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Sexism from the 1970’s given an ironic twist..

This book was in my childhood home and I look at it now as something abhorrent.

Weird though there are some decent recipes and the person who made many of them in our home was my father, he was a much better cook than my mother 😂. It has a great risotto recipe, very adventurous for the 1970’s 😂

mediamattersforamerica: To nobody’s surprise,…


To nobody’s surprise, Fox News continued to be straight-up gross this year when it came to wildly sexist rhetoric

Another thing ! don’t you want to educate these idiots!, They are just inbred lunatics.

12 reasons you shouldn’t get distracted by the Tory “stupid woman” smears

The Tories and their chums in the mainstream media are brazenly lying that when Jeremy Corbyn said “stupid people” to the howling and braying mob behind Theresa May, he was saying “stupid woman” to her.

I can’t believe I’m wasting my time writing about this staggeringly dishonest piece of faux outrage Tory propaganda that’s clearly based on a flat-out lie, but here we go.

Here are 12 reasons you shouldn’t allow yourself to get distracted by this ridiculous scandal.

1. When Tory Chancellor Philip Hammond clearly and undeniably called Andrea Jenkyns a “stupid woman” in parliament how quickly was it completely forgotten about by Tory MPs? (Tories don’t give a shit about sexism)

2. Did anyone see Tory MPs howling about sexism just last week when Theresa May welcomed an alleged rapist back into the Tory fold without the conclusion of a proper investigation into the allegations just because she was afraid of losing the internal Tory vote of no confidence in her leadership? (Tories don’t give a shit about sexism)

3. Did anyone see Tory MPs banging on about sexism last week when Theresa May also readmitted a vile Tory sex pest who bombarded female constituents with disgusting sex texts and stands accused of bullying a junior female member of staff? (Tories don’t give a shit about sexism)

4. Why do Tory MPs never complain when Theresa May grovels before misogynistic head-chopping tyrants from Saudi Arabia in order to flog them weapons to commit their war crimes in Yemen despite the fact they execute women’s rights protesters, even when she welcomes them to Britain on International Women’s Day? (Tories don’t give a shit about sexism)

5. Tory MPs all actively vote in favour of sexist austerity dogma that deliberately loads 86% of the economic pain onto women and even after it’s pointed out to them they continue their “war on women” with another brazenly sexist budget designed to punish low-income women and single parents (Tories don’t give a shit about sexism)

6. Did anyone see any Tory MP express distaste at the outrageous sexist views of their Tory candidate for mayor of London Shaun Bailey or complaining when Theresa May backed their parliamentary candidate in Darlington last year despite a slew of sexist and homophobic posts on his personal blog? (Tories don’t give a shit about sexism or other forms of bigotry)

7. Did anyone see Tories howling with outrage when the Tory MP Christopher Chope deliberately sabotaged the Upskirting Bill by talking for so long there was no time left to vote on it? (Tories don’t give a shit about sexism)

8. How many Tory MPs complained so loud when Theresa May made a vile extreme-right misogynistic Twitter troll famous by quoting him in parliament to score cheap political points against Jeremy Corbyn? (Tories don’t give a shit about sexism)

9. Where was the outpouring of Tory outrage when the misogynistic Tory MP Philip Davies tried to deliberately derail Domestic Violence legislation with an absurd 91 minute speech aimed at talking out the debate so the vote couldn’t happen? (Tories don’t give a shit about sexism)

10. Where was the outpouring of Tory outrage when the then-Home Secretary Theresa May introduced brazenly sexist arbitrary income requirements for British citizens applying to bring their non-EU spouses to Britain? (Tories don’t give a shit about sexism)  

11. Misrepresenting “stupid people” as “stupid woman” and howling faux outrage about it is such a blatant distraction tactic. It’s clearly a piece of fake outrage nonsense to deliberately deflect public attention away from the extraordinary game of reckless “no deal” Brexit brinkmanship Theresa May is playing with the nation’s future (the subject Corbyn was holding her to account over during the parliamentary session where he made the widely misrepresented “stupid people” comment).

12. The evidence is absolutely clear that Corbyn didn’t even say what the Tories and their propaganda agents in the mainstream media accused him of saying (watch the slow-mo video). It’s just yet another example of Tory/mainstream media smear tactics aimed at destroying anyone who doesn’t go along with the neoliberal economic fanaticism that has wreaked so much damage on the UK over the last four decades.

