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it’s no coincidence that the same centrist/rig…

it’s no coincidence that the same centrist/right-wing politicians criticising jeremy corbyn for visiting children in a palestinian refugee camp are also the people who voted to invade iraq and bomb syria, whilst helping to push through the austerity that led to brexit in the first place.

voting the tories out and ending austerity should be the priority. focusing on a second referendum that does not have enough electoral support is only going to ensure the tories remain in power indefinitely and make a no-deal brexit more likely. which perhaps is exactly what neoliberal centrists and right-wingers would prefer, since undermining any future leftist labour government has remained their priority from the moment jeremy corbyn was democratically elected leader twice by the party membership.

for them, the tories continued austerity will never affect their lives but a leftist labour government would mean they could no longer ride the neoliberal gravy train.

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“People have been charmed and manipulated in a…

“People have been charmed and manipulated in a
concerted effort to undermine Labour by trying to take the youth support
away from Corbyn.

The main people funding them hate the idea of an anti-austerity,
pro-peacebuilding democratic socialist government more than they hate
Tory Brexit because the former will see a great many gravy trains hit
the buffers.

They know full well that a “People’s Vote” at this stage would achieve
nothing except to drive a wedge in the opposition & make Labour
unelectable. They know full well if Labour came out full-on for Remain
the Tories would reap all the Leave constituencies and stay in power.

The only way we can stop hard Brexit is by getting the Tories out of government and implementing Labour’s manifesto promises.

Tories do what they do. Even the most “centrist” of Tories will take
May’s Hard Brexit over the risk of not being in government any more. Many centrist Labour
MPs will take May’s Hard Brexit over a Corbyn government.”

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as the political spectrum continues to move fu…

as the political spectrum continues to move further and further to the right, a reminder that the labour mp jo cox was murdered by a man who had links to the far-right and believed leftists were the cause of the world’s problems. let’s also remember that the far-right terrorist who carried out the finsbury park attack wanted to assassinate jeremy corbyn.

meanwhile we have conservatives and centrists arguing that the so-called “hard-left” are dangerous because they want to protect the nhs from privatisation, want to stop the suffering of poor and disabled people because of cuts and austerity, and want to support policies that would end a rigged economic system that allows the 1% to hide their money away in tax havens whilst social
services crumble due to underfunding and a cruel conservative government.

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centrists and right-wingers like tony blair and alastair campbell continue to complain about the labour party moving to the left. it’s predictable that the same people who lied about the iraq war and moved the labour party further and further to the right under “new labour” now want to stop jeremy corbyn and the labour left from gaining power.

unfortunately it appears that blairites would rather have the tories remain in government and continue austerity (including having the conservatives negotiate brexit) than have jeremy corbyn become prime minister and support a leftist uk government. their main aim continues to be to undermine the left.



if you’re wondering how leftist leaders like jeremy corbyn are treated in the mass media just remember that at a time when the conservatives are responsible for the racist treatment of windrush citizens, the tories have voted down leveson 2 from going ahead, and the uk just abstained from the un vote to have an independent inquiry into israel’s killing of unarmed palestinian protestors… this made the news: