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The pedantry is spot on.

The pedantry is spot on.

Right-wingers will always hate the NHS because it’s an unmistakable example of socialism in action

It doesn’t matter how many positive platitudes about health workers and the universal health care system they spout, right-wing politicians actually hate the NHS with a burning ideological passion, because they hate socialism, and the NHS is one of the world’s finest examples of socialism in action.

Any right-wing politician in the UK with even a few brain cells to rub together knows that the NHS principle of health care that is free at the point of need is still overwhelmingly popular with the British public

This means that they have to lie about their ideological fantasy of carving the NHS into pieces to give away to their corporate mates, and scrapping the socialist principle of universal health care.

They know they have to lie because the vast majority of British people would reject them if they dared to tell the truth about what they’d like to do with the NHS.

In fact, the NHS is so popular it’s even supported by the majority of Tory voters (how Tory voters who love the NHS reconcile this with their choice to vote for an anti-socialist party that vandalises the NHS every time they get into power is one of the crucial political questions of British politics).

This pragmatic need to cover up their hatred of the NHS means that it’s rare that right-wing politicians tell the truth about the NHS, but occasionally they do.

One right-wing politician who let his true feelings about the NHS seep out is the Tory MP Jeremy Hunt who co-authored a book calling for the NHS to be scrapped and replaced with a private insurance based system.

It just goes to show how much contempt David Cameron had for the NHS that he put Jeremy Hunt in charge of it, and it goes to show that Theresa May is equally contemptuous toward the NHS that she decided to keep him on as health secretary when she had the chance to get rid of him. 

That’s two Tory Prime Ministers in a row who saw a man who wanted to scrap the NHS as the ideal person to run the NHS!

Another Tory right-winger who outlined his contempt for the idea of universal health care is the Tory propagandist Henry Hill, who went as far as publishing his blueprint for wrecking the NHS in a blog post.

The former UKIP leader Paul Nuttall is another right-winger who has spoken openly about his NHS views. Before he became UKIP leader Nuttall wrote blog posts and made speeches expressing his hatred for the NHS and its staff, celebrating the ideological vandalism the Tories have been doing to the NHS since 2012, and making up outright lies about NHS staffing levels and the efficiency of NHS services.

Yet another right-wing politician who accidentally let the truth out about the Tory policy towards the NHS is the chairman of Conservative Health Paul Charlson who claimed that charging for NHS services is “a good idea in principle… [BUT] It would be political suicide for a party to introduce this. They could only really do it if there was a feeling in the country that health services were falling apart”.

The Tory strategy is that the NHS has to be under-funded and mismanaged to the point of destruction in order that they can try to get away with scrapping the free at the point of need principle and bringing in charging for services, which would allow the wealthy to queue jump.

Whatever Tory and UKIP politicians say about how much they love and respect the NHS, it’s vital to remember that they’re just lying through their teeth because they know that’s what the vast majority of the British public want to hear.

In reality right-wingers hate the NHS with a burning ideological passion and can’t wait for the day that they get to scrap the unmistakably socialist principle of prioritising health care by need rather than the ability to pay.

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The anti-Corbyn smears clearly aren’t working, but the political right are totally devoid of other ideas

It’s becoming increasingly clear there is a cult in UK politics, but it’s not Corbyn supporters – it’s a group of privileged and elitist mainstream media hacks and right-wing politicians who believe that they can brainwash people into voting against their own interests by continually smearing Jeremy Corbyn.

So instead of covering any real news/political policies at all, it’s just one desperate smear after another from these neoliberal cultists.

Week after week after week the smears continue, with each new dirty tricks campaign hailed as the magical one that will finally destroy Corbyn and bring the appeal of democratic socialism crashing down.

Disrespecting veterans I

In the early days they tried to accuse Corbyn of disrespecting veterans by not bowing deeply enough at the Cenotaph.

But then after a while we found out that Corbyn was the only politician to actually stay behind to chat to the WWII veterans, while the rest of the politicians and dignitaries went off for a slap up meal!

Disrespecting veterans II

Then the next year they tried the same kind of trick, but this time by crudely photoshopping out the veteran Jeremy Corbyn was having an animated conversation with to make it look like he was dancing. 

Then we all saw the original pictures and clocked that it was a ridiculously hypocritical smear that involved crudely photoshopping a WWII veteran out of a series of photos in order to accuse Corbyn of disrespecting veterans!


One of the classic early Corbyn smears was the unsubstantiated assertion that Corbyn was somehow inerently “unelectable”

This particular smear was especially commonplace amongst Labour right-wingers who wanted Labour to continue offering the same watered down Tory gruel of privatisation, austerity, corporate outsourcing that lost them the 2015 General Election.

It didn’t seem to matter to these people that Corbyn twice proved that he was far more electable than them by trouncing their neoliberalism-lite candidates in the Labour leadership contests of 2015 and 2016.

Then in 2017 the Corbyn did two things that were considered politically impossible (bringing out the youth vote, and engaging non-voters) to ruin Theresa May’s vanity election and counteract the combined force of the Tory-UKIP vote.

Suddenly the “unelectable” smear disappeared, because the neoliberal cultists suddenly realised their worst fear; that Corbyn is actually very electable, and that he only narrowly lost out in 2017 because of the internal wrecking behaviour of orthodox neoliberals embedded within the Labour Party.
[Main article – 9 things everyone needs to know about the Corbyn-IRA smears]

One of the most persistent anti-Corbyn attack points is the IRA smear & pictures of him meeting Gerry Adams. 

