put yourself in the mindset where you could dress the worst personal failings of your life up as some kind of wonderful success story and expect the people around you to believe it, and even slap you on the back for it, and that gives you an small insight into the sheer levels of arrogance, self-delusion, and elitism that abound in the Tory party.

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What does Theresa May actually believe in?

Whatever your opinions on the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, it’s very easy to see what he stands for.

There’s obviously a lot of deceptive interference being run by right-wingers who despise Corbyn’s political stance and want the public to believing in a terrifying caricature of the man rather than thinking about his actual policies, but if you haven’t picked up the basics of what he stands for by now, you’ve really not been paying attention at all have you?

Here are three of the things Corbyn undeniably stands for:

When it comes to Theresa May, the question of what she stands for is almost impossible to answer.

If you judge her solely by her words she cares about things like social mobility, making Britain a fairer place, and making sure nobody gets left behind. 

However if you judge her by her actions, she’s clearly driven by a desire to reduce social mobility, and to make Britain a more unequal place where ever more people are getting left behind while the mega-rich elitists get richer at a faster rate than ever before.

Take May’s crocodile tears in her inaugural speech over poor working class boys being the least likely to go to university of all. But then one of her very first actions as Prime Minister was to completely scrap the system of maintenance grants designed to help students from the poorest backgrounds!

Take Theresa May’s claims that she wants to make Britain a fairer place. Then she continues with the hard-right wage repression and austerity policies that impoverish the poor and ordinary as the mega-rich literally double their wealth, and fall hardest of all on low-income women.

How can anyone see these brazen Tory economic attacks on students from poor backgrounds and low-income women as being remotely compatible with all of Theresa May’s fine words about wanting to make Britain a fairer place?

Her speechwriters clearly believe that millions of British people are too lacking in critical judgement to spot the glaring contrast between the cruelty and elitism of Theresa May’s policy decisions, and the deceptive saccharine slop they fill out her speeches with.

They honestly seem to believe that a significant proportion of the British electorate are so naive that they prefer to judge people on their fine words, rather than by their repulsive and highly contradictory actions.

May’s willingness to say literally anything her speechwriters put in front of her, no matter how glaringly these fine words are contradicted by her actions, makes it seem difficult to discern what she actually believes in. However this willingness to deceive is actually one of the biggest clues of all.

Her willingness to engage in this kind of deception makes it clear that she’s prepared to do pretty much anything to serve her own interests. 

She knows that a certain demographic wants to hear noble words about her Christian faith and her desire to make Britain a fairer place, so that’s what she says. 

But she also knows there’s another demographic who fear and despise social mobility, and they’re the ones who pour millions in donations into the Tory party, so she makes a big show of deliberately attacking social mobility to keep them happy.

Anyone who can act in this grotesquely dishonest two-faced manner clearly has no real principles at all, and is guided solely by their own selfish self-interest.

Then there’s Brexit: The way she campaigned in the weakest possible manner for Remain because keeping her job as Home Secretary was the number one priority from a career perspective (Remain win = natural successor to Cameron / Leave win = holder of high office of state and “safe pair of hands” candidate to replace Cameron); the way she immediately switched from Remain to hard Brexit extremism when it suited her career to do so; the way she bribed the DUP bigots into backing her so as to retain her grip on power; the way she continually dances to the tune of the secretive cabal of Tory hard Brexit fanatics because she knows that she’s finished as Prime Minister the moment they turn on her.

In light of all of this, how is it even possible to see her as anything but the self-serving charlatan that she is?

This deceptive and self-serving behaviour is grotesque, but in a way it’s actually understandable because Theresa May is a woman who has clearly been brought up immersed in the bizarre hard-right dogma that humans are essentially self-serving economic units (homo economicus) and that the more ruthlessly self-serving people are, the more efficiently the economy operates!

In a way Theresa May is actually the logical product of the four decades of fanatical hard-right dogma that has infested the British establishment ever since Margaret Thatcher introduced it in 1979: A political leader who sees the serving of her own personal self-interest, not as a vice, but as an expression of the highest possible virtue.