It’s absolutely shocking to see so many people allowing themselves to be so easily distracted by such a ridiculous display of faux outrage over a comment that wasn’t even made, while Theresa May recklessly gambles with the entire nation’s future right in front of our eyes.

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Theresa may is pretending to be a feminist again

In Tory Britain words speak louder than actions. This is clearly the only possible explanation for Theresa May’s decision to pretend to be a feminist just two days after deliberately welcoming two alleged sex pest Tory MPs back into the Tory fold so that they could support her in the internal Tory party vote of confidence in her leadership.

In a celebration of 100 years since the first UK election in which some women were allowed to vote Theresa May claimed that she’s “personally committed to ensuring women seize opportunities to enter politics”.

It sounds like a noble and worthy ambition until you realise that her actions demonstrate the exact opposite.

One of the reinstated Tory MPs harassed two female constituents with thousands of sexually explicit text messages (no doubts about this at all, the texts are in the public domain) and stands accused of bullying a female councillor for years (Andrew Griffiths). The other stands accused of raping a former member of his staff (Charlie Elphicke).

What kind of message does it send to women who want to “enter politics” that the men in politics who are accused of sexually harassing, bullying and even raping women in politics are welcomed back into the Tory fold with open arms?

Aside from the despicable decision to welcome these two back into the Tory party before the completion of investigations into the very serious allegations against them, there’s loads of other glaring evidence that Theresa May is a misogynist.

House of Commons research demonstrates that 86% of the economic burden of Tory austerity dogma has been loaded onto the shoulders of women.

Rather than do anything to reverse this outrageously sexist trend since she became Prime Minister, Theresa May has actively continued it. The most recent Tory budget demonstrably continued this ideologically-driven Tory “war on women” by discriminating against the lowest income workers (the majority of whom are women) and single parents (even more likely to be women).

One of the central ideological tenets of the Conservative ideology is that wealth provides economic liberty, and that economic liberty equates to freedom in general. So by deliberately loading the majority of the economic burden of Tory austerity dogma onto women, Theresa May and her Tory pals are wilfully and knowingly making British women less free.

Then there’s Theresa May’s close association with the tyrannical, homophobic, misogynistic, head-chopping Saudi war criminals.

Theresa May knows perfectly well that Saudi Arabia is the most notoriously misogynistic nation on earth where women are denied basic human rights like freedom of movement, freedom of association, and where women face severe restrictions on their rights to own property and run businesses.

Theresa May also knows that Saudi Arabia persecutes, jails, tortures, and kills women who participate in non-violent protests in favour of women’s rights and democratic freedoms, yet she continues to create a veneer of legitimacy for this vile regime by sucking up to them and even welcomed them to Britain with open arms on International Women’s Day 2018!

Theresa May also knows that women and children constitute the majority of the victims of the famine that Saudi Arabia is deliberately causing in Yemen as part of their wider campaign of war crimes there, yet she still keeps selling them £billions in weapons.

How can she claim to be “personally committed to ensuring women seize opportunities to enter politics” when she’s perfectly happy to turn a blind eye to grotesque Saudi misogyny in order to flog them even more weapons to commit war crimes in Yemen with?

All in all it’s absolutely obvious that Theresa May doesn’t give a shit about other women. Especially women who have suffered sexual harassment at work, women who have suffered destitution as a result of her own party’s sexist economic policies, or women suffering horrific abuse at the hands of her tyrannical Saudi mates.

But sadly many right-wing women are just as susceptible to the kind of ridiculously shallow identity-politics as people on the left are so often accused of.

That Theresa May is a woman and that she claims to care about other women is enough for them, and screw the fact that her track record proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that she’s every bit as bad as any male misogynist when it comes to her failure to stand up for the women who need it the most; the poor, the persecuted, and the victims of sexual abuse.

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What the actual fuck ?

Shut up and eat your Tory ice cream

When IPPR analysis of the Tory budget revealed that once again the Tories are rigging the economy against women, the vast majority of mainstream media outlets refused to even mention the evidence that the misogynistic Tory “war on women” is continuing unabated. Only The Guardian covered the story in any detail.

Fast forward just a few days and there’s a huge mainstream media frenzy going on about Margaret Thatcher being long-listed to be the ‘scientist’ to appear on the new £50 note because of her ‘contributions to science’.

Her claimed contribution being a short stint between 1949 and 1951 working for the processed food company that introduced soft-serve ice cream to the UK. A fact that has gradually been inflated over the years to her being the sole and outright inventor of Mr Whippy type ice cream.