Pretty soon we all found out that they somehow “forgot” to mention that while Jeremy Corbyn was openly discussing peace with politicians from Sinn Fein (and Ulster loyalists too), Margaret Thatcher and the Tories were secretly negotiating with the actual IRA terrorists and simultaneously lying to the public that “we don’t negotiate with terrorists”!

Economic extremism

One of the most absurd of all of the anti-Corbyn smears is that he’s some kind of terrifying economic extremist.

The slightest familiarity with Corbyn’s economic policies reveals that his economic policies are actually a mix of centre-left ideas that are absolutely commonplace across the developed world (public ownership of core public services, free university education, a national investment fund, universal health care, normal rates of Corporation Tax …).

What’s even more revealing is that Corbyn’s public ownership policies are actually extremely popular with the general public, while it’s the Tories pushing wildly unpopular extremist ideas like privatisation of policing, state schools, and the NHS!

As with so many of the other anti-Corbyn smears, the economic extremist smear relies on a ridiculously Orwellian reversal of reality.


Then it was the Islamist terrorism sympathiser rubbish, which made no sense at all even from the beginning given that Theresa May has been desperately sucking up to the head-chopping terrorism-exporting Saudi tyrants to sell them more weapons to commit their war crimes in Yemen with.

The terrorist sympathiser smears began to make even less sense after Corbyn’s tried to stop Britain exporting arms to the Islamist Saudi tyrants until they stop their war crimes in Yemen, and stop funding, and arming, and supplying, and promoting Islamist terrorist groups across North Africa and the Middle East.

But then the Tories use of BNP-style terrorism and anti-Muslim fearmongering tactics to attack their political opponents isn’t limited to Jeremy Corbyn, they used the same ugly and divisive anti-Muslim smear tactics to attack the unmistakably ‘centrist’ Labour politician Sadiq Khan too.

Czech spy

Then it was the outright defamatory “Czech spy” smear, which worked for a while until it was discovered that the source of the allegations was a total bampot who also claimed to be the inventor of Live Aid!

Then it was revealed that there isn’t even a Czech secret service file on Jeremy Corbyn in their archives. 

This ludicrous “Czech spy” smear was spread so enthusiastically by Corbyn-detractors that the Tory MP Ben Bradley was forced into issuing a Twitter apology, which rapidly developed into the most mega-viral social media PR disaster in the history of British politics!

Russian Stooge

Then it was the ‘Russian stooge’ idiocy, which again made no sense at all, even from the beginning, given that it was the Tories who took £800,000 in donations from Russian oligarchs and Putin stooges since Theresa May became PM.

Then it was revealed that it was the Tories who intervened to stop him when Corbyn tried to introduce Magnitsky powers to clamp down on Russian dark money flowing into the UK!


And now it’s the cynical weaponisation of anti-Semitism to smear Corbyn as being as bad as Enoch Powell which relies on the deliberately misleading (and downright anti-Semitic) conflation of a critical comment about a bunch of rude and abusive Zionist extremists with an attack on all Jews

But it fell to pieces again when it was found that the anti-Corbyn pro-Israel MP Wes Streeting called the very same Zionist extremists “a bunch of yobs” when they wrecked one of his meetings.

And then we found out that the actual guy who made the hyperbolic Enoch Powell comparison had publicly promoted a book by an extreme-right author that praised Enoch Powell and engaged in chapter after chapter of xenophobic and anti-Muslim fear-mongering!

And then there’s the fact that rates of anti-Semitism in the Labour ranks have plummeted since Jeremy Corbyn became party leader, and that anti-Semitic views are actually way more common in the Tory party (not that you’d ever hear about that in the mainstream media).


But despite the failure of each of their smear campaigns, on and on they’ll go, trying to brainwash the public rejecting democratic socialism by smearing Jeremy Corbyn, believing with all their black little hearts that each new smear will be the magical one that returns orthodox neoliberalism to unquestioned supremacy in UK politics.

And the reason they persist with these tactics is obvious. 

  • They know that Corbyn’s proposal for a National Education Service to provide free education and training from cradle to grave is a great idea for a modern fast-moving economy with a flexible and highly-trained workforce. 

So they continually resort to their cultish efforts to brainwash the public into hating Corbyn, because they know they haven’t a hope of beating if the debate is centred on political policy, facts, and evidence rather than propaganda, rhetoric and crude personality politics.

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the political spectrum even shifting an inch t…

the political spectrum even shifting an inch to the left results in these headlines.

history repeats itself: “The Truman administration, however, presented the Soviet

Union as not just a rival but an immediate threat. In a series of moves

abroad and at home, it established a climate of fear–a hysteria about

Communism–which would steeply escalate the military budget and stimulate

the economy with war-related orders. This combination of policies would

permit more aggressive actions abroad, more repressive actions at home… The left had become very influential in the hard times of the thirties,

and during the war against Fascism. The actual membership of the Communist

party was not large-fewer than 100,000 probably-but it was a potent force

in trade unions numbering millions of members, in the arts, and among countless

Americans who may have been led by the failure of the capitalist system

in the thirties to look favorably on Communism and Socialism. Thus, if

the Establishment, after World War 2, was to make capitalism more secure

in the country, and to build a consensus of support for the American Empire,

it had to weaken and isolate the left.” – Howard Zinn

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