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“Never ignore your first instinct just because it isn’t what you want to believe.”

— William Chapman (via purplebuddhaquotes)




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macgregor1013: You have to work at being a lib…


You have to work at being a liberal as it requires constant learning and research to stay on top of the changing issues.










“In my personal experience, women raise their voices because they feel like they aren’t being listened to. Men raise their voices because they feel like they aren’t being obeyed”

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‘girls cant watch sports cus they dont understand it’, well bitch if you listen to the shit commentators say, and see the shit refs do, im pretty sure they dont understand it either 

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If you’re not amazed by the stars on a clear night then we won’t work.








It Can Happen To You Too

… And that scares you, doesn’t it?

I swear a lot of ableism comes out of fear. As in, it’s hard to admit that you can do everything right and still develop a chronic illness.

Look. Let me tell you something – I used to not only exercise but be in EXTREMELY good physical shape.

Now when I go to the doctors they tell me I need to exercise to fix my illness, as if I’m just some overweight lazy schmuck who’s never heard of getting off the couch before.

What they don’t know is this:

I used to be a lean 125 lbs.

I used to be all muscle.

I ran 5 days a week.

I could bench my bodyweight and leg press over 350 lbs.

I played sports. I could hike for miles.

I started off healthy and I’ve always been the furthest thing from lazy. And you wanna know what blows? This still happened to me.

So next time you’re about to rag on a disabled person because you think you know their life, shut your mouth. Oh and I guarantee you it sucks 100x more for the person dealing with their illness than for you “putting up with” them. I’m still mourning the person I used to be and the person I was supposed to be.


I played Tennis, Hockey and Netball every week. I did gymnastics. Now I’m a disabled person who is fed up with health professionals saying, excercise is the best way to lose weight. Both of my knees are shot. How ?? Because I have issues with my size I can’t swim in public. The last time I did I had comments from compIete strangers who took pleasure in their insults.

I’m stuck on a hamster wheel.

This! I used to row five times a week, I used to train for regattas, I used to do intense circuit training, I used win. Now I can’t stand up for more than 15 minutes without wanting to cry. I can’t even sit at a desk all day without falling asleep. I didn’t do this to myself, it’s not my fault. Imagine losing everything that makes your life worth living, then being told by medical professionals that it’s all your fault. I wasn’t healthy before I put on all this weight, and I won’t be fixed if I lose it all again.

Chronic illness is a bitch.

I used to go for brisk walks every day. Hiked.   Did a lot of physical labor for my job and now I can barely get across the room without pain due to a bad hip.  I have to have hip replacement surgery now.  It sucks because I cannot go for walks anymore and not nearly as active as I used to be. 

Oh @gitsie007 I feel your pain I’ve had one knee replacement and I’m waiting for the other one to be replaced. My husband bought me a Fitbit to track what I do manage. Today I walked more than I usually do and my knees are swollen and painful!