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May asks EU for Brexit delay with cabinet in d…

May asks EU for Brexit delay with cabinet in deadlock over ‘crisis’:

Theresa May will be forced to write to EU leaders on Wednesday and beg them to delay Brexit, with her cabinet deadlocked over the best way out of what Downing Street now concedes is a “crisis”.

The government had maintained until the last possible moment that Brexit could go ahead as planned on 29 March or after a brief “technical extension”.

But after the Speaker, John Bercow, ruled the prime minister could not put her deal to parliament unchanged for a third “meaningful vote,” her spokesman conceded it was now too late to leave with a deal.

Let’s all look past the objective hilarity that is literally anything that publicly humiliates this useless bint and consider something massively hypocritical shall we?

The Brexiteer line against the idea of a People’s Vote or ‘final say’ or second referendum (whatever you want to call it) is that it’s stupid and un-democratic to go along with the notion that you can just keep calling votes on the same thing until you get the result you like.

And yet here is Theresa May, Prime Minister of the Brexit government, who’s only real job as Prime Minister is delivering Brexit.

And her entire strategy for getting Brexit delivered was ludicrously exposed by Speaker John Bercow as coming down entirely to just “keep forcing votes on the exact same thing until my colleagues get so sick of saying no that they just give in to get it over with.”

If he hadn’t stopped her she would have kept holding ‘meaningful votes’ on the same shit deal for so long that the phrase ‘meaningful vote’ would have become as objectively meaningless as ‘strong and stable.’

Some MASSIVE numbers from the Climate Strike15…

Some MASSIVE numbers from the Climate Strike

  • 150,000 Montreal
  • 40,000 Paris (168,000 France)
  • 11,000 Dublin
  • 100,000 Milan (1,000,000+ Italy)
  • 20,000 Berlin (300,000 Germany)
  • 30,000 Brussels
  • 25,000 Warsaw
  • 27,000 Sydney (160,000 #Australia)

Over 1.5 million+ total

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The reaction of the establishment media in den…

The reaction of the establishment media in denying its role in Islamophobia highlights exactly how complicit they are in perpetuating racism and xenophobia. The deflection of only talking about the role of social media ignores the fact that the media isn’t a detached passive observer of politics,
it’s an active participant. Its coverage has the capacity to legitimise and mobilise the far right.

Islamophobia does not exist on the fringes, it has been accepted and continually perpetuated by the mainstream media.

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