Nobody seems to care that soft-serve ice cream was actually invented the decade before in the United States, and that the company Thatcher worked for had teamed up with the US giant Mr Softee to bring it to the UK.

So Tories are openly celebrating that they’ve managed to game the system to get Margaret Thatcher long-listed as a “scientist” based on the absurdly-easy-to-disprove urban myth that she invented soft serve ice cream, and the mainstream media are pushing out as many articles on the Thatcher-£50-ice cream story as possible in order to hoover up all the clicks.

If sense prevails then Thatcher should get nowhere near the final shortlist because her contribution to science is trivial at best, if not entirely fanciful.

But the real issue here isn’t that Tories have gamed the system in a pathetic effort to replace legitimate British scientific legends (Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, Charles Darwin, Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Rosalind Franklin, Francis Crick, Edmund Halley, Alan Turing, Ada Lovelace, Peter Higgs …) with their ridiculously divisive political idol, it’s that the mainstream media have made such a huge frenzy over this trivial story, after steadfastly ignoring the ruinous impact of Tory austerity dogma on the hundreds of thousands of poor and ordinary women just a few days ago.

People are literally starving, low-income workers are relying on food bank charity in ever greater numbers, hundreds of thousands of struggling single mothers are struggling to feed and clothe their kids, children are turning up to school so hungry and malnourished they can’t concentrate on their work, and the Tory government is actively making this situation worse … but fuck that eh? Who would even read about that, even if we published it, so here are 20 virtually identical churnalised articles about Thatcher, and ice cream, and £50 notes.

They’re doing it because they think this Thatcher-£50-ice cream idiot fodder is way more likely to generate clicks and advertising revenue than the evidence that the Tory party is continuing with their grotesque and profoundly misogynistic economic attacks on the poorest women in society.

They’re doing it because they think you prefer being distracted with utterly trivial nonsense like this than being informed about reality.

So shut up, don’t think about or research anything for yourself, and eat your delicious Tory ice-cream straight from the mainstream media churn.

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The Tory ‘war on women’

In 2017 House of Commons researchers demonstrated that an appalling 86% of the economic burden of Tory austerity has been loaded onto the shoulders of women.

The people who have suffered the worst consequences of Tory austerity dogma have been low-paid and part-time workers (mainly female) and single parents (overwhelmingly female), while the people who have done by far the best out of the austerity years are the (mainly male) mega-rich who have have literally doubled their wealth.

Once it became absolutely clear that Tory economic policy was highly discriminatory against women, the Tories were left with a very simple choice; do something to reverse the discrimination inherent in their economic agenda, or carry on with the exact same sexist policies and prove beyond doubt that they are a bunch of misogynists who wholeheartedly believe in trampling down low-income women while they shovel tax breaks and handouts at the mega-rich.

It was always obvious which direction the Tories would choose given that they’re completely bankrolled by the mega-rich.

Despite their constant identity politics game-playing over the fact that Theresa May is a woman, the Tory party were never actually going to lift a finger to help the poor and ordinary women they’ve been misogynistically grinding into destitution.

So the fact that the Tories’ latest budget is yet another ideologically driven assault on the economic well-being of low income women and single parents is completely unsurprising.

Neither is their complacency. The Tories know that their chums in the mainstream media won’t bother to highlight the evidence that their economic policies continue to be profoundly misogynistic, just as most of the mainstream media have given them countless easy rides in the past over the constant stream of court defeats for their malicious welfare and employment legislation, the two damning UN reports into their systematic abuse of disabled people and their ruinous austerity agenda, and the fact that despite all of the economic misery they’ve inflicted on our people, and on our communities, they’ve continually missed their deficit reduction targets by miles.

Literally the only newspaper to have picked up on the IPPR evidence of the Tories’ ongoing assault on low-income women and single parents is the Guardian. The rest of the media have simply ignored it as if the UK government continuing to wage a profoundly sexist economic war on women is an entirely unremarkable facet of British life!

The Tories know perfectly well that their austerity agenda is profoundly misogynistic, they know that targeting the bulk of their cuts at low-income workers and single parents is inherently sexist, yet they continue to do it because of their unwavering confidence that their mates in the mainstream media will draw as little attention to it as possible when this kind of institutional sexism should actually be a massive national scandal.

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for neoliberals, the democratic party being asked to shift even an inch to the left is too much. their fight against the left has always been about stopping legislation and policies that would ensure things like single-payer healthcare, raising the minimum wage, and ending corporate donations. neoliberals would rather embrace fascism than anything that’s even associated with socialism.


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