So she doesn’t care how incredibly damaging it is that the UK is lumbered with such a weak, directionless, self-serving, and downright dishonest Prime Minister as we face up to the most complex and risky diplomatic challenge since the 1940s, her only real political principle is to do whatever it takes to serve her own personal self-interest.

She’ll lie, and deceive, and evade responsibility for her actions, and repeatedly act against the best interests of the nation, because her priority will always be to do what is in her own selfish self-interest. And anyone who expected Westminster’s four decade obsession with hard-right Thatcherite dogma to turn out any other way clearly wasn’t paying attention to the “greed is good” ideological lunacy that underpins it all.

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Theresa May is actually bragging about the Tories’ lamentable economic record!

The Tory party propaganda machine is pumping out another new misrepresentation of their woeful economic record.

This time they’re actually trying to brag that the UK economy has grown by “almost 17% since 2010” as if that’s some kind of remarkable achievement, rather than an extraordinarily sluggish growth rate.

Here are four things you need to know about this highly deceptive new propaganda line from the Tories.

1. Under 17% growth in almost eight years is nothing to boast about at all. In fact, thanks to the global financial sector meltdown and the catastrophic effects of almost a decade of ruinous Tory austerity dogma, the UK has actually suffered an entire decade in which GDP growth has not exceeded 3.5% annual growth once, which represents the longest period of sluggish growth since reliable GDP growth records began in the 1950s.

The Tories are actually trying to present this record-breaking period of slow economic growth as some kind of brilliant success story!

2. The period of slow economic growth since the Tories came to power in 2010 actually equates to the slowest post-crisis recovery the UK has suffered since the time of the Napoleonic wars!

Economies usually bounce back after recessions like the 2007-08 bankers’ crisis, but the application of ruinous Tory austerity dogma has caused the slowest post-crisis recovery in modern history, yet they’re actually presenting this appalling failure as some kind of marvellous victory!

3. The latest GDP figures show a 0.5% growth rate for the final quarter of 2017, which is the 8th consecutive quarter in which the annual growth rate amounts to below 2%. This is the longest such run of sub-2% growth since the bankers trashed the global economy back in 2007-08.

Eight consecutive quarters of below 2% annualised growth is woeful stuff in the absence of a major economic crisis like the global financial sector meltdown of 2007-08, yet Theresa May and her chums want to trick you into thinking it’s a success story!

4. The UK is suffering one of the lowest growth rates of the major world economies. At just 1.5% annualised growth, we’re lagging behind Italy (1.7%), France (2.3%), The USA (2.5%), the Euro area average (2.6%),  Germany and Australia (2.8%), the Netherlands and Canada (3.0%) and Spain (3.1%). 

Bragging on about our economic growth rate when the UK economy is suffering one of the worst growth rates in the entire developed world, and growing at just 57% of the Eurozone average is a particularly Orwellian piece of reality-reversing Tory propaganda.

5. The economy may be experiencing very weak growth, but wages certainly haven’t been keeping track. In fact the real terms value of average UK wages is lower today than it was 10 years ago. British workers have suffered the worst collapse in the value of their wages since records began, and Britain is the only country in the developed world where the economy has been growing but workers’ wages have been collapsing.

Bragging that the economy has actually been growing a bit when they know that their obsession with hard-right austerity dogma has trashed the value of workers’ wages in the same period is basically asking UK workers to celebrate the fact that the Tories are giving them incrementally smaller slices of the national wealth, even though the pie has actually been growing!

Beware of Tory propaganda

Other political parties that had overseen such an anaemic period of growth would probably try to change the focus of the political debate away from the economy and onto other things (the health service, security, education …) but the Tories have such contempt for ordinary people like you and I that they actually believe that they can convince us that the record-breakingly slow growth and the unprecedented collapse in the real value of workers’ wages that they have overseen are actually wonderful achievements to be celebrated and applauded!

Of course millions of tabloid-addled dupes will lap it up because they’re unwilling/unable to critically appraise the figures that the Tories are trumpeting as wonderful successes, but hopefully they’re outnumbered by those of us who can see through this kind of deceitful reality-reversing Tory propaganda.